Book Recommendation: Health, Nutrition & Fitness

Health is an unspeakably important commodity for humans, it determines your life. In addition to nutrition and sports, relaxation is also one of the decisive factors with which you can actively keep your body and mind fit. Healthy food, endurance and weight training and meditation or sufficient sleep can increase your well-being incredibly. There are many different ways to get to your personal goal. So that you don’t get lost in the selection of numerous guidebooks on the market, we have compiled a top 15 of the most popular health books, from recipe books, to guides on attitudes to life, to yoga books. We also have more book recommendations for Fashion & Beauty, Fashion Photography, Models & Style Icons and Learning to Take Pictures.

15 Book Recommendations for Health, Nutrition & Fitness

The following is a list of the 15 most popular health, fitness and nutrition books.

Cameron Diaz – The Body Book

Discover the intelligence of your body

The charisma is usually what makes a person really beautiful. That is why it is important to actively work on this. How does that work? This explains Cameron Diaz among other topics in her book. The charisma comes from within, proverbially! If you live healthy and consciously, eat right and learn to love sports or exercise, you will be happy. And that also shows the body and the charisma. Charmingly, the Hollywood actress explains how she made it from a fast food lover to a healthy, relaxed person. She eats consciously and exercises regularly. But digestion and sleep also play a crucial role and are addressed in this book. Cameron wants to encourage women to treat their bodies with love, because they are the most faithful companion in all our lives. Your Path to Health & Happiness – The Body Book. A stimulating book which, in addition to providing interesting information, makes the reader smile with clever tips. Sympathetically and motivatingly written.

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Gwyneth Paltrow, Julia Turshen: My Recipes For Health And Good Looks

Enjoy without gluten, sugar and lactose

Gwyneth Paltrow – Hollywood’s flagship chef when it comes to a healthy, balanced diet. The pretty actress completely changed her former diet because of health problems. Important: Gluen-, sugar- and largely lactose-free! In her book “My recipes for health and good looks: Enjoy without Gluten, Sugar and Lactose” she has put together some great recipes that are at least as delicious as unhealthy fattening foods. She gives some tips on how to improve your own well-being, by eating right. From Salmon Burgers with Ginger, to Buckwheat Banana Pancakes, to Power Brownies – dishes that will make your heart skip a beat and your body do a happy dance, because all the recipes are delicious & healthy. The body and the figure will thank them. A big bonus point: These recipes can be easily incorporated into everyday family life and taste great for young and old.

My recipes for health and good looks: Enjoy without gluten, sugar and lactose order

Jessica Alba – The Honest Life

Living Naturally and True to You (English)

Jessica Alba conveys her own values with her book. She explains how she is at peace with herself, the environment and her fellow human beings through a healthy lifestyle and sustainable products. In her book, the pretty Hollywood brunette talks about her approach to life and a healthy, chemical-free daily routine. She gives tips on where readers can buy chemical-free laundry detergent or cosmetic products, or where to find delicious, unsprayed fruits & vegetables. She brings attention to the problems in our society and how to learn to take yourself as you are. The best version of a person is the one they are comfortable with. Sympathetically and motivationally written. Jessica Alba proves her talent as an author. The book “The Honest Life: Living Naturally and True to You” is recommended for all readers who want to get their lives on track and do something good for themselves and those around them. A life guide of a special kind.

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Alicia Silverstone, Foreword by Paul McCartney – My recipes for a better world

Enjoy consciously, stay slim and save the earth – With 120 vegan dishes

A vegan diet can change your body and your charisma so positively – that assures US actress Alicia Silverstone in her book “My recipes for a better world: Consciously enjoy, stay slim and save the earth”. In addition to an optimized slim figure, a radiant complexion and a body full of energy, the reader can do his part to stop climate change through a vegan diet. Striking arguments that simply cannot be refuted. Fresh fruits and vegetables, quality grains, and tofu taste pretty delicious, in addition to the many positive effects. Who needs meat and animal products? A terrific cookbook for vegan cooking, beautifully illustrated, with rich colors. Alicia Silverstone provides lots of helpful information on a vegan diet and numerous delicious recipes. A foreword by Paul McCartney rounds out the book. Recommended for vegans or those who want to become one. Equally suitable for non-vegans who want to optimize their diet and have a desire for delicious recipes without animal products.

