Cottage or camping in Denmark? Nature, camping & city trip

Denmark – The Scandinavian country north of Germany is often considered a bridge between Central and Northern Europe, and is currently more popular than ever. More and more tourists are enchanted and impressed by Denmark. Denmark stands for fresh sea air and open people, and decidedly good quality of life. Denmark is considered friendly, courteous and hospitable. There is much to see and much to experience: Copenhagen, a vibrant and exciting metropolis with a beautiful old town and plenty of shopping opportunities, charming and smaller towns for weekend trips, or natural places to relax and take a deep breath, perfect for hiking or camping. We have created a guide to Denmark for you, now nothing stands in the way of a vacation in beautiful Scandinavian Denmark!

Cottage or camping in Denmark?

Experience Denmark in a vacation home or camping with a roof tent or caravan?

Vacation home Camping
🏠 Privacy and comfort 🏕️ Closer to nature and sleep under the open sky
🏠 Fully equipped kitchens for self-catering 🏕️ Sense of community and social interaction with other campers.
🏠 Room for families and groups 🏕️ Often cheaper accommodation costs
🏠 Often located in picturesque surroundings 🏕️ access to camping facilities with showers, toilets and kitchens
🏠 Often with gardens or terraces for outdoor relaxation 🏕️ Possibility to explore different places and change accommodation
🏠 Opportunity to get to know the local culture and way of life 🏕️ Adventurous and nature experience
🏕️ Suitable for travelers with limited budget or backpackers

Either way, Denmark is all about recreation.

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Recreational nature in Denmark

The Scandinavian country of Denmark is known for its breathtaking nature. If you like nature, you are guaranteed relaxation and revitalization in Denmark, because there are several nature reserves where you can bring body and soul back into balance. For a nature vacation in Denmark, the best option is a vacation apartment, because this way you are free, flexible and have peace and quiet. Another and currently very popular option to enjoy nature in Denmark to the fullest is camping. Especially camping in a tent offers an incomparable adventure in Denmark.

Why Denmark? Relaxation and “Hygge

Denmark is famous for its concept of “hygge”. This word stands for coziness and relaxation. The atmosphere in the coastal towns and the typical Danish vacation homes radiates exactly this feeling. There is nothing like feeling the wind in your hair while walking along the beach and then stopping at a cozy café or your Danish vacation home and relaxing with a cup of coffee or tea. This relaxed way of life attracts many visitors who want to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Nature reserves Denmark

There are several small protected areas for wildlife and plants in Denmark, we present them to you!

Lille Vildmose

The nature reserve Lille Vildmose in Denmark invites for hiking because of the untouched nature. In Lille Vildmose you can observe the local wildlife excellently.


The Tystrup-Bavelse nature reserve stretches around the Tystrup and Bavelse lakes. In the popular nature park you can even see sea eagles. In summer, the lakes of the nature park invite you to swim.

Kallesmaersk Hede

Kallesmaersk Hede is perfect for a summer swimming vacation. In addition, Kallesmaersk Hede invites you to discover the Danish heath landscape and observe the numerous bird species.

Nekselö island

The island of Nekselö is located off the northwest coast. The hallmark of the island are the pine trees which are wind scatterers. Several rare plants and animals are at home on the island of Nekselö.


Vejlerne is a bird sanctuary that you are not allowed to enter directly, but there are numerous dams and observation towers on the edge of the Vejlerne sanctuary that provide glimpses of the untouched birdlife.

Especially in Denmark camping with the family is an incomparable adventure. Roof tent from Campwerk.

Camping in Denmark – Close to Nature & Free

A very natural and adventurous way to spend a relaxing stay in Denmark is camping. In Denmark there are many camping regions and campsites that invite you to camp and convince passionate campers with nature. Camping allows you to be flexible, because you can organize your day as you want, among other things, eat when you want, or just enjoy the “being free”.

Camping is individual, simple and close to nature. Denmark is a great place for camping, because there are beautiful nature reserves. FIV Magazine has selected the best campsites in Scandinavian Denmark for you. Now nothing stands in the way of a relaxing stay in Denmark!

Fancy camping? Read more about camping in a tent here.

