Fendi: bags, watches & Co – the roman luxury fashion label

From baguette bags to furs to haute couture, Fendi is famous for many things. The world-famous FF logo, created in 1965 by German designer Karl Lagerfeld, is a status symbol and everyone knows it. The Italian fashion brand Fendi was founded in 1925 and first established itself as a leather and fur company, but nowadays the international luxury brand scene is unimaginable without it. Whether a small investment or simply the fulfillment of a long-awaited wish – the purchase of an article makes you happy. We love Fendi and so do the stars. You can see the FF logo on Kylie Jenner, Nicki Minaj, Hailey Baldwin and many more. Learn all about the Italian luxury brand, from the legendary FF logo to stylish sunglasses and Rob Raco.


Fendi who?

The Italian fashion label from Rome has been inspiring people all over the world since 1925. You can see the designer clothes on stars like Bella Hadid and Blake Lively. Famous faces wear Fendi on the world’s biggest catwalks, but ordinary people are also enthusiastic about the luxury label.

Karl Lagerfeld

For over 50 years Karl Lagerfeld designed clothing, haute couture collections, accessories, bags and shoes for Fendi. Most of the typical Fendi motifs were created under his direction and his designs are used by masses of international designers.

Bags at Fendi

The bags from Fendi are world famous, they are available in many different variations and colours. For every outfit you will find the right bag at Fendi, which either skilfully rounds off the outfit or sets an accent. You can see the designer bags on many different stars and fashion icons.

Fragrance Tip!

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Watches and accessories

The watches and accessories from Fendi are real eye-catchers. Whether the latest collection or statement pieces that have been around for many years – Fendi convinces all age groups. Whether a real investment or the fulfilment of a long-awaited wish: Fendi makes you happy.

Creative Director Karl Lagerfeld & Career at FENDI

The quote “If you wear sweatpants, you have lost control of your life” is familiar to almost everyone. And it shouldn’t be difficult to assign it to the right designer: Karl Otto Lagerfeld, born in Hamburg in 1933, is probably one of the most important fashion designers in the world. Lagerfeld has worked as creative director in various fashion houses, including

  • 1955-1958: Pierre Balmain
  • 1958-1963: Jean Patou
  • 1963-1978 (1983), 1992-1997: Chloé
  • 1965-2019: Fendi
  • 1974-2019: Karl Lagerfeld
  • 1982-2019: Chanel
  • 2004: Hennes & Mauritz (H&M)

Lagerfeld began his career in the 1950s in Paris, but the focus is now on his career at the Italian luxury fashion brand FENDI. Karl Lagerfeld once said “Chanel is my French side, Fendi is my Italian side, or even better: my Roman side” and we love his Roman side. The German designer was the creative director of the Italian fashion brand for a total of 54 years and convinced the entire fashion world of his skills. He died in February 2019, and the shows of autumn and winter 2019/2020 were marked by his death.

Baguette bags to peekaboos: FENDI bags

The bags from Fendi are divided into different categories:

  • “Peekaboo
  • Baguette
  • Fine leather bags
  • Handle bags and dead bags
  • Boston Bags
  • Shoulder bags
  • Mini and fanny packs
  • Clutches
  • Backpacks

Sarah Jessica Parker’s baguette bag

“This is not a bag, it’s a baguette!” – all Sex and the City fans now know what we’re talking about because Sarah Jessica Parker made the handbag everybody’s favorite in the 90’s. And in 2019 the Baguette Bag finally has a comeback – everyone is cheering. We see them with Carrie Bradshaw, Emma Roberts, Amanda Seyfried, Emma Stone and Olivia Palermo. Timeless, classic, elegant and available in so many different variations – it’s obvious that everyone will find something here. We also love the #BaguetteFriendsForever series on YouTube and are a bit envious of every Fendi bag owner. Here we have picked out our favorite video of the series, why don’t you watch it and let the Baguette Dream Room take effect on you.

Clothing: Prêt-à-Porter & Haute Couture

Whether Spring Summer or Fall Winter – Fendi convinces with every collection anew. Fendi has designer clothes for women, men and children in its range. The combination of high-quality materials and fresh designs is amazing. The range is extensive, from coats to sweatshirts, everything is included. Nicki Minaj is also a huge fan of the Roman fashion brand and released her “Fendi Prints On” collection in October 2019, where the world-famous FF logo meets futuristic metallic and bright colours.