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Miranda Kerr – This Is How You Deal With Life

Fun, love and fulfillment of your dreams

Ideas, inspirations and motivations for a balanced and happy life – Miranda Kerr writes about self-confidence and true beauty. She bubbles with likeable ideas and gives interesting information. She ties the spiritual wisdom of her friend Louise Hay into her own life and experiences in an entertaining way. Be it heartbreak or low self-esteem, Miranda has a valuable tip for every topic. A guidebook written in a very personal way by the author and especially aimed at younger female readers.

How to cope with life: order fun, love and fulfillment of your dreams

Kimberly Snyder – Beauty Detox Foods

Discover the top 50 beauty foods that will transform your body and reveal your true beauty

“Beauty Detox Foods: Discover the Top 50 Beauty Foods That Change Your Body and Reveal Your True Beauty” is the cookbook to the hit program by nutrition expert Kimberly Snyder. She is the consultant for several celebrities, such as Olivia Wilde or Drew Barrymore. Her principle: a long-term conscious diet! Important: Food can affect the beauty of the body. In general, Kimberly recommends organic fruits and vegetables. Pineapples in particular are said to prevent skin blemishes by increasing collagen production. So are onions: they detoxify the liver and work against acne. Bananas help against dark circles under the eyes and the reader will find numerous other tips in this special cookbook. The celebrity coach is particularly known for his terrific detox smoothies. In the USA, the “Glowing Green Smoothie”, which consists of lettuce, spinach and celery and conjures up a great complexion, is favoured. This cookbook lists the top 50 detox foods and explains them in detail. A recommended book for all participants in Kimberly Snyders’ Success Program, as well as for anyone interested in nutrition who wants to get the most out of their body naturally.

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Kimberly Snyder – The Beauty Detox Plan

Eat yourself beautiful, slim and happy and give your body everything it needs

“The Beauty Detox Plan: Eat yourself beautiful, slim and happy and give your body everything it needs” is one of the successful nutrition and cookbooks by nutrition consultant Kimberly Snyders. The pretty brunette advises stars such as Dita von Teese or Drew Barrymore and is very popular in the USA. Also in Germany prospective customers can start their nourishing program. This consists of 3 phases: 1st start phase “Blooming Beauty”, 2nd consolidation “Radiant Beauty” and 3rd the highest level “True Beauty”. With her tips, recipes and information about healthy foods and detox drinks, the reader is well prepared for a successful change of diet!

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Sarah Wilson – Goodbye Sugar

Sugar-free happy in 8 weeks – With 108 recipes

In “Goodbye Sugar: Sugar-Free Happiness in 8 Weeks,” Sarah Wilson writes about everyday dietary inconveniences. One of the biggest pitfalls: Sugar. Not just the obvious sugar, but also the hidden sugar. With her 8-week sugar detox program, she helps readers easily find healthy, sweet alternatives for the sticky culprit. She acts without “bans”, but with a change of diet. Snacking is therefore allowed, but in a healthy and no less delicious way.

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Ella Woodward – Deliciously Ella:

Ingeniously healthy food for a happy life

Ella Woodward is a well-known “food” blogger who had to change her entire diet due to illness. She has built up an impressive fan base with her blog “Deliciously Ella”. In the UK, her first cookbook landed as a #1 bestseller, and her cookbook, Absolutely delicious! Deliciously Ella: Brilliantly Healthy Food for a Happy Life” contains a great selection of delicious vegan recipes that are easy to recreate. Perfect for beginners behind the stove.

