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Winter vacation on the North Sea coast – There is no bad weather, only unsuitable clothing

Winter vacation at the North Sea – The German North Sea coast is an exciting vacation destination all year round. Where holidaymakers relax in a beach chair and enjoy the sun in the summer, in the winter you’ll see weather-beaten walkers letting the rough wind blow in their faces. It’s crucial to wear the right […]

Vegan Fashion Brands: Women x Men – Fashion by Avesu, Bleed Clothing & Stella McCartney

Vegan fashion – But why? More and more people attach importance to sustainability, fair trade and animal welfare. Everyone knows: vegan nutrition is trendy. But for many people “vegan” means more than nutrition, namely a whole lifestyle, which also includes the topic of fashion. Vegan clothing is exactly for this a good alternative to conventional […]

Fairtrade Brands: Women x Men – Fashion by Acne Studios, Stella McCartney & Bleed Clothing

Fairtrade clothing – clothing is fairly produced if the producers who make it act in a self-determined manner, have basic rights, can live from their work and if no health damage is caused by the work. The clothing must be ecologically produced, which means that sustainable materials such as Tencel or organic cotton must be […]

Esprit Videos: About You, Sports, Opening Ceremony & Co.

Esprit Videos-Esprit is known for its stylish and affordable women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing. But Esprit is so much more than that, because besides everyday clothes,the brand also includes sportswear and home accessorieslike rugs and blankets . Here you get to see the latest campaigns and can also watch the great About You fashion show. […]

Balenciaga: Sneakers, Bags & Hoodies

Balenciaga – Probably one of the oldest high-end fashion brands. The Parisian fashion house Balenciaga has experienced many ups and downs throughout its history, but has fought its way to the top. In this article, you’ll find an overview of the house of Balenciaga, from its history to the brand’s box office hits. Check out […]

Vinted: Push your wallet with the Vinatage app

Have you fallen in love with an item of clothing that’s sold out? Or you are looking for branded clothes and vintage treasures? Then you’ve probably heard of Vinted. Find out how to sell your clothes or find new treasures and much more in this post. The app is also suitable for IOS and Android. […]

Interview with Angelina Lilienne: Keys to success, inspiration & helpful nutrition tips.

Angelina Werner, who is known on Instagram as Angelina Lilienne, regularly serves her followers with outfit inspirations, sports and nutrition tips and always stays true to herself. Balanced diet, regular exercise, beautiful style – all that represents the beauty! Despite everything, it is important to her to keep her private life as private as possible […]

Itsbabyshelly_ Interview: TikTok, Friends & Co.

TikTok reaches more and more people every day. You can find all kinds of content on the platform and today we took a close look at TikToker Shelly (@itsbabyshelly_). She’s only 20 years old and has been dreaming of using her humor to make as many people laugh as possible every day. Today she tells […]

Bottega Veneta: shoes, bags and leather goods in minimalist design

Bottega Veneta – Shoes, bags & leather goods follow clothing. Not so with Bottega Veneta. The fashion house starts with leather goods in the form of shoes and bags before venturing into the world of clothing. The original masterful craftsmanship in leather has been preserved to this day. Added to this is a no less […]

Fashion brands: Chanel, Givenchy, Hermès, Prada & Co – List (Men & Women)

Fashion brands – The popular Burberry trench coat. The famous little black dress. The classic Chanel Suit or the wicked Slip Dress by Calvin Klein. Who doesn’t know them? With their extravagant designs and innovative fabrics, the great fashion brands of the world make the hearts of many a fashion lover beat faster with every […]

Balenciaga: From innovative evening gowns to stylish shoes, hoodies and bags

Balenciaga – Who hears the name of the label probably thinks directly of fancy sneakers for men and women. In fact, however, there is much more behind the Parisian fashion label. Whether fashion collections, accessories, fragrances or bags – extravagant fashion lovers get their money’s worth here. The company was founded in 1917 by Cristóbal […]

Luxury brands – Gucci, Chanel, Burberry & Co.

Clothes make the man. The dress code should not only play a role at business meetings or big parties. Women can also dress fashionably in everyday life. In 2019, the strict business look will disappear. Big brands like Versage and Gucci can be combined in a cool and casual way. With selected Accessorize and the […]

Photoshooting – tips for outfits, clothes, accessories for the perfect preparation

For a photo shoot a model has to prepare herself accordingly and follow some tips. The model business is a serious and not at all easy job, even though many critics have no idea of the tension and effort in the business. On top of that, models must be punctual and reliable, flexible and easy […]

Urban Outfitters: Furniture, Accessories & Co.

Urban Outfitters – no other brand embodies the lifestyle of young girls and boys from the big cities of this world so authentically. Urban, as it says in the name, is the program. The stores of the American chain characterize the shopping miles of the metropolises of this world. Berlin, London, Paris, Milan, Hamburg etc.. […]

Basics are boring? No way! Combined with these trends they become real eye-catchers!

There are a few classic pieces of clothing that no wardrobe should be without. Basics are the be-all and end-all for every day. You can combine them as you like and with just a few pieces you have many different looks. These all-rounders can then also be combined great with the current trends 2018. Find […]

Your holiday can start while packing your suitcase: So everything fits and remains wrinkle-free

The beginning of the annual holiday is approaching. Just the right time to deal with travel preparations such as packing a suitcase. Two questions are in the foreground: What belongs in the suitcase? How do I store the luggage as effectively as gently? We want to give you tips and suggestions on the most important […]