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Baltic Sea or North Sea – A vacation at the coast is for many people the epitome of relaxation and recreation! Germany offers two beautiful coastal regions to choose from: the North Sea in the north-west and the Baltic Sea in the north-east of the country. But which coast fits best to your ideas of the perfect vacation? Should it be a camping adventure or do you prefer a comfortable vacation home? In this article, we compare the two coasts and present different ways of spending your vacation there.

The North Sea: Robust and Refreshing

The North Sea is known for its rugged beauty and impressive landscape. Here you will find wide sandy beaches, high dunes and a unique tidal landscape. The North Sea offers a refreshing sea climate that is ideal for long walks on the beach and water sports activities. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of a North Sea vacation:

Advantages: More nature than North Sea

  • Nature experience: The North Sea inspires with its untouched nature. You can go on long hikes in the national parks, observe the wildlife and enjoy the fresh sea air.
  • Waves and tides: The strong tides of the North Sea offer a fascinating natural spectacle. You can go on mudflat walks and experience the ebb and flow of the tide up close.
  • Fresh fish: The North Sea is known for its excellent fish. Be sure to try the regional specialties such as fish rolls and labskaus.

Disadvantages: More turbulent weather

  • Strong sea climate: The weather at the North Sea can be fickle, and the strong winds can be challenging if you are sensitive to wind.
  • Mosquitoes: In some regions, mosquitoes can be a nuisance in the summer. It is advisable to bring insect repellent.

The most beautiful beaches of the North Sea?

There are many beautiful beaches on the German North Sea coast. Here are some of the most famous:

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  1. Sylt: Westerland, Kampen, Wenningstedt-Braderup.
  2. Norderney: Main beach Norderney.
  3. Borkum: Main beach Borkum.
  4. Amrum: Wittdün, Nebel, Norddorf.
  5. St. Peter-Ording: Main beach St. Peter-Ording.
  6. Föhr: Wyk, Oevenum.
  7. Cuxhaven: Döse, Duhnen, Sahlenburg.
  8. Helgoland: Helgoland main beach.
  9. Wangerooge: Main beach Wangerooge.
  10. Butjadingen: Burhave, Eckwarderhörne.

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Camping on the North Sea

If you want to experience nature in all its glory, camping at the North Sea is a great option. There are numerous campsites right on the coast that offer you the opportunity to spend the night in the middle of nature. Pitch your tent or rent a caravan and enjoy the rustic camping ambience.

Vacation homes on the North Sea

If you are looking for more comfort, there are many cottages and apartments available. These offer not only protection from the elements, but also the possibility to spend cozy evenings by the fireplace.

Tip! North Sea in winter

Less tourist crowds and cheaper prices, the North Sea is worth a trip even in winter. What can you experience here? Discover our tips for your:

The Baltic Sea: Gentle and relaxing

The Baltic Sea coast presents itself with its mild and calm coastal climate as an ideal destination for recreation seekers and families. Here you can expect flat sandy beaches, crystal clear water and picturesque coastal towns. The Baltic Sea impresses with its gentle beauty and diverse range of leisure activities. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of a Baltic Sea vacation:

Advantages: Vacation with the family

  • Family friendly: The shallow beaches and calm waters of the Baltic Sea make it an ideal place for families with children.
  • Variety of activities: From water sports such as sailing and windsurfing to cycling along the coast, there are numerous recreational opportunities.
  • Historic cities: The Baltic coast is home to many historic cities, including Lübeck and Stralsund, which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Disadvantages: The right season

  • Tourist crowds: During the summer months, the Baltic coast can be very popular, and it can get crowded. If you are looking for peace and quiet, this may not be the best time to visit.
  • Less wild nature: Compared to the North Sea, the Baltic Sea offers less untouched nature and spectacular tidal landscapes.

The most beautiful beaches of the Baltic Sea?

Also on the German Baltic coast there are also many beautiful beaches and here are some of the most famous:

  1. Ruegen: Binz, Sellin, Göhren.
  2. Usedom: Heringsdorf, Bansin, Ahlbeck.
  3. Fehmarn: South beach Fehmarn.
  4. Timmendorfer Strand: Main beach Timmendorfer Strand.
  5. Kühlungsborn: Main beach Kühlungsborn.
  6. Heiligenhafen: Graswarder, Steinwarder.
  7. Darß: West beach Darß.
  8. Scharbeutz: Main beach Scharbeutz.
  9. Warnemünde: Warnemünde beach.
  10. Stralsund: Stralsund lido.

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Here you can see Rerik on the Baltic Sea:

Camping on the Baltic Sea

The Baltic Sea offers numerous campsites that are perfect for families. Here you can pitch your tent or rent a pitch for your caravan and enjoy the proximity to the beach.

Vacation homes on the Baltic Sea

If you are looking for more comfort and privacy, vacation homes on the Baltic Sea are an excellent choice. You can rent a cozy cottage right by the sea and enjoy the benefits of your own retreat.

Which coast is right for you?

The choice between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea depends on your personal preferences. If you love the rugged beauty of nature, strong tides and fresh fish, the North Sea is the perfect choice. Camping at the North Sea allows you to experience nature intensively.

If, on the other hand, you prefer a gentler coastal climate, flat beaches and a variety of recreational opportunities, the Baltic Sea is the right choice. Here you can enjoy a relaxing family vacation in a vacation home on the Baltic Sea.

Both coasts have their own charm and offer a unique vacation experience. Regardless of your choice, you will be able to experience unforgettable moments and relax in the best way on the German coast.

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Vacation on the Baltic Sea

The Baltic Sea coast, on the other hand, offers a rather mild and calm coastal climate. The Baltic Sea is famous for its shallow sandy beaches and calm, often crystal clear waters. This makes it an ideal place for family vacations and water sports activities such as sailing and swimming. The Baltic coast is rich in historic architecture and offers picturesque coastal towns with a relaxed atmosphere. Enjoy the diverse regional cuisine here and explore historical sights.

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