Interview with Angelina Lilienne: Keys to success, inspiration & helpful nutrition tips.

Angelina Werner, who is known on Instagram as Angelina Lilienne, regularly serves her followers with outfit inspirations, sports and nutrition tips and always stays true to herself. Balanced diet, regular exercise, beautiful style – all that represents the beauty! Despite everything, it is important to her to keep her private life as private as possible – in the interview she reveals more about her lifestyle as a successful influencer and what her inspirations are when she runs out of ideas!

Angelina Lilienne: Hotspots in Berlin & Motivation from Community

FIV: You have over 500,00 subscribers on Instagram – the focus on your channel is on beauty, fashion and lifestyle. It’s probably a great feeling when you know that your followers are behind you and like what you post, right?

Angelina: Absolutely! I am incredibly grateful for all the support and encouragement from my community and of course for the interest in my content. This motivates me every day anew to produce inspiring stories and posts.

FIV: You currently live in Berlin. You are probably on the road quite a lot, especially because of your job. Do you have any favorite places to hang out? If so, can you name 3 of your favorite hotspots in the capital?

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Angelina: Basically I’m on the road a lot, that’s true. But unfortunately that’s not possible due to the current situation with the Corona pandemic. Nevertheless, I like to spend a lot of time outside, go for a walk, jog or just get a Smoothie To Go. My favourite place to be is Charlottenburg. The Kudamm or Gendarmenmarkt are great for that.


“I think that’s exactly what was the key to my success” – Angelina on unexpected life in the public eye

FIV: How did you actually get started with Instagram so intensely? Was it your plan to live the way you currently do? Instagram puts you in the public eye a lot – yet you try to keep your personal life private as much as you can. Do you ever wish you had a job that wasn’t so public? If so, what would it be?

Angelina: I never expected to be a full-time influencer one day. I also think that was exactly the key to my success. It was totally unexpected and took me completely by surprise. I am super happy to be able to share my everyday life with my amazing community, however, I keep my private life out of it as much as I can. Certain things should just stay private and I’m doing quite well with that.

FIV: You produce content every day – I don’t imagine it’s that easy to always have new ideas for posts. Do you have role models that inspire you? People or your own motivations that you regularly keep in mind? If so, what would they be?

Angelina: It has also happened that I run out of ideas…. Luckily my girls always inspire me with new ideas. Otherwise, my outfits are mostly of my own creation. I have a few profiles that I like to look at and get inspiration from every now and then. But that I follow someone meticulously is not the case. I prefer to do my own thing and that’s also what my community appreciates about my profile.


Angelina’s tips for balanced nutrition & sport: How to achieve your dream body

FIV: On your profile you give – besides your super beautiful style – some insights into your diet and fitness. Can you name 5 things that one should consider for a healthy and balanced diet? Do you have a certain routine, that is, what should not be missing in the morning, at noon and in the evening?


  • I eat 3 meals a day and 2 small snacks (fruit, nuts) in between.
  • Fluids form the basis of a healthy and balanced diet: 1.5/2 litres per day – water and unsweetened tea are ideal.
  • I make sure my intake of unhealthy (!) fats, carbs & sugars is low, as these components are high in calories and low in vitamins, as well as minerals. Good carbs like quinoa, wild rice, sweet potato/potatoes I love to eat. Giving up sugar is a bit difficult for me especially in times of gingerbread…:)
  • I avoid dairy products (they slow down the muscle building process).
  • In any case, you should not starve, it destroys the metabolism.

FIV: You seem to do sports regularly – as one can easily see from your body! How often do you exercise per week and how do you incorporate the workouts into your daily routine? Can you give us 3 tips on how to best conquer your inner pig?:)

Angelina: I also have phases in which it sometimes runs better and sometimes worse. Currently I’m happy when I manage 3 workouts at home. In good times I go to the gym every day and take 1 day off. When you really want something, you quickly develop the motivation and discipline to follow through with sports activities. And the successes push you even more.

FIV: Finally, I have two questions for you: Do you have any specific plans and goals for the future? If yes, which ones? Do you have things that you absolutely want to achieve?

Angelina: Yes! I would love to launch my own fashion collection. That’s something I’ve been dreaming about forever! – Like really cool everyday pieces. But so far these are just thoughts that haven’t made it to fruition yet. But who knows what else will happen….

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