Winter vacation on the North Sea coast – There is no bad weather, only unsuitable clothing

Winter vacation at the North Sea – The German North Sea coast is an exciting vacation destination all year round. Where holidaymakers relax in a beach chair and enjoy the sun in the summer, in the winter you’ll see weather-beaten walkers letting the rough wind blow in their faces. It’s crucial to wear the right clothes to stay warm and dry in the cool breeze and rain. The optimal weatherproof clothing is often not easy to find. We have summarized the biggest must-haves and essentials for you here! Read here everything about weatherproof clothing for your next winter vacation at the North Sea.

Winter vacation at the North Sea

The North Sea is known for its balanced climate and windy storms. Both in summer and winter, people are drawn here to the idyllic landscape of the Wadden Sea. As the name suggests, the North Sea is located at the uppermost tip of Germany and has a lot to offer with its numerous islands. Whether as a family with children, as a couple or alone to relax – the North Sea is always a great place to travel.

Here is a brief overview of the North Sea:

Lukinski Villas

Germany - Spain - USA

Here is a glimpse of the beach to take a long, extended walk:

The be-all and end-all: a suitable headgear

Through the unprotected head, you lose a lot of heat in the winter. Once the head and especially the ears have been exposed to the cold for some time, it is difficult to get warm again. In addition to the outside temperature, wind and rain or snow also play a major role. Especially on the stormy North Sea coast, the right headgear is therefore crucial in winter for your well-being during long walks. On the beach or on the dike, you are completely at the mercy of the weather. A thick wool hat that also covers the ears and forehead is the best choice, especially in strong winds. Those who like it a little more elegant are also well served with a hat.

A wide selection of different hats can also be found online, such as at Hutshopping. Hats made of weather-resistant materials are particularly suitable for winter. Felt, wool or leather have wind- and water-repellent properties and keep the wearer’s head warm and dry.

What is particularly suitable headgear for the stormy climate?

  • Woolen cap
  • Hat from felt, wool or leather
  • Hood

Hats for a warm head: the right size

Those who do not have much experience with buying hats should determine their exact hat size before ordering. This is especially important so that the hat fits well, does not constrict and does not fly off at the first gust of wind. The hat size is determined by the circumference of the head. This is best measured with a tape measure in front of the mirror. The tape measure is placed around the middle of the back of the head, about one centimeter above the ears and down to the forehead. A circumference of 52 centimeters corresponds approximately to the worldwide valid size XS, a circumference of 61 centimeters is already an XL.

Here in a nutshell the instructions on how to measure for the perfect fit of the hat:

  • Hat size results from head circumference
  • Measure with tape measure
  • Measuring tape is placed around the middle of the back of the head
  • Continue with a cm above the ears to the forehead

Also as video: How to measure

Here again a detailed guide on how to take your head circumference correctly.

Weatherproof clothing – nice alternatives to Frisian mink and rubber boots

Anyone who thinks of weatherproof clothing only in terms of bulky yellow rain jackets and rubber boots is mistaken. Water- and wind-repellent jackets and coats are now also available in elegant, modern designs. Different patterns, colors and materials ensure that even in winter you don’t have to wear the same look on the coast. Also rubber boots are not only available in green and blue. Even models with heels are available on the market. Of course, you can also walk on the beach with other waterproof winter boots, but the advantage of rubber boots is that they are not only waterproof, but also very easy to clean.

The packing list for the winter is of course somewhat different from the well-known summer packing list for the North Sea vacation. However, some elements can be safely adopted. While the sand toys can stay at home, you should still pack the swimwear. Even if swimming in the sea in winter is only for the hardy, the spas and indoor pools are a great way to warm up after a long walk.

What is a must for the winter vacation?

  • Rain jackets
  • Lined jackets
  • Rubber boots
  • Headgear like hat or cap

The winter at the North Sea: what is it really like

Here we have some interesting videos on the subject. Sea in winter? No problem! Find out here what you need to look out for on your next winter trip to the North Sea.

Through the mudflats in winter

What is it really like to be exposed to the biting winds of the North Sea in winter? One thing is already quite clear: You should dress warmly and weatherproof.

Winter trip Sylt: North Sea island in winter

Experience the rugged nature of the North Sea up close here and join the journey before you prepare yourself for your next vacation!