Pamela Reif: Fitness Model, Author, Germany’s Top Sport & Lifestyle Influencer

Through her own love of sports and the dedication to share this hobby on the Internet, Pamela Reif is one of the hottest fitness models of this generation. The blonde beauty regularly shows almost 6 million fans new recipes, workout ideas, as well as current make-up trends or hair styling. At just 23 years old, Pamela is one of the most successful influencers for the topic of fitness & lifestyle, has published her own book and has a successful collaboration with Calzedonia behind her. There seems to be no end in sight for Pamela’s success, because her fans can’t get enough.

Fitness model, author and social media star

Pamela probably has a look that many young girls dream of. With her Rapunzel long hair and her perfect body, she is truly a pleasure to look at. That would be enough for her in any case. But there’s also more to her looks than meets the eye. A smart young entrepreneur, who has laid a perfect foundation for her entire life with her high school graduation average of 1.0 and not least her own projects. This is by no means the end of it because this year you get your own advent calendar. An end is still far not in sight with the 23 year old success woman. Whether it’s what goes into the body, like fresh and healthy food or products with which she cares for her hair, Pamela is happy to share this on her platforms with her fans.

Six pack in 10 minutes? Pamela Reif Workout Video

A role model for many young girls and with good reason, Pamela promotes a happy and healthy lifestyle. The special thing is her motivating way, with which she wants to give her fans the feeling to be able to create everything, whether in the area of fitness or completely different dreams and goals. All in all, Pamela is a person loaded with positive energy, which is not hard to see from her ever-growing followers. She goes to the gym a full 4-5 times a week and completely forgoes cardio exercises. Her focus is much more on strength training. Her favorite workouts are with free weights or barbells. However, the most important thing for her is the fun of the sport, so she recommends, for example, to start as a beginner with a friend together, or to look for a sports course that motivates you throughout, because only in the long run you see the desired results.

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Pamela as a writer – “You Deserve This”

For all those who like to be inspired by Pamela, there are already 2 books. In them she shows her beauty hacks, how to get the best out of yourself, more workouts and above all: recipes! For a healthy and fitness emphasized nutrition without dieting. Her goal is always: to feel great in the long run and to be full of energy. Her books help to get a continuous, healthy nutrition in everyday life. With her 2nd book, which focuses exclusively on bowl recipes, she landed within a short time in the top charts of Amazon and Thalia sales lists.

Health through nutrition – The inner values count

As already as a child the young authoress is enthusiastic about fresh and healthy nutrition, this does not only bring the perfect body, also the immune system is strengthened substantially and on health she attaches very much importance. Intermittent fasting is also a popular method, not only for losing weight. It is also smart for the immune system to give your digestive tract a break. Pamela eats only from 12:00 to 20:00, it is important to keep to the time frame of 8 hours. No-go’s are sugar and alcohol, which Pamela completely avoids. Personally, the fitness model is against the demonization of certain food categories, but food made from cow’s milk is not on her shopping list, because she is a fan of plant-based food anyway.

Calzedonia: Underwear & Lingerie for Women

Pamela is not only successful on her own platforms, collaborations with major brands have long been on her agenda. With the lingerie company Calzedonia, the model developed her own collection of tights. This was followed by another collaboration in the form of a party collection, which set the mood for the new year with glitter and bows.

A healthy glow – Pamela’s beauty tips

Apart from her well-toned body and her ambitious charisma, her long, blonde curls are probably her most striking feature. Here, the influencer attaches importance to naturalness and not to involve too many products in her care.

Healthy, strong hair / Hair care and beauty secrets

Long, healthy strong hair, that’s what Pamela values. On her social platforms, she explains her beauty secrets to her beautiful mane with tips and tricks. Pamela has been using only natural cosmetics since 2016. In her opinion, nature provides us with everything we need. She is no longer a fan of silicones and parabens in conventional shampoos and therefore pays attention to whether the ingredients have been produced in an environmentally friendly and resource-friendly way. She also tries to reduce the number of hair washes to a minimum. Her natural glow reveals that sustainable behaviour is not a bad thing.

Pamela’s Fitness & Beauty Rules

Never put your hands on your face!

What does it actually look like when the sweat runs during training and the make-up should still fit? Pamela has no problem with such issues, because she prefers it as natural as possible. But when it comes to her tips and tricks for the gym, a firm hold is essential. Concealer is set with powder and eyebrows are styled with a translucent gel. Either way, it maintains my motto: “Don’t touch your face!”. In case of sweating or hair on the face, just quickly take a paper towel and dab the face with it.

Her Biggest Fans: Pamela’s Family

When Pamela finds time between events, photo shoots & interviews, she loves to spend it with her family. For some time the 23 year old had her own apartment in Hamburg, but she gave it up to spend the little time she is not on the road with her family. Especially her mom Manuela is very close to her heart, so she attaches great importance to regular communication between herself and her family.

Mom, the best support (Manuela Reif)

Since the beginning Pamela’s mum Manuela accompanies her daughter on her way. No wonder that despite her great career, Pamela checks in with her every day. She is proud of her daughter at all times. Manuela has also worked in the public eye as a model. Today she runs a fashion store in Karlsruhe with her husband.

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Dennis Reif, the big brother

Her brother, Dennis Reif, who is six years older, is also an active part of her life. She often includes him in her Instagram stories. Just like her mom, her brother is often behind the camera to take pictures of Pamela, which later end up directly on her Instagram. She doesn’t need a photographer for this. Her relationship with her brother, as well as the rest of her family is very strong. Pamela is clearly a family person, which is easy to understand with such a loving family.

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