Top 10 campsites

  1. Skiveren Camping
  2. Tranum Klit Camping
  3. Hvidbjerg Strand Feriepark
  4. Skovlund Camping Middelfart
  5. Bornholm FamilyCamping
  6. Henne Strand Camping
  7. Skalereden Camping
  8. Hedebo beach camping
  9. Neck beach camping
  10. Gammelbro Camping


Copenhagen – Highlights, Culture & Good Food

The beautiful capital of Denmark is a recommended destination for a day trip or weekend trip, as it has a lot to offer! The former fishing village offers everything you could want from a successful city trip in terms of sightseeing, dining and leisure.

Sightseeing: Sights & Attractions

Probably the most famous landmark in Copenhagen is the Little Mermaid. The tourist attraction is located at the Langelinie Pier and is with a height of only 125 cm the smallest landmark in the world. So when they are in Copenhagen, they should definitely make a short trip to the little mermaid! For fun and games for the whole family, the amusement park “Tivoli” in downtown Copenhagen. A variety of roller coasters, rides but also concerts, ensure an eventful day!

Tivoli is one of the oldest amusement parks in the world, and its fairy-tale ambience invites several million visitors every year. Another item that should be on your bucket list when you come to Copenhagen is the bustling downtown area known as Strøget. With a variety of stores, vintage stores and department stores, the popular pedestrian zone is one of the largest shopping areas in Europe. Our last recommendation for your day program in Copenhagen is “Nyhavn”, the heart of the city!

The beautiful colorful gabled houses that line the harbor serve as a meeting place for many residents and tourists. In cozy cafes, unique restaurants and charming bars, all the people of the world come together and enjoy the harmonious flair. Whether culture, shopping, leisure or food – the Danish capital scores in all categories! Here we have once again summarized the most important places to go:

  1. The Little Mermaid.
  2. Tivoli amusement park
  3. Strøget
  4. Nyhavn

Restaurants: culinary, traditional & delicious

If you wanted to eat out in Copenhagen, we have special tips and recommendations for you! Copenhagen is not only suitable for sightseeing, but also has a lot to offer culinary! Even if it is not particularly cheap to eat in Copenhagen, it is worth it to dig a little deeper into your pocket! Street food like hotdogs, smørrebrød and broens gadekøkken are a must, but you’ll only get a real piece of Denmark when you sit down in one of the unique, quaint restaurants. What we also noticed is that street food in Denmark is very different from street food in LA. Read a little more about street food in Los Angeles here.

Very popular among Copenhageners is the restaurant “Radio”, which is highly recommended especially for gourmet eaters. Using seasonal ingredients, the kitchen will whip you up a tasty dish from their frequently changing menu. The wooden-walled restaurant also shines with its cozy, homey atmosphere and friendly ambiance. Another tip from us, is the restaurant “Døp”, which is known for its hot dogs. The typical dish, is a staple of Danish cuisine and can be specialized at Døp with spices such as garlic, rosemary, rosehip or parsley.

All hotdog fans should make a quick stop here and get ready for a taste explosion. For the Mediterranean taste, the “Gorilla” should be visited. The restaurant consists of a restaurant and a bar and offers everything your heart desires. Small portions are served, which contain a Mediterranean mixture of meat, fish and vegetables. Those who prefer Asian food should pay a visit to the “Great China”.

With traditional Chinese food and an inviting atmosphere, this charming restaurant attracts its visitors. Although there are also questionable and for us unfamiliar dishes, those who are willing to experiment should not miss the common Chinese cuisine around pig’s ears and stomachs. Here we have again compiled our top 4 restaurants:

  1. Radio
  2. Døp
  3. Gorilla
  4. Great China

Weather Denmark: Temperature & Trend

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Denmark: Questions & Answers

Where is the most beautiful place in Denmark?

One of the most popular vacation regions is Bjerregaard at the southern end of the Danish headland.

Can you pay with Euro in Denmark?

In some tourist areas it is possible to pay in euros, but the change will be returned in Danish kroner.

Where is the most beautiful beach in Denmark?

The beach in Sondervig is one of the most beautiful and popular places for tourists to visit.

Where is it warmest in Denmark?

The warmest area in Denmark is the island of Bornholm.

How much does alcohol cost in Denmark?

Alcohol in Denmark is relatively expensive. A bottle of beer, wine or spirits costs about 60-65% more than in Germany.