Vinted: Push your wallet with the Vinatage app

Have you fallen in love with an item of clothing that’s sold out? Or you are looking for branded clothes and vintage treasures? Then you’ve probably heard of Vinted. Find out how to sell your clothes or find new treasures and much more in this post. The app is also suitable for IOS and Android.

Secondhand and Vinted: simply explained!

The app Vinted is one of the most popular and largest second-hand apps when it comes to clothing, strollers or interior. Not only can you buy branded or vintage clothing, but you can also sell from the comfort of your own home. Moreover, the second-hand community has recently grown and now counts 37 million members because, Kleiderkreisel and Mamikreisel are now Vinted. You can find the app in almost every app store. Of course, you can also buy and sell items through the website, but the app gives you easy access and a great overview.

Purchase & sale of clothing & co.

How does buying and selling at Vinted actually work? Of course, you should always be a bit more careful on the internet and inform yourself in advance. To prepare you for your first purchase or sale, we will show you how to set up a Vinted account, how to find new treasures and how the transaction works after the purchase.

How does the registration process work?

Selling or buying at Vinted is very easy and super fast. How does it all work? You can register with Vinted through various ways:

  • Using your Google Account or Apple ID
  • By email
  • About Facebook

Important: Only one account is allowed!

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Find new treasures on Vinted!

Then you can start searching for new treasures directly via “Search articles”. The catalog option offers you a precise search query. When selling, there are great tips for selling your clothes and co. You have your first purchase request? There are two payment options for the buyer:

  • About credit card
  • As well as online banking/immediate bank transfer

Why isn’t my money here?

The money for your sold item stays on your “wallet” for the time being. You will receive the money after the shipment. The buyer has to confirm the receipt of the goods. As soon as this happens, you can debit your money to your account. The buyer pays a flat rate of 0.70 cents and 5% of the purchase price for this protection.

  • Transaction protection costs 70 cents plus 5% of the purchase price
  • As soon as the customer confirms receipt of the goods, you will receive your money.

What am I actually allowed to sell?

At Vinted, you can sell anything from a bikini to a stroller. The only thing you have to watch out for is that Vinted has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to counterfeits. Imitations, replicas, and plagiarism are prohibited as they violate Vinted’s policies. When uploading a branded item, make sure you have proof of authenticity e.g. photo of label. What happens to uploaded counterfeits?

  • uploaded fakes will be deleted and the member will be warned
  • in case of repeated violations the account will be permanently removed
  • Counterfeits are permanently deleted from the catalogue
  • in case of suspicion of falsification your article will be made invisible until you upload a proof of authenticity

Tips & Tricks: successful selling!

How do you actually sell properly? The competition is big and the market is diverse. So how do you post articles, what do you have to pay attention to in the photos and how do you upload your first article? We’ll show you step by step how to turn your old clothes into cash, what tricks you can use to get more clicks and how to rate users.

How do I take advantageous photos?

You can start directly as soon as you have registered. To sell your clothes, we start with the photos. To earn your first money, you need to take pictures of your items. The best way to do this is by taking pictures of yourself wearing the item and creating an outfit around it. Of course, only if the article still fits. Good lighting for the photos is also important so that the buyer can see the garment as realistically as possible. Once the photos are taken, you can upload your item directly.

  • Wear photos (create outfit)
  • Good light
  • Add detailed photos

Upload your first article!

To maximize your chances of selling, you need to pay attention to details. An accurate description of the item is very important. Always describe your items accurately to avoid misunderstandings and to highlight special features. To give your customers an even better orientation, you can measure the garment and indicate your body and clothing size. Hashtags give you a wider reach, so always include them when they match the item. Never set your prices too high and look for similar items in the same condition online.

  • Enter your body and clothing size
  • Measure exact dimensions
  • Highlight damage or special features
  • Use hashtags

How do I push my articles?

If you want to sell your item even faster, you can push your item for a small fee. To do so, click on the button “Push Article”. If you want to highlight your account to increase your number of followers, Vinted offers you the option “Best Matches”. This will push your account for 7 days for 6,95 €. Pushing allows you to reach the right members.

  • Article Push (3days cost 1,15 € and 7days 1.95)
  • Best Matches (7 days for €6.95)

How do I rate a user?

At Vinted, you can leave a review for another user after a purchase or sale. Always rate honestly and constructively, so you build trust in the community.

Is there a Vinted community?

In the members’ forum you can discuss many different topics with the colorful and diverse Vinted community. There are different topics around love, relationships, clothes etc. But also helpful tips and information around Vinted, or for example how to get the most annoying stain out of your favorite sweater.


The Vinted app is a great option for those who want to save and earn money. With the new tips, you are guaranteed to sell successfully and safely! I have had many positive experiences with the app and whether buying or selling, I would recommend Vinted to my friends. So try it out for yourself, put your first garment online and make some extra money!

You want to sell more: Ebay & Vestiaire

Want to learn more about ReBuy and get to know more apps? We’ll introduce you to Ebay Classifieds and Vestiaire Collective. On both portals, you can post used clothing or find new treasures, similar to Vindet.

Ebay Classifieds: Fashion, Insider Tips, Buy & Sell

The eBay Classifieds app is becoming more and more popular. This is due on the one hand to the simple and straightforward operation, but above all to the reach of over 30 million users throughout Germany. This makes eBay Kleinanzeigen one of the most popular apps in Germany. The gigantic online flea market, as eBay Kleinanzeigen calls itself, is basically designed in a rather old-fashioned way and differs significantly from the usual second-hand shopping on the Internet. The visual design of the app is very simple and the app is very easy to use both mobile and desktop. The individual categories and filters can be selected. You can also set the radius yourself if you want to pick up the items yourself.

  • Ebay Classifieds

Vestiaire Collective

The app is very well known in the second-hand community and is an integral part when it comes to luxury second-hand products. Here you can find brands that are currently trendy and already mostly sold out. Prada shoes, Jean-Paul-Gaultier and Chanel bags – who doesn’t dream of that? It’s also good to know that Vestiaire Collective only sells second-hand clothes, which are sold by private sellers on the platform. At Vestiaire Collective, you shop new trends and sell everything that is no longer worn by you. Vestiaire Collective has over 6 million users and 300,000 items.