Camping with the family: with the children relaxed through Germany

Camping with the family – Nice weather and a few days off and you don’t have any vacation plans yet? No need to worry! Camping gives you a chance to really relax in the middle of nature, away from school, work and the household. The beauty of camping is that you can quickly and easily travel to a nearby campsite. This saves you hours of driving, even with younger kids. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head out into nature! You’re not alone either, because camping is very popular in Germany, with about 12 million camping enthusiasts every year, regardless of age. To help you plan your trip and avoid any obstacles, here are the most important questions and answers about camping with your family. Get ready for unforgettable adventures! Back to camping and roof tent here!

Adventure on vacation: Camping with children

The school vacations are coming up and you want to plan an exciting summer vacation for the whole family?

Camping! To make it easier for you, we met a camping expert (from Campwerk roof tents). Since she has several days, a week to do with camping, she can answer the most important questions about camping with the family.

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First, why would you go camping with kids?

FIV: Thank you for letting us meet for the interview. Campwerk is all about camping, because you sell roof tents, tent trailers and camping accessories. That’s why you know a lot about the subject. In your experience, why does it make sense to go camping with children?

Campwerk: Camping allows children to experience nature up close and develop their perception of the environment. It creates a sense of adventure and freedom by allowing them to have new experiences and develop their curiosity as well as creativity.

At the same time, camping allows the family to spend valuable time together away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It strengthens family bonds through shared activities and creates fond memories. Additionally, camping provides numerous learning opportunities for children where they can learn new things and build their confidence and problem solving skills. It also allows the entire family to have some welcome relaxation and you can all just chill out.

Here we have summarized it for you again, that’s why you should go camping:

  • Experience nature, promotes understanding of the environment
  • Adventure & freedom, good for new experiences
  • Family time makes you grow stronger together
  • Learning & development for the whole future life
  • Relaxation & deceleration: Just relax!

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Just read together – camping with kids!

Tips for the journey: How to make the journey!

FIV: Let’s start with the journey! Long car rides can be very exhausting, especially in sunny summer weather with the kids. How do I make sure that everyone reaches the campsite relaxed?

Campwerk: First of all, you should schedule regular breaks during the car ride so that the children can move around, go to the toilet and eat something. These breaks are important to avoid boredom and heat. You can also take a walk or have a picnic. Additionally, you should prepare entertainment for the ride, such as audio books, music, games, or movies. This will keep your kids busy during the ride and create a more pleasant atmosphere in the car.

Tip: With older children you can also try one of the FIV games:

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Camping: Select suitable for children

FIV: Once the family has arrived safely at the vacation destination, how do I find a suitable campsite?

Campwerk: For children, the campsite is quickly a whole new situation. Since things can quickly get hectic, you should stay calm and always keep an eye on the little ones. If you don’t pay attention, accidents and injuries can happen. Of course, if your kids are old enough, they can help with smaller tasks, like pitching the tent or gathering wood for the campfire. This will teach them practical skills for outdoor life.

My tip for keeping the kids busy when you need your rest or are busy with other campsite chores is to set up your own little play and craft zone for your kids at the campsite so they feel comfortable and have something to do. Pack games, books, toys and other activities for them to use.

Alternatively, you can find out about the children’s activities offered at the campsite and let your children take part in, for example, a children’s animation.

Employment at the campsite: craft & play corner!

Cozy place to sleep: test beforehand!

FIV: Even the most beautiful day at the campsite comes to an end. How do I provide a nice place for children to sleep?

Campwerk: First of all, you should make sure that your children find the sleeping bags, air mattresses or camping beds comfortable. You can also test this before the vacation. In addition, you should make sure that there are no loose cables or objects lying around, so that no one gets hurt at night. You can also give older children a flashlight so that they can go to the toilet at night.

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Clothing: Remember to bring a change of clothes!

FIV: The next morning, everyone has to get dressed, too. What should I look for when I pack the clothes for everyone?

Campwerk: Even in the most beautiful summer weather, you should also think about weatherproof clothing to protect your children from rain or cold in changing weather. Change of clothes is also especially important. Children who spend a lot of time in nature quickly get their clothes dirty or wet and then it is helpful if you have a few clean and dry things with you.

