Denmark Insider Tips! Family, child, beach & more! Jørgen Laustsen in interview

Denmark – Dive with us into the world of Denmark, between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, accompanied by our expert Jørgen Laustsen(Feline)! In this talk we will explore the unique facets of this enchanting country. Denmark, characterized by breathtaking nature, warm people and a rich history, has so much to offer. Let’s explore Denmark’s picturesque coastlines, cultural diversity and culinary highlights together as Jørgen (a Dane himself) shares his deep insights. Good food, beautiful vacation homes and a lot of nature between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea: Welcome to Denmark!

Why many love Denmark as a vacation destination

FIV: What do you think makes Denmark such an attractive destination for vacationers?

Feline: Nature, especially the long coastline and the seas. Denmark is a small country, about 5000 km² smaller than Lower Saxony, but still has 7000 km of coastline, most of which are sandy beaches. You never feel cramped, as there are fewer inhabitants in Denmark (5.8 million) than in Bremen (6.6 million).

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There are very different beaches. On the North Sea coast you can find many beautiful beaches, but also a sea that you have to respect especially. On calm, sunny days it is nice to refresh yourself in the water, but if the sea is choppy and the waves are too big, you should not swim. On the other hand, you can enjoy the view from the beach.

Vacation with family, dog & Co.

On the east coast of Jutland and on the islands, the sea is much calmer and therefore particularly suitable for families with small children. There are more than 500 dog parks, and there is usually no leash requirement on the beaches from October to March. There are many opportunities for fishing.

Danes love strawberries with cream; the red berries are sold all over Denmark, often as self-service at farm stores. This is a delicacy that you should definitely try.

Flea markets are almost a kind of national sport in Denmark; they are almost everywhere and you can easily spend a few hours there. Maybe you find something, maybe not, but the search is a lot of fun.

In the larger cities and especially in the market towns there are very “hyggelige” town centers that offer a combination of cultural experiences, shopping and interesting buildings.

The most beautiful regions

FIV: Which regions in Denmark would you recommend for different types of travelers, for example families, nature lovers or culture lovers?

The most beautiful places for … Families & Kids

Feline: Depending on the age of the children: for young children East Jutland and the islands are suitable, because here they have many opportunities for fun in the water. When the children are older, the North Sea coast offers many opportunities and even bigger beaches.

The most beautiful places for … Nature lovers

Feline: The most beautiful is…

If you like to be near the sea, it doesn’t really matter much where you are in Denmark!

Most Germans vacationing in Denmark are on the route from Rømø to Søndervig. Although Ringkøbing Fjord and the Tipperne nature area offer great nature experiences, Denmark has much more to offer. North of the Limfjord, the landscape changes significantly. Sand dunes are much more prominent here, and the old fishing towns are a truly “hyggelig” experience.

Råbjerg Mile, a wandering dune; for children a huge sandbox. At the tip of Jutland two seas meet; a walk (or a tractor ride) is a very special experience. The view at the tip is unique. Often you can see seals in the water and on the beach.

The most beautiful places for … Culture lovers

Feline: Although I was born and raised on Fyn and therefore may be biased, I recommend the combination of Odense (Art Museum, Brandts, HCA Museum and House) and the coastal market towns (Svendborg, Faaborg, Bogense, Middelfart, Nyborg, Assens and Kerteminde) on Langeland (Rudkøbing) and on Ærø (Rudkøbing and Marstal). There are a variