Yoga: exercises for beginners, basic knowledge & tips from the stars – including videos to join in!

Yoga is a technique that was developed in India over 2000 years ago to live in harmony with oneself. The aim is to bring your body and mind into harmony with each other through physical yoga exercises with a meditative character. Whether you are looking for more flexibility, want to build muscle or strength, are a beginner or advanced, looking for a meditation or just want to do something about your back pain – yoga is the right choice for you.

Yoga for beginners: Heavy exercises made easy

Oh, it can’t be that hard! A saying that is often made about yoga – and is not at all justified. There is hardly a sport that is more strenuous than yoga and at the same time so good for our body. Nevertheless Yoga is a perfect sport for beginners. Mine can adapt yoga very well to his own needs and thus continuously increase and improve.

Relaxation, power workout or meditation? Yoga has it all!

No sport is as varied as yoga. Whether you want to work out or find your inner center, yoga definitely has something for you. You can do all yoga exercises at home or in groups in the gym. No other sport can be so well adapted to your lifestyle as yoga.

The Flow Yoga: Exercises for inner peace

Ashtanga, Vinyasa or Flow Yoga is a yoga style that combines breathing and movement, the focus is on precise alignment of the body positions. The individual positions are performed as slowly as possible and held for a long time. The transitions into the different asanas (=positions) are flowing. This yoga direction relaxes the mind and lets you switch off – while doing something good for the body at the same time.

Power Yoga: The workout for those who want to really put their foot down

Power Yoga is consciously about finding and reaching your own limits. So you really start sweating and there is no silent meditation like in Flow Yoga. The combination of body-conscious movements and the classic effects of a workout is perfect for anyone who wants to work up a sweat, but at the same time wants to do something for flexibility and balance.

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5-minute yoga: Perfect for the evening, morning & in between

If you don’t have time for 50 minutes of workout a day, 5 or 10 minutes of yoga is perfect for you. These short yoga sessions are also good as a morning or evening routine, in addition to the daily workout. Whether you want to set a power or flow focus or just improve or expand certain positions is up to you.

Men’s yoga? Sure – easy exercises even for the immobile

Yoga has a reputation as a typical sport for women. In most yoga classes there are therefore more women than men. One reason for this is that yoga is marketed as a sport for women and one rather does not seek contact with such “women’s stuff”. However, access to the spiritual aspects may be more difficult for men than for women. However, these do not necessarily have to be a part of yoga, as in power yoga for example. Yoga is also more than suitable for typical male desires such as strength and muscle building. Meanwhile there are also courses only for men. There are no excuses or wishes left open!

Real Yoga stars: Miley Cyrus, Meghan Markle and Alessandra Ambrosio do it before

Yoga is not only very popular with us, but also with the stars. Celebrities such as Alessandra Ambrosio, Meghan Markle or Demi Moore love to practice the sport. Who can definitely practice a little more? Jimmy Fallon! The host of the Tonight Show gets a much needed yoga lesson from singer Miley Cyrus…