Longchamp: luxury brand, bags & Le Pliage

Longchamp – Everyone knows it, the Le Pliage from Longchamp, one of the most famous bags in the world. The luxury brand Longchamp stands like the fashion brands Chloé, Hermés and Prada for exclusive and high-quality designer bags. But the brand has much more to offer: In this article you will learn everything about the bag collections of the brand, its history and of course everything about the Le Pliage, the most popular bag of the brand.

From pipe manufacturer to luxury brand for bags

Mansion Longchamp was founded in 1948 by Jean Cassegrain and initially focused on producing and selling leather-covered pipes. Over time, the range was expanded to include travel accessories, bags, shoes and clothing. The label is a family business and is still owned by the Cassegrain family. With its model Le Pliage, the brand managed to establish itself internationally as a luxury bag brand.

Brand bag collections

The brand’s bag collections consist of unique bags that are of the highest quality. The range includes shoulder bags, shoppers, shoulder bags, backpacks and much more. Especially the Le Pliage is a bag that is impossible to imagine the fashion world without.

Le Pliage: The label’s cult bag

The Le Pliage is probably the most famous bag of the brand and at the same time its flagship: the bag was launched in 1993 and has reached cult status to this day, as the bag is probably one of the most famous bags in the world. It is available in different colors, sizes and models and new special edits are often released. The special thing about the bag is that you can fold it super small, because it is inspired by an origami. The Le Pliage Signature collection is also particularly popular, offering customers the opportunity to personalize their bag. The shopper is by its long handles and its size, the perfect bag for everyday life. Here fit all the important things purely!

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Longchamp 1980: The classic reissued

Sophie Delafontaine, the granddaughter of the Longchamp founder, decided to revive a true classic in 2020 and launched a new collection of Longchamp 1980, which she herself wore as a child. She is now chief designer of the luxury label and already presented her designs at New York Fashion Week. The bag combines vintage with modern and is a reinterpretation of the classic: the shoulder bag is perfect as a daily companion, because it is both functional and stylish. The buckle features the Longchamp lettering, a nice detail of the cult bag.

Even stars like fashionista Alexa Chung love Longchamp!

The brand is also very popular with celebrities like fashion blogger Alexa Chung, who is not only a total Longchamp fan in her private life and skillfully combines the brand with her street style looks, but has also already stood in front of the camera for a campaign for Longchamp. But also Emily in Paris star Lily Collins relies on a personalized Le Pliage signature to make a fashion statement!

Unique advertising campaigns of the luxury label

The Longchamp brand always comes up with something special for its campaigns: For the new collection of 2021, the brand shot a commercial in the fashion city par excellence: Paris. The video is actually about the Rosea in Bordeaux, an elegant and timeless bag made of high quality leather that is an absolute eye-catcher! Let yourself be enchanted by a unique world of fashion and the atmosphere of Paris!

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