Fashion Show & latest campaign: Fashion & Hairstyle Trends

To give you an impression of the different facets of the Italian fashion label we have a nice Haute Couture Fashion Show example for you and of course the Fendi Men’s Fall Winter 2019-20 campaign. Fendi presents the latest collections at fashionweeks worldwide – whether Paris, Milan or Berlin, Fendi can’t be missing. The biggest names strut across the world’s most famous catwalks and enchant the audience.

Women: Fendi Haute Couture Fall/Winter

Here you see one of the legendary shows of Fendi. The Haute Couture collection 2019/20 has a very special atmosphere, especially because the fascinating Coliseum of Rome is in the background. The collection, which was created under the direction of Creative Director Karl Lagerfeld, consisted of 54 looks, the same number of years Karl had spent at Fendi. The models inspire with extravagant wigs and haute couture pieces in beige and rosé.

Men: Autumn / Winter Collection

Fendi makes fashion not only for women, but of course also for the men of creation. With super modern looks, clean style for business men, but of course also the certain, light extravagance that you expect from Fendi as a man. With such a dynamic campaign, it’s hard to decide where to look first, don’t you think?  The Fendi Men’s FW 2019-20 campaign features various models in subtle colours, some with colourful accessories that set the tone. Here the motto is practical – but make it fashion. Our favourites are the leather jackets. Decide for yourself what you like best.

Shoes: pumps, boots & luxury sneakers

Sneakers, pumps, boots and ankle boots, flat shoes and even sandals and mules – for every occasion and matching every outfit!

Ladies, men and children

Women, men and even children will find what they are looking for at Fendi. The Italian luxury brand simply does not go out of fashion and convinces small and large, young and old. Sometimes totally street style, but sometimes also very elegant – as multi-faceted as it gets. We especially love the FFluid sneakers.

FFluid Sneaker

Especially the glossy neoprene won us over completely. Fendi presents itself skilfully sporty and sets an accent with the beloved chunky sneakers. Whether high top or low top – these shoes attract 100% of the attention. Did you already know? The inscription FENDI 41′ 50′ 11′ ‘N are the geo-coordinates of the headquarters in Rome.

Accessories: eyewear, bags, belts & wallets

Whether wallets, belts, glasses, scarves or caps – Fendi got you! The offer ranges from creative and extraordinary to simple and elegant. Whether the FF logo has you under its spell, or you want to add an accent to your outfit, Fendi has the right accessories ready. What do you really think about oversize eyewear? Fendi’s eyewear lines include both prescription and sunglasses, and the designs are exceptional.

The Fendi Eyewear campaign Fall Winter 2019 with actor, musician and model Rob Raco shows him on a cool autumn day wearing various sunglasses in an old Mercedes Benz. The iconic sunglasses have the FF logo on the temples, and he also wears different models, for example in transparent or opaque from the outside. The Fendi accessories are already a small investment, as most designer items are, because they are in the upper price range. But even just once lying by the pool, with large Fendi shades on your nose, the sun on your face and a glass of Lillet in your hand? A dream.

Watches: about Fendimania & Momento Fendi

Timeless designs and real eye-catchers – different collections ensure that there is something for everyone. Fine, noble and small or cheeky, refined and versatile; since the late 80s Fendi has been delighting young and old with incomparable watch designs. Both women and men will find what they are looking for at Fendi. And whether you’re looking for a discreet watch that only reveals at second glance that it’s not just a simple bracelet, or you want to make a statement – Fendi has everything you can only dream of.

We have chosen the campaign for the Fendi Timepieces collection, because it meets the current Fendi style one hundred percent. This collection is characterized by classic designs, but it convinces especially with extraordinary details. Do you also have a weakness for the stylish combination of gold and silver? Have a look at the campaign here.

Outlet: Fendi at reasonable prices ?

Fendi at reasonable prices? From brands like Nike, Fila & Co. you know it, the typical stock sale. But is there also Fendi at lower prices in the outlet store? You will never find an outlet store from Fendi itself. But there are many shops that offer different brands. In these stores, you can usually find older pieces that can no longer be sold in high-end boutiques because the season is over. In these stores you will not only find Fendi, but also bags, belts, school and much more for men and women from brands like Fendi, Givency but also Prada and Gucci.

Casa: Italian luxury interior design from Milan

Since 1989, Fendi has been taking over the world of interior design, inspiring not only Italy, but the whole world. Are you interested in interior design? Here you can find out all about Milan Designer Week and Fendi Casa.