Vacation on Norderney: accommodations, sightseeing & beaches: vacation by the water

Holiday on Norderney: the East Frisian island of Norderney is considered the second largest of these islands, belongs to Lower Saxony and covers an area of 26.3 km². The island is 14 kilometres long and 2.5 kilometres wide. You can get there by car, ferry, train or even by plane. So plan your next holiday and spend some nice and relaxing days. Whether with the family, with your partner or maybe even alone. Norderney is ideal for a short trip and a holiday by the sea. Here you can find out everything you need to know for your planning!

How to get there: Car, train, ferry or plane

Norderney is located in the north of Germany and belongs to the state of Lower Saxony. You have a total of four ways to get to the island. Either by train, car, ferry or plane. So nothing stands in the way of your next holiday and you can start planning right away!

Ferry: fast crossing by ship

To get to the North Sea island of Norderney, the way across the sea is not circumventable. who wants to bring his own car or camper is forced to make the last stop by car ferry. Even those who travel by train from all over Germany have to take the ferry to Norderney to start their holiday on the island.

Car: flexible and uncomplicated

As the second largest of the North Sea islands, Norderney is not one of those where there are no cars. There is even a bus line that drives a round about the island. Who nevertheless would like to arrive with his own car or with a camper can do this of course. Thanks to the option of the car ferry, this is very uncomplicated. After leaving the motorway, one drives with the car directly to the sea in the north of the German mainland and then onto the ferry that takes one to Norderney. The whole trip takes about an hour and then allows you to drive directly to your destination.

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

Rail: easy and without hassle

Those who do not need a car on the island, or would rather rent one can also start the journey to Norderney by train. A comfortable and with few circumstances connected way to get to the North Sea island. But also here it will be necessary sooner or later to change trains at least once, because also here the ferry will take over the last transport.

Airplane: fastest way from everywhere

For those who do not want to take the ferry, or for whom the way from home to the far north is just too far, should think about maybe choosing the way of flying. Norderney has a small airport which can be easily reached by plane from any major airport in Germany. The way with the airplane is probably the easiest, since no change is necessary, but also the most polluting.

Climate, Weather & Average Temperature

The climate on Norderney is not particularly warm even in summer and due to the location directly on the water also relatively windy. The average temperature in summer is between 20 and 25 degrees. The annual precipitation on the island is above average compared to the rest of Germany, which is common on all North Sea islands.

Water temperature: warm temperature in summer

The water temperature reaches, as you would expect thanks to the German climate in the summer months between July and September with 20-23 degrees their maximum temperatures. So the water is quite suitable for swimming in these months. In winter, however, it is significantly cooler, but the cool water also means a particularly great climate on the island, which can be very relaxing especially for those who live in the city.

Winds: fresh breeze by the sea

The North Sea islands are known for their winds. The coastal climate is associated with strong and fresh winds that blow particularly strongly directly at the sea, i.e. on the beaches and dunes. With an average of 15 km/h the winds blow over the island and can also cause a sandstorm. The clean air is very appreciated by many tourists and is often the reason for the visits to the island, so a strong wind is of course an advantage, so that one can also take advantage of it.

Accommodation: camping or hotel?

When choosing your accommodation, you will be faced with the first decision, which you should have planned well before you arrive. You should think about whether you would prefer to cater for yourself or whether you would prefer to have a freshly cooked meal for every meal and your accommodation. The various options and differences between camping, apartment or holiday home and hotel are serious. We’ll help you compare the different options here to make your decision a little easier.

Camping with the whole family

On Norderney there are numerous campsites with a view of the sea or the Duhnen. Camping is compared to conventional accommodation usually a cheaper option and offers besides this advantage also a lot more adventure. Especially for children or teenagers camping is a very nice experience and a lot of fun. So think for yourself whether you prefer camping to a hotel on your next holiday.

Hotel & apartment: for families, by the sea & with pool

If a camping holiday is not for you, you can of course also rent a room in a hotel or a permanent accommodation. On Norderney there are many hotels directly by the sea, with pool or designed for families. You can also rent holiday homes, apartments, Airbnb’s or apartments. So there is something for every taste and in every price range!

The most beautiful places: white dune, planetary path & lighthouse

Norderney has many beautiful corners. Of course, there is not only the simple beach and the many dunes with their great plants to see, because the nature Norderney has much more to offer. Besides reserves for seals and the very special and protected dunes, where you can spend a wonderful day in the beach chairs, there are also extraordinary natural spectacles that tourists like to visit every year. Some of the special highlights of the island include the historic lighthouse and the windmill, which always attract many people.

