The Online Shop Nakd- stylish, modern and popular

Today I came across the online shop Nakd. I’ve seen clothes from the shop on Instagram or from friends before and noticed how popular the brand is at the moment. Since our agency is currently planning a music video shoot, for which we need really cool clothes, I have looked at the site once. And what can I say, I have found exactly what I was looking for and in addition much more than actually necessary would have been.

Nakd impresses with a huge selection

When I go to the site I expect a small and clear selection of articles, because the company has only been in the industry since 2015, but thousands of garments and accessories are streaming towards me. At first I don’t know where to start but with the different filter functions I can quickly find my way around again and start shopping. There are T-shirts in the most different variations. Simple, with small details or with large prints, you can find everything. Sweaters, trousers, dresses, accessories are available in all designs, colours and cuts. So no matter if I am looking for something for an eye-catching music video shoot, for a chic event or just an outfit for my normal everyday life, I will definitely find it. The online shop sells its own designs, so its own Make Nakd but also works with many other brands. For example, the trend brands Calvin Klein, Fila or Cheap Monday can be ordered via the site. This only makes the selection even larger and more varied. Also good, I think that almost all parts are available in the sizes XXS-XL, so that everyone can find the right one for himself.

The latest fashion trends are sold

Nakd knows the top trends of the fashion industry and knows exactly what is modern. This is reflected in their designs. In the new autumn collection, for example, there are many articles with the popular animal print, which is considered the top autumn trend for 2018. You can buy coats, dresses, sweaters and so on in leopard pattern. Those who prefer the zebraprint will find trousers and sweaters and who would like to try the looks in snake look this year will also find a large selection. Already all summer long there are T-shirts with meaningful statement or logo imprint, these T-shirts are since beginning 2018 not only on the street but even on big fashion shows and with the stars mega popular and experienced this season its high point. Of course, you’ll also find simple basics that you can combine with the eye-catching statements. Because this year the fashion world is all about attracting attention. The colours are bright, the patterns striking and the cuts daring. It glitters and shimmers in all colours. Nakd wants to show her followers what it means to be unique and to stand out from the crowd. But even if you don’t feel like it and prefer simple clothes, you have a huge choice.

Shop the Instagram Styles – NA-KD

There’s a cool feature on the online shop page that I haven’t seen before. You can easily shop for Instagram Styles. Just go to the Shoppe option on the Instgrams styles page of the Nakd online store and you will see different Instagram posts. If one clicks on a post, one is led directly on the suitable product, which is watched on the Beitag. A really good idea! Because who doesn’t know it when you fall in love with a piece of Instagram clothing but have no idea where to get it from? I also find it very inspiring to see how others combine and style the sweater, skirt or dress.

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