Christian Dior: New Look – from the range to the invention of a new flower

Christian Dior – Whether handbag, jewelry or cosmetics. Dior is booming! On the market of luxury goods quite different laws prevail. Christian Dior is one of the most famous French fashion brands in the world. Up to countless style icons dressed Christian Dior, including, Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, Grace Kelly, Marlene Dietrich and Elizabeth Taylor. For the brand’s perfume, Dior collaborates with stars such as Charlize Theron and Johnny Depp.

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Luxury brand Dior products: Sunglasses, Fashion, Accessories & Co.

Dior offers its customers a wide range of products. In addition to haute couture for women, the French fashion brand also offers prêt-à-porter (ready-to-wear clothing) for women, a men’s line under the name Dior Men and children’s collections called Baby Dior. In addition, the range includes in the luxury goods segment:

  • Leather goods
  • Shoes
  • Bags
  • Watches
  • Jewelry
  • Glasses
  • Accessories
  • Perfumes and
  • Cosmetics

Christian Dior Fashion Week Show

Known for luxury, glamour and bling bling, during Paris Fashion Week, designer Maria Grazia Chiuri, presented her latest collection for Spring-Summer 2020 in botanical style in Milan. With her collection, the designer shares a mix of wearability, craftsmanship and modernity. “Women work, women travel, women have their own lives,” says the 55-year-old Italian. Luxury today doesn’t mean showing off your clothes. Especially for couture houses, like Dior, it is important today to understand that luxury has become more individual. Fashion knows no boundaries these days.

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Collection for spring-summer

Also this year Dior presents an extravagant show in the jungle! Invited guests are thrilled by the location and the latest outfits for men and women. FIV has for you here the summary of the show as a video:

Dior Homme Fashion Show

Designer Kim Jones showed his first collection as artistic director. He decided to interpret the couturier’s design code. Highlight of the show were the huge crumbling Dior cement sculptures, amid peaceful surreal pink desert sand. Celebrities like model Naomi Campbell, pro soccer player Neymar da Silva Santos, rapper Kanye West and other familiar faces were found there to check out the new look of Dior Homme. The British designer has built a streetwear archive, revitalized the suit and developed more than a few collaborations.

Summer collection: candypink jackets and silver suitcases

For the Dior 2020 menswear collection, creative director Kim Jones and artist Daniel Arsham explored the concept of the relic and its relationship to Dior as a couture house. An interplay between past, present and future picks up the collection in this video:

Accessories: sneakers and backpacks for the perfect look

Completed the Kim Jones men’s collection with these accessories:

Saddle, Bobby, Montaigne: Pocket Paradior

Like the other famous luxury fashion houses like Chanel and Gucci, Dior is also famous for its bags. In numerous shapes and colors, the luxury bags are the favorites of numerous women. Here you will find an overview of the most popular Dior bag models: from the Saddle Bag to Miss Dior.

Saddle bag: must-have and favorite

Saddle Bag is one of the most popular bags from Dior. No wonder, because this bag has a unique shape and is available in different colors. Between the straps and the bag you can see the initials of the fashion designer Christian Dior:

Diorama: Clear lines with silver chain

Black leather is stretched on fine wooden sticks: A distinctive pattern emerges. Fine stitches with the sewing machine – see for yourself how your favorite model is created:

Lady Dior: dream in (white) leather

The Lady Dior – already in the name of this bag is elegance itself. White leather with an embossed geometric pattern. This masterpiece is definitely worth buying:

30 Montaigne: timeless classic

The 30 Montaigne convinces with its classic but timeless design. Noble and suitable for any outfit. The golden double D attracts attention:

Bobby bag: leather bag with gold details

Like a seal, the DD logo of Dior adorns the clasp of this bag. An expression of grace. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the Bobby Bag:

Book Tote Bag: Shopping Bag with Style

ABC..Dior! To complete your fashion alphabet with the letter D, this bag is just right! Here is more than just good design behind: With this bag you can go on shopping tour and have enough storage space for new favorite pieces directly from the store:

Miss Dior: Extravagant snakeskin look

Under the leather with snakeskin look is a solid wooden shell. The bag is carried by a silver strap, which is composed of individual chain links:

Lady D-Lite: jewel with a fine pattern

Stitch by stitch is worked on the sewing machine for this fine pattern. The finish offers the fine “Christian Dior” lettering. Even the straps of the bag were made in fine work:

Dior shoes: class with or without heels

Sandals, pumps, boots – shoes for every season and occasion offers the brand Dior. Whether fancy patterns or plain models in modern design: Dior shoes are absolute favorites. J’adior..Dioramour: love is in the air with these shoes.

