Dior Paris Fashion Week

Dior – stunning collections and exclusive runway highlights

Dior not only consists of excellent collections, looks and outfits, but also distinguishes itself by unique and unusual fashion shows. The luxury label’s fashion stands out for its elegant, simple yet extraordinary creative designs, although there are other outstanding perfumes, bags and other accessories under Dior. So now take a look at the latest collections and shows.

Dior – extravagant fashion and extraordinary fashion shows

The famous luxury label Dior was founded in 1947 by the French couturier Christian Dior, who today is one of the most famous fashion designers in the world. In the beginning Dior had very little to do with the fashion industry, because he worked in an art gallery, which nevertheless gave him the opportunity to create and exhibit his drawings and illustrations. So he finally started working as a designer for Parisian fashion houses in 1938, until he founded his own haute couture label and made his international breakthrough the same year. With his innovative and creative fashion he inspired style icons like Jackie Kennedy or Marlene Dietrich. Dior’s collections are characterized by elegance and feminine designs, as well as by the use of noble materials such as fur or satin.

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Elegant and stylish winter collections

Christian Dior’s creations are exceptional, stylish and an absolute eye-catcher on any catwalk, as Dior turned away from traditional and practical fashion to create its haute couture collections celebrated on the catwalk. His winter collections are particularly striking because, although they are characterised by the well-known dark winter colour palette, they also feature fine materials, elegant cuts and feminine designs.

Avant-garde fashion in dark and cloudy tones

Dior’s autumn-winter collection presents avant-garde fashion made of unusual materials such as knitwear and fine lace. Sweaters with picturesque patterns, checked skirts with straight cuts and modern accessories such as ties, scarves and statement necklaces were also frequently seen on the catwalk. Check out the entire fashion show here.

Elegant and fine fabrics with classic cuts

This men’s collection is characterized by the elegant coat cuts, fine fabrics and the classic men’s fashion palette of beige, grey, brown and navy. Different styles are combined to create an interplay of past and future, between old and new, classic and modern and contemporary and innovative.

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Dark tones, playful details and elegant haute couture

The autumn and winter collection is characterised by dense, dark clothing, fine elegant fabrics and unusual embroidery. However, the collection is not only made of black, but also makes use of the surprise element of burgundy, which gives the fabrics a matte finish and thus creates a timeless beauty. Watch the video of the fashion show here.

Colourful and natural summer collections

Not only the winter collections of Dior are a real eye-catcher, because the summer collections of the luxury brand also stand out through the innovative, creative and unusual ideas of the designer. His collections are characterised by figure-hugging cuts, feminine designs and wide skirts. Long gloves or extra large hats are the typical must-haves of the summer. But especially the colourful and noble patterns and many natural fabrics stand out, which give the collections a summery and airy touch. Due to the elegance and class of Dior, the summer looks and outfits are also suitable for every moment, no matter if everyday life or leisure.

Modern collection of flowing, colourful fabrics

The new Dior Cruise Show of 2021 presents an exciting collection of precious flowers and butterfly prints, elaborate traditional embroidery and colourful fabrics. The latest collection is presented in the historic Italian city of Lecce against a spectacular backdrop. An unusual dance show celebrates the aesthetics, history and tradition of Dior. Convince yourself of the magic of the new collection here in the video.

Elegant Haute Couture with romantic details

Elegant haute couture, romantic fabrics, creative details and feminine cuts characterise the spring and summer haute couture of Dior. The fashion looked noble and elegant with silk skirts with soft pleats and gold plated surfaces. The extraordinary savoir-faire of the house was thus celebrated in a fashionable way. Here you can see the fashion show in full length.

Graceful menswear with soft pastel shades and classic cuts

Dior’s men’s collection presents graceful looks consisting of iconic newspaper prints, pastel shades and classic cuts. The details of the outfits are always feminine and yet typical of Dior’s men’s fashion. Here the designer was inspired by the elegance of the past and its beauty and relates this to a new, constructed future. This is also reflected in the unique setting of the fashion show.

Exceptional prêt-à-porter made of high-quality natural fabrics

Inspired by the gardens of the world and the beauty of nature, Dior is creating an exceptional ready-to-wear collection that is characterised by the classic colours of nature. The outfits are mostly in brown, white, beige or pink shades. And the high-quality fabrics are processed naturally. Not only the fashion is unique, but also the presentation of the collection is unusual and exclusive.

Unusual and avant-garde looks with imaginative details

These extraordinary looks and outfits were inspired by the typical stylistic features of the circus world. No wonder that this collection is mainly composed of short boxy blazers, bar jackets and dresses with imaginative prints. Unique details such as sparkling sequins, colourful fringes and tulle trimmings radiate a touch of glamour. Watch the fashion show in the circus tent here.

Behind the scenes of the fashion empire

Dior always convinces with its stunning collections and extraordinary fashion shows, but this requires a lot from the creative designs to the elaborate preparations just before the show. Despite stress and problems at the last minute, Dior always manages to attract attention and inspire the audience with its collections and exciting presentations. Now take a look behind the scenes and see how Dior puts on these shows.

Backstage of a Dior fashion show

To present the unique fashion shows as well as the extraordinary collections, a lot of helpers are needed, including models, hairdressers, stylists and many more to get the incredible shows going. Get unique insights behind the scenes and elaborate preparations before the presentation of the collection.

Exclusive interview with Creative Director Maria Grazia Chiuri

In an exclusive interview with Dior, Maria Grazia Chiuri, the creative director of the house, discussed what inspires her new collections and how she incorporates these sources of inspiration into her captivating creations. Check out the open and honest interview here.