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Prada Videos – Not only unique, creative and elegant collections, but also the high quality fashion distinguish the luxury brand Parda as an exclusive label. The collections of the brand convince with extraordinary designs and distinctive looks. Take a look at Prada’s latest collections now and get an exclusive insight into the preparations for the fashion shows. Read all about Prada here.

Prada – stunning designs & innovative collections

In the beginning Prada was just a small family business, which was popular with the Italian royal family for its handbags and suitcases. The brand was founded by the Italian designer Miuccia Prada. After the international expansion in 1990, the brand finally made its breakthrough. Today, the luxury brand is one of the most exclusive labels worldwide and is considered a top luxury brand, because Miuccia Prada’s creations are anything but predictable. With her luxury brand, the renowned designer has started extravagant trends and broken as many rules as possible in terms of style. From funky print tops to asymmetric pleated dresses, classy block sandals and handbags in Barbie pink, nude, fawn and black, Prada is all about innovation, transformation and independence.

Sophisticated winter collections with creative designs

Prada collections are full of creativity and reinvention. Each collection evolves in line with modern trends and also incorporates the brand’s individuality and identity. With a relentless curiosity about the world, society and culture, the label is constantly incorporating new influences into its creations and gaining new creative ideas. This is of course reflected in every collection, including the extravagant and unusual winter collection, which is usually a colorful mix of playful, elegant and classic. Through the combination of different fabrics, high-quality materials and the most diverse color palettes, as well as impressive accessories, Prada constantly succeeds in creating new exclusive and sensational winter and fall fashion.

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Classic, elegant cuts with playful details

Prada’s new fall and winter collection shows both the femininity and strength of all women. That’s why their looks consisted of big earrings, spectacular necklaces and clothes set with diamonds. Silk pants with a simple cut and sweaters with a classic crew neck were also seen more often. With the simultaneously classic and yet exciting outfits Prada made a statement this season as well.

Straight cuts and unusual outfits

Prada’s latest fall and winter collection for men features different looks and outfits for everyone – outfits for leisure, or even for everyday work as a young executive. The fashions in the new collection feature oversized corduroy jackets, high-necked coats, lavender and olive hues, and classic tailoring. The looks pick up on both technical and casual accents.

Romantic floral patterns in combination with elegant haute couture

Prada’s latest women’s collection for fall and winter is an exploration of romance and looks very ideological and emotional through elements such as crystal embroidery or rose prints. Most importantly, the collection directly catches the eye with intricate looks, particularly featuring shirt dresses, loose knits and shift dresses. Check out the full video of the fashion show here.

Noble summer collections with breathtaking fashion shows

Not only the winter and autumn collections of Prada are a real eye-catcher, but also the summer and spring collections surprise with extraordinary outfits. Although in the summer collections often dark and sometimes dull colors are used, Prada always incorporates fabrics with impressive patterns and bright colors, giving the outfits a summery and fresh touch. Especially the dresses and skirts of the collections stand out because of the light and airy fabrics, but not only the women’s collections convince. The men’s fashion is also unique due to its unconventional fabrics, combinations and colours. Therefore, the summer and spring collections are definitely worth a look and the fashion convinces in every situation, whether everyday or leisure.

Innovative designs and contrasting looks

For the Prada Spring/Summer 2021 collection, a statement about the new fashion is expressed through the different perspectives of different image makers and artists, such as Terence Nance, Joanna Piotrowska or even Martine Syms. The film, which captures the facet of the Prada collection and clearly presents its creative statement and ideology in five chapters, thus shows a somewhat new perspective on Prada and the exciting new collection.

Elegant haute couture made from fine fabrics & embroidery

For Prada’s latest spring and summer collection, the beauty is in the details, as the looks were a mix of elegance, naturalness and intricate details. The models’ outfits mainly consisted of bright and cheerful colors, floor-length dresses, tailored jackets and summery knitwear.

Geometric outfits and pastel colours for men

This year’s summer collection by Prada for men consists mainly of intricate geometric shapes, subtle pastel colors and classic straight cuts. The looks are influenced by classic menswear like tweeds, shirts, sportswear and khaiks, but in this collection it’s the looks that stand out with oversized proportions and out-of-place elements.

Unusual looks in bright colours that make statements

The Prada Summer 2019 collection explores the intersecting processes of multiple design practices in an unexpected dialogue between materials. As such, this collection features satin tunics, black knee-highs and ladylike jersey coats. The full video of the show can be found here.

Innovative fashion with extravagant patterns & accessories

Prada’s men’s summer collection features innovative, essential and excessive design that reflects Prada’s core values. The outfits in the collection are characterized by powerful floral prints, short shorts, collage looks, turtlenecks sweaters and clean cut blazers. This makes the collection look elusive yet wearable.

Exclusive insights behind the scenes of the fashion shows

Each fashion show of the brand Prada offers not only extraordinary fashion and beautiful models who present the special fashion of the luxury brand, but also extravagant fashion shows, which take place in unusual, impressive and creative showrooms. The shows consist of elaborate preparations – from setting up the scenery to styling the models and the first fittings to the finished fashion show. Therefore, Prada puts special emphasis on quality, attention to detail and individuality, so that each show is as innovative and unique as Prada itself.

Backstage with supermodel Gigi Hadid

In this exclusive backstage video, the elaborate preparations for a Prada fashion show are presented. The fashion of this collection reflects the pluralism and complexity of female identities and shows how well sport and glamour can be combined to define new forms. Always in the middle of it all: our favorite Gigi Hadid.

Busy stylists and relaxed models

Discover the secrets behind Prada’s latest looks and get an exclusive look at the process of creating a collection. What happens backstage, you can see here in the video.

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Shoes, handbags, fashion shows of the luxury brand – more about the world of Prada:

Prada: The brand

Prada – a simple company, which in the beginning produced noble leather goods such as suitcases, handbags and gloves, to worldwide Italian luxury brand, which always convinces with exclusive collections and products. The designer Miuccia Prada presents the most elegant and creative collections without losing her signature and committing to a style.

Prada nylon

Prada Nylon – Whether the weekly supermarket shopping, the way to work or the elegant birthday party in the evening – Prada has bags for every occasion in its assortment. From simple shoulder bag classics to colourful shoulder bags with metal details to practical tote bags – Prada bags can be perfectly integrated into everyday life, but also used as an eye-catcher of an outfit. Wondering what price range Prada bags are in? Are you interested in the design codes of Prada bags? All this and much more will be revealed to you in the following overview!

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Prada shoes

Prada Shoes – “I like life spent, in good or bad, doing something significant. Maybe the only thing I fear is boredom.” – says head designer Miuccia Prada. This explains why Prada shoes are never boring or basic. Prada creates shoes that make any look stand out without stealing all the attention. Rough boots, modern pumps and urban sneakers – Prada offers the complete range of shoes and inspires the fashion world with them. Have you been dreaming of entering the Prada world for a long time? Welcome to the Pradamania world!

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