J’adior: Dior, je t’aime

J’adior: this play on words on the strap catches the eye of the beholder directly. An elegant black patent shoe with a unique strap. This shoe makes a statement:

Dioramour: shoe with heart

The hallmark of the line Dioramour? Hearts. Also in this shoe we recognize the trademark of the line of red leather on the back of the shoe:

Air Dior: Collaboration with Jordan

The Air Dior is the result of the collaboration between luxury brand Dior and Jordan Brand. In the fall of 2020, the sneaker of the limited collection of ready-to-wear styles was presented at the fashion show in Miami. Check out the result of the collaboration here:

Jewelry & Accessories: Anything but mainstream

Besides shoes and bags, Dior also has a unique jewelry and accessories collection. Sunglasses, belts and purses belong to Dior, like the unforgettable evening dresses of the fashion shows.

Not only for the ladies, the luxury fashion house brings out unique bags and accessories, at least as colorful, as with the ladies it goes here: bright yellow, sparkling gold and nature-loving green tones. These accessories are not only practical and beautiful to look at, no they make statements!

Square, round, multicolor: sunglasses

Square, rectangular, rounded – at Dior you can find sunglasses in a wide variety of designs. With the 30Montaigne2 and the DiorLink1, lovers of square sunglasses will also find their perfect match here. The acetate frame as well as the lenses are available in different variations. More unusual shapes such as hexagonal lenses or butterfly glasses can be found in the DiorLink2 or DiorSoStellaire4 models. Classic aviator glasses and round sunglasses are also part of Dior’s range.

An accessory for all genders: belts

As with the bags, the model Saddle belongs to the belts with the most demand. No wonder, because of the simple design and the large color selection, this belt is something for every fashion lover! The ultra-soft calf leather makes it comfortable to wear and the narrow width of 20mm allows it to be worn with many types of pants and skirts. Eye-catcher of this belt is the CD sign with gold optics.

If you wear a Diorquake belt, you can hardly hide this. A large D is the main feature of the calfskin belt with 55mm width. The antique gold finish of the letter provides the necessary elegance. If this belt is too narrow for you, you should opt for the D-Waist belt. The D-Waist is a double-row belt made of calfskin. The Christian Dior lettering is embossed in capital letters on the back.

Lovers of the Dior Tote Bag will also love this belt! In the style of this, this consists of embroidered canvas. In front, the belt is closed by two elegant leather straps. This belt is available in different finishes including gray, blue or pink.

As made to give blazers and jackets a fitted look: The 30 Montaigne. This one is also made of calfskin and has shiny metal details with an antique gold finish on the front. The Dior lettering is subtly visible on the inside. For fans of handmade craftsmanship, the Diornatural is just the belt for you. The jute fabric for this one was woven by hand. The piece is crowned by the silver-look CD buckle. The belt is best wrapped 3-4 times around the waist.

Since recently, Dior also offers the possibility to design his own belt and create an individual accessory. Different straps and buckles show the customers the most different combination possibilities. Just click on the ‘Make your own belt’ button and create the perfect gift for him or her!

Precious stones & gold flowers: jewelry line

A work of absolute attention to detail: for this line of jewelry, individual colorful gemstones are cut, set and worked into beautiful flowers. The colorful flora world is to remind of the French gardens of the Palace of Versailles. With this jewelry you put everyone in the shade!

Men’s trends: gold, sneakers and casual bags

Accessories are not only for women, but also for our fashion-conscious gentlemen of creation! Artist Amoako Boafo from Ghana presents the highlights of Kim Jones’ collection. Check out what’s behind the terms ‘Dior Atlas’, ‘Dior Explorer’ and ‘B23’.

Perfume: fragrances for him & her

Christian Dior is the perfumery and cosmetics line of the French fashion house Christian Dior SE. With the first release of his Miss Dior perfume, founds the French brand Christian Dior perfumes. Thus, his revolutionary foray into the world of select perfumery and overturns the industry, making Dior a brand at the service of fashion and innovation.