Deliciously Ella: Ordering brilliantly healthy food for a happy life

Kurt Mosetter, Detlef Pape, Anna Cavelius – The 4 forces of self-healing

How our body learns to make us healthy and efficient again

The workday is stressful, the demands are high, we want to look great and we also don’t have time for sick leave. A full program, which does not work in the long run without certain factors: A balanced and healthy diet, exercise or sport and relaxation. In this book, the areas of nutrition, stretching and running are taken up and Jürgen Klinsmann reports how he increases the mental and physical performance of athletes through this combination. There is the right program for every type. The stress level is determined and the state of health is assessed. The heart is strengthened by a running program, stretching exercises are offered in different levels and Detlef Pape explains the advantages of the insulin separation diet. The book explains, stimulates and supports a healthy lifestyle through delicious recipes.

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Melissa Hemsley, Jasmine Hemsley – Hemsley and Hemsley:

Eat well naturally

Healthy & Delicious – Nutrition is responsible for a lot of things in your body and can greatly affect our well-being. Jasmine and Melissa Hemsleys have developed a clever nutrition concept that is delicious and healthy. BING BING – Feel good factor 100 percent! Numerous delicious recipes, the ingredients natural, without industrial sugar or gluten. From spicy muffin frittatas to flower power pizza and toffee pudding. A highly recommended book for foodies who want to give their body the “wellness” it deserves.

Hemsley and Hemsley: Ordering good food naturally

Kris Carr – Crazy sexy healthy

Eat your vegetables, light your fire, and live wholeheartedly!

Staying healthy and maintaining a good sense of well-being in stressful everyday life is difficult – but doable. In the book “crazy sexy healthy” bestselling author Kris Carr presents her personal green lifestyle, which she likes to share with the whole world. A vegetarian/vegan eating program, a raw diet of green juices, meditation and yoga are said to bring long-term success for healthy living. Carr has suffered from cancer for years and has been able to curb it through her special lifestyle. With her book, she wants to encourage other sick people to confront their disease through a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Crazy, sexy, healthy: Eat your veggies, just fire your fire and live wholeheartedly! order

Tara Stiles – Your Yoga, Your Life

Exercises, meditations, recipes

Yoga teacher Tara Stiles reports in her book “Your Yoga, Your Life: Exercises, Meditations, Recipes” about the particular principle she follows: No Stress, More Fun. She talks about the three building blocks that fill life. Yoga, meditation, and a balanced diet. Being happy is at the top of her list. She wants to motivate and inspire her readers, not prescribe. She urges them not to follow any diet or exercise trend, but to find out which path is right for you. Every person is individual and so should be their lifestyle. A book about life & yoga.

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Tom Rath – Eat, Move, Sleep

What really makes us healthy

Diets only work with extreme, long-term discipline. Analyzed training plans are often complicated and difficult to integrate into the individual everyday life. Yet “losing weight” or living “healthy” and “happy” could be so much easier. Three simple behavioral changes can make a big difference. Best-selling author Tom Rath has struggled with an incurable disease since his youth. Since then, he has spent years researching different ways to keep the body fit and the mind happy. His conclusion: our well-being is based on three pillars, healthy food, plenty of exercise and a good night’s sleep. Small changes in the right direction are immediately noticed by the body and inspire the soul. “Eat, Move, Sleep” – a book, a lifestyle.

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Achim Sam – Clean your life

In six weeks to the best form

A natural diet and a healthy workout accelerate fat loss and help build muscle. Together with other scientists, bestselling author Achim Sam developed a concept that changed his own diet and body image. With this book he wants to help his readers to change their body in just six weeks. 12 simple rules are the basic building block of his concept and should make it easier for the reader to get started. With 30 exercises for endurance, muscles and flexibility, which train the whole body. In addition, there are 60 delicious and healthy recipes, for dishes without wheat flour, industrial sugar and additives. The so-called clean diet is already widespread and very popular in the USA. According to the credo: “Clean Your Life” is a fully comprehensive program, which also addresses all other important aspects in addition to nutrition. A promising concept for a new attitude towards life.

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