White dune: white beach & the best restaurants

The white dune is not only a beach on Norderney, but also a very famous restaurant. The white dune or also called Ostbad stretches over the narrow eastern beach of the island and convinces especially with its beautiful view. The dune has very special white sand and unbelievably many plant species that one is used to from the North Sea. The associated restaurant is also very well known and popular all over the island. There are North Sea typical dishes, such as fish and crab rolls as a snack, or of course main courses for a wonderful lunch or dinner.

Planetary path: walk in the solar system

The planet path is a beach path and worth a walk on the beach in any case. It gets its name because of the many information boards, which should represent our solar system in the scale of 1.1 million. Thus, the hiking path starts with the sun and then leads once through the whole solar system. In total, you hike a little over an hour.

Lighthouse: special piece of the North Sea

The Norderney lighthouse has some special features and is therefore a very special piece of the North Sea, which you should not miss. A great excursion to do some sports and yet see something particularly beautiful. The top of the lighthouse is reached after a little more than 250 steps and lends a unique view over the island. It is the only lighthouse in the world under whose walls you can stand and also the only one of all North Sea lighthouses whose light turns to the left. Isn’t that something?

Here you can find the lighthouse. Explore the surroundings virtually!

Activities: Mudflat hiking, quad biking & horse riding

Especially for those who like to do a lot of sports, Norderney is a great island. There are many bike paths and great opportunities for extensive and beautiful beach walks. A mudflat hike is of course also a great way to keep moving a bit during your holiday or you can take part in the triathlon that takes place every year in the summer. Especially interesting for the younger holidaymakers are the adventurous quads that you can rent everywhere to get around and as a tour on the island. A guaranteed highlight of the holiday.

Horse riding: for all animal lovers

For the adventurous and sporty among you, horseback riding by the sea is certainly a unique and priceless experience. Whether you have ridden many times in your life or not, horseback riding tours on the island are an offer that is definitely worthwhile.

Quad biking: Action on the beach

There are a few different providers that offer guided Segway and Quad tours across the island. You drive about 1.5 hours with a leader over the island and can look at the exciting places. The Quads and Segways are of course driven alone and there is a detailed safety briefing before it starts, so that anyone who has never driven the whole thing from the beginning safely mastered and above all is ensured that no one can hurt himself or others.

Mudflat walk: ideal family holiday

Everyone knows them. Whether from the family holiday from childhood, or from a movie; The mudflat hike. Thanks to the strong ebb tide in the North Sea, it is possible to make a hike through the part of the island that is otherwise covered by the North Sea in a certain hourly cycle, which especially the inhabitants of the island know very well. Together with a cotton wool expert, one walks through the wet sand and learns a lot about the things that happen under the sea. Animals, plants and their behaviour are shown and explained in detail. Oh, to find amber is not rare during mudflat walks. But you should not go alone on the trip, because the tide is very dangerous and for non-experts often a surprise.

Beaches: bathing or dog beach?

What is the focus of a holiday on an island? Of course, the sea and the associated beaches. What would be a holiday at the North Sea, without the many great beach days that you want to experience. of course, you also want to have the perfect place on the beach. Be it in a rented beach chair, on a towel in the sun or under the beach shell you brought with you. But to find the perfect beach is not as easy as one often imagines, because some things have to be considered. For example, if you want to take your dog with you, you need to think in advance whether you are allowed to take him with you.

Sandy beach: white sand & beach chairs

There is definitely enough sandy beach on the North Sea island of Norderney. Beautiful white sand lies on all the beaches of the island. Especially the popular beach chairs make a trip to the beach so attractive. Although Norderney is the second largest island in Germany, it is still not too big. So there are not many activities that do not revolve around the great beach, which can be reached from anywhere in just a few minutes walk.

Come and see the beautiful beaches for yourself and explore the surrounding area!

Dog beach: perfect for four-legged friends

Dogs are very welcome on Norderney. This is also very important and there are many accommodations that allow overnight stays with dogs. Of course, excursions with dogs are also allowed on the beaches. However, leashing is compulsory on these beaches as well. However, walks with dogs are also permitted (also with a leash requirement) on all other beaches. The so-called “Schietbüdeln” are actually available everywhere on the island, so that nothing gets dirty. Because of course also here applies: The dirt of your dog you have to remove immediately, so that the island also remains nice and clean.