Most famous Dior fragrance: J’adore

J’adore, an ode to women, their courage, their beauty. Starting with J’adore Eau de Parfum, through the bath ritual to the absolute, J’adore unfolds its legendary floral bouquet, a masterpiece of balance in which the most beautiful flowers present themselves with their sensuality and freshness. The world’s most famous women’s perfume Dior J’adore Eau de Parfum combines the most beautiful flowers from different countries. Sensual and light, the floral masterpiece combines a floral notes to create a captivating, mysterious fragrance. The sensual curves seize the incredible amphora on. Sensual but not too heavy. This composition combines opposites by executing floral notes to a graceful, completely new and mysterious bouquet. J’adore invents a flower that does not exist.

Charlize Theron x J’adore: golden sensuality

A perfume for a queen. When you see Charlize Theron in this promotional clip, it directly gives the impression! Graceful, sexy, sublime – like the fragrance she presents:

Joy x Jennifer Lawrence: refreshing sea scent

Charlize Theron is not the only one promoting Dior fragrances. In this advertising campaign we see Jennifer Lawrence floating through the water like a mermaid:

Men’s fragrance: powerful freshness

A composition characterized by ever-present freshness, powerful and noble at the same time. “For the creation of Sauvage, the man was my starting point. The pure and obvious masculinity. Like the image of a man that is timeless and never goes out of fashion,” says François Demachy, perfume creator at Dior. A dark play of colors that dissolves into the pure black of the bottle promises the depth that the fragrance exudes. Translated, Sauvage means “wild” and that is exactly what the fragrance is: wild, masculine, young. A perfect fragrance for men who like it rather loosened up and do not like to hide. This is exactly what the men’s fragrances from Dior stand for.

Sauvage x Johnny Depp: Sexy and wild

Wild, masculine and young – who comes to mind? Johnny Depp, of course. Find your peace in the wilderness like him!

You liked the last perfume commercials and want to see more? Here we have for you our top list of the best perfume TV spots:

Cosmetic products: Concealer, Foundation & Co.

Driven by Christian Dior’s desire to make women even more beautiful and happy, Dior skin care pursues a very distinctive approach to beauty and youthfulness. With the release of the first lipstick in 1955, Dior cosmetics opened up a new world. Nowadays, there is a complete range of Dior lipsticks, nail polishes and many other products.

Luxury brand Dior: make-up tutorials for man & woman

Love your skin in Dior – Who does not want to have fresh, perfectly moisturized and radiant skin? Whether you’re a man or a woman, Dior offers products in every area of skincare that are good for everyone. If you don’t know which product is right for you, you can get advice at various stores, boutiques and outlets. As one of the most famous luxury brands, this one stands out especially in the makeup and beauty world.

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Natural Make-up Look: Step 1 Forever Skin Correct Concealer

How to get a naturally make-up look, step by step. The new Dior Forever Skin Correct Concealer is now available in 30 skin tones. The concealer perfects your skin while the skincare ingredients improve skin texture. FIV Magazine has two matching videos on how you can create a natural every day makeup look, step by step:

Natural Make-up Look: Step 2 Forever Foundation

For maximum coverage, the Dior Forever Foundation is used. The 24h lasting foundation is already available in 44 shades in two long-lasting finishes: Dior Forever Matt and Dior Forever Skin Glow.

Baby Dior: fashion for the little ones

Dior offers haute couture and prêt-à-porter not only for men and women. Dior has also thought of the little ones: In addition to baby fashion, the fashion brand also has fashion for teenage girls and boys in its repertoire. So that our children can also feel like little models!

Christian Dior was an internationally respected French fashion designer and founder of the fashion company named after him. 1947 was the first major fashion show as an independent fashion designer, which will be known as New Look. From then on, for the 42-year-old Christian Dior only went up. For 10 years, the fashion designer was able to experience the success of his company firsthand, before he died of a heart attack in 1957.

Since the late 1990s, the house of Dior, belongs to the top direction of international luxury goods manufacturers. Initially, the great designer was active as an artist. He exhibited works by Salvador Dalí and Jean Cocteau in his small gallery. On the side, he worked as an illustrator for Figaro Illustré. Until a famous tailor took notice of him. Known as the “New Look”, Dior contributes to the fact that Paris next to New York, again becomes the capital of the world.

Dior and I: A film about the luxury fashion house

If you want to learn more about the fashion house Dior and its ups and downs, you’ve come to the right place. Dior and I shows its viewers a look behind the scenes and reveals exciting details of the fashion label. In this trailer you get the first glimpses of the filming:

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