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Strawberry Smoothie Recipes: Bananas, blueberries and co.

Strawberry Smoothie – With selected ingredients such as strawberries, bananas and blueberries, you can conjure up super delicious strawberry smoothies or strawberry smoothie bowls in no time. Ideal when you need to go fast, whether as a small snack in between or for breakfast. Here you will find the best recipes to mix super delicious […]

Kasia Lenhardt (†25): New life as a mom, between fitness and travel – Interview

Kasia Lenhardt started modeling at the age of seven and became a young mother at around 20. However, she never neglected her job as a model. She built her own community on Instagram and has now become a role model for many young people. Besides the modeling business, sports and stressful university life, she also […]

Interview with Angelina Lilienne: Keys to success, inspiration & helpful nutrition tips.

Angelina Werner, who is known on Instagram as Angelina Lilienne, regularly serves her followers with outfit inspirations, sports and nutrition tips and always stays true to herself. Balanced diet, regular exercise, beautiful style – all that represents the beauty! Despite everything, it is important to her to keep her private life as private as possible […]

What does… Laura Müller?! Love, DSDS, Wendler lasagna & the last photo with him

We have been followingLaura Sophie Müller and her husband Michael Wendler for a long time. Since Michael Wendler left the DSDS jury, it has become quiet around Laura. Tonight Laura’s husband reports back: “Statement: Top News”. “You have to accept people who don’t have an opinion.” Okay! Time to ask: What is Laura actually doing […]

Pamela Reif: Fitness Model, Author, Germany’s Top Sport & Lifestyle Influencer

Through her own love of sports and the dedication to share this hobby on the Internet, Pamela Reif is one of the hottest fitness models of this generation. The blonde beauty regularly shows almost 6 million fans new recipes, workout ideas, as well as current make-up trends or hair styling. At just 23 years old, […]

Healthy lifestyle, cookbooks and sports programs – Weightwatchers

Nowadays, people around the world want to live healthier, but our society is becoming more and more unhealthy. Besides the professional stress, diabetes, heart problems and overweight arise. It hardly helps the body to find the balance by starting radical diets, which in the long run harm the body more than build it up. Healthy […]

Beauty ideals: The perception of female beauty in different countries

At the beginning there was a simple question: How is the beauty of the female body perceived in different countries? In a worldwide experiment, graphic designers from 18 countries used Photoshop to create their personal beauty ideal. Some surprising results came out. Feminine beauty ideals in the media The perception of beauty and a perfect body […]

Fabian Arnold about his dream woman, plans for the future and his first own brand PRGear!

Who hasn’t heard of influencer “fabianxarnold” these days? He currently has more than 120,000 followers on Instagram and the number is constantly growing. With us he has fully unpacked, he talks to us about former self-doubt, how he got into sports, his own fitness brand and his dream woman! Fabian Arnold Instagram PRGear Instagram From […]

Music, veganism and body care: Sweet Leolixl in an interview!

You know her from Musically, Instagram and Youtube. She regularly uploads videos, mostly singing and playing the ukulele. Since when she plays the ukulele, why she is no longer a vegan and other planned projects for the future she shares with us in the interview. “Humorous, energetic and absent-minded”: Leolixl. Leolixl Instagram Leolixl Youtube FIV: […]

5 delicious food trends: Paleo, Clean Eating, Vegan, Detox & Low Carb

2018 is getting closer and closer, and so are our good year resolutions! We resolve to exercise more outside or just go to the gym more. There are so many food trends out there! So before we get busy hitting the gym again in the next few days, we wanted to take a look back […]

5 delicious food trends: Paleo, Clean Eating, Vegan, Detox & Low Carb

2018 is getting closer and closer! Just in time for 01 January, everyone is back in the gym. The new resolutions are implemented! More exercise, healthier eating, a better life. So we wanted to take another look at what the nutrition trends were in 2017 and how they will affect 2018. We tracked down five […]

Youtubers like Sarah’s Days offer viewers tips, inspiration and motivation on exercise and healthy eating

Sarah is a sporty and beautiful Youtuber from Australia. Over 380,000 people have subscribed to her. She mainly deals with the topics of fitness, nutrition and health. On her channel she shows her workouts, recipe ideas

Book Recommendation: Health, Nutrition & Fitness

Health is an unspeakably important commodity for humans, it determines your life. In addition to nutrition and sports, relaxation is also one of the decisive factors with which you can actively keep your body and mind fit. Healthy food, endurance and weight training

Lifebrands Natural Food: Just T for the cold days

LIFEBRANDS develops and distributes healthy and sustainable food. In the Lifebrands online shop you can find the company’s own tea – JUST T! This way you can order your favourite tea online at your convenience. Lifebrands attaches great importance to fair partnerships, sustainable production methods and social commitment. With the “Tealliance” initiative, Lifebrands supports targeted […]