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Nowadays, people around the world want to live healthier, but our society is becoming more and more unhealthy. Besides the professional stress, diabetes, heart problems and overweight arise. It hardly helps the body to find the balance by starting radical diets, which in the long run harm the body more than build it up.

Healthy Lifestyle & Weight Loss

Topics in nutrition, health, wellness, weight loss success stories, fashion and cosmetics – that’s what WW offers. Want to feel good in your own body and stop starving yourself to lose weight? WW offers you a program suitable for everyday life and is a test winner with the latest research results on nutrition and behavior! If you are a member, you are part of a great community and platform for health and wellness! WW offers much more than just a weight loss program – it’s about you as a person, your mindset, inspiration and activities.

Celebrate successes, discover recipes, share tips, plan meals.

WW helps you develop strong and scientifically proven habits that are customized for your everyday life. WW’s app gives you plenty of ways to test yourself, and with over 9,000 recipes or handy recipe categories, you won’t have to give up much. To balance your stressful daily life, there are new mindfulness and meditation exercises to promote your inner peace. Here are the points of the app:

  1. Plan meals practically: In the diary you can enter daily meals to not lose sight of your goal and to develop a routine.
  2. Clever and helpful articles: Here you will find motivating articles about exercise and enjoyment in everyday life
  3. More than 9,000 recipes: a recipe database with tips for eating out!
  4. Success history always at a glance: Your weight history and monthly data to look at your way pictorially
  5. FitPoints: This gives you an overview of food and drinks, FitPoints show you how active you were
  6. SmartPoints barcode scanner: When shopping, you can scan any product to get the values, very easy!
  7. Your WW Community: Here you will find other members who can give you tips, inspire you and post success pictures
  8. WW Rewards Program: Wellness and rewards are waiting for you here!

Products for on the go: Food ToGo & Snacks

Many apps let you down desperately when you’re on the go. Whether on vacation or on business trips – WW supports the members with different products ToGo. Starting with pepper snacks and peanut curls, or bulgur salads, different dressings or protein bars and sausages – there is something for everyone. Besides, there are also water bottles, transport cans or Bento boxes, facilitate the transport of these snacks and also look nice!

Celebrities use WW – Step by step to the dream weight

Besides influencers and private persons, VIPS like Kate Hudson, Motsi Mabuse, Isabel Edvardsson take part in WW and are fans!

Kate Hudson x WW

“I have a baby, a teenager and a seven-year-old. I think everything I do – from my eating habits to the goals I set – rubs off on them, too.”

Motsi Mabuse: Tips from a mum, professional dancer and TV judge

“WW makes sure you live a balanced lifestyle in all areas – very different from diets. That’s why we have the whole family eating WW style.”

Isabel Edvardson: Dancer, entrepreneur and mother loses 17 kg

“The WW app and her coach Ingrid are also a great help to her: “So I can discover new recipes, get tips, clarify questions or exchange experiences online as well as in the community and in conversation with my coach”

Robbie Williams with WW – brand ambassador

Using the hashtag #WWForEveryBody, Robbie Williams is dancing in good spirits with the WW team and is out as a brand ambassador:

Oprah Winfrey & Weight Watchers

WW helped Oprah Winfrey find balance and eat comfortably again:

“[My Why is] to live a healthy life and have healthy as the new goal.”