Cooking & Eating: Gas stove, grill & campfire

FIV: We are all dressed now. What is the best way to provide breakfast at the campsite?

Campwerk: Some campsites offer extra breakfast. This is a good alternative, if it should be too much for you to cook. But for a real camping experience you also need a camping stove. This can be a gas stove or a grill. Here you can prepare eggs, bacon but also vegetables. In addition, you should think of cereal, yogurt, fresh fruit, toast or rolls with different spreads. Older children can also help with cutting fruit, spreading the spreads or setting the table.

Of course, you can prepare all other meals of the day in the same way. In the evening it can be especially nice to roast marshmallows over the campfire. In general, you should always think about snacks. Children get hypoglycemic quickly when they’re running around all day, and it can also make car rides much more relaxing if you eat something in between.

These are the things you should take with you for a good breakfast at the campsite:

  • Eggs
  • Bacon
  • Vegetables
  • Muesli
  • Yogurt
  • Fruit
  • Toast
  • Roll
  • Spread
  • Marshmallows

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Activities: out into nature!

FIV: Breakfast will certainly be very tasty. One of the great advantages of camping is that the family can be out and about all day. What should I look out for when planning camping activities with children?

Campwerk: When you do something exciting in between, you consciously spend time with your children. This creates moments of bonding and exchange, away from normal everyday life.

Directly at the campsite, outdoor games such as Frisbee or ball games are especially good. But also in the surrounding area you can plan activities like hiking, biking, canoeing or swimming. Thereby the children get exercise and you can experience a little adventure together.

These are recommended activities to do on vacation:

  • Frisbee
  • Ball games
  • Hiking
  • Cycling
  • Canoeing
  • Swimming

Sun Protection: Sunscreen, Umbrella & Hat

FIV: If I travel a lot, I should also pay attention to sun protection. What is recommended here?

Campwerk: Don’t forget to bring sunscreen (sunscreen cream or oil), sun hats and umbrellas to protect yourself and your children from the sun. Make sure the sunscreen provides a high level of protection against UV rays. Apply sunscreen liberally, about 30 minutes before you go out in the sun. You should reapply every two hours or after swimming or heavy sweating. A sun hat or wide-brimmed cap can also help protect your face, ears and neck from direct sunlight.

You can find a guide for the right sunscreen here: Sunscreen for your skin type!

Safety: first-aid kit to protection from insects

FIV: We are now safe from the sun. What else should I pay attention to when camping with the whole family, so that everyone comes back from vacation unharmed?

Campwerk: In advance, you should always make sure that you have a cell phone with all the usual emergency numbers. These include, of course, 110 for the police and 112 for the fire department or ambulance, but also the number of the medical emergency service or the local coast guard can not hurt. For minor injuries and minor illnesses you should prepare a first-aid kit with plasters, wound disinfection, painkillers and fever remedies, fever thermometer, allergy tablets and diarrhea medication.

Against annoying insect bites in summer you can also take ointment or insect spray for skin and clothing. However, if in doubt, always go to the doctor before you treat something yourself.

With this packing list, you can quickly put together your emergency kit:

  • Plaster
  • Wound disinfection
  • Painkiller
  • Antipyretic
  • Clinical thermometer
  • Allergy tablets
  • Diarrhea remedy
  • Ointment for insect bites
  • Insect spray

Consideration: Other families & nature

FIV: Should the family still want to stay at the campsite for a day, what should I look out for?

Campwerk: At the campsite you should pay attention first of all to your neighbors, but also to the surrounding nature. Of course, it’s nice to choose a campsite where other families are also camping, so that your children have the opportunity to make new friends, but always make sure to treat each other with respect. Children should be quiet especially at quiet times. If the child is still too young for you to explain how to be considerate, better warn the neighbors.

In addition, a campsite is often kept very natural and this should be maintained. Teach your children beforehand to respect nature by showing them how to properly dispose of trash and take care of animals and plants.

FIV: That’s definitely good to know. Then thank you for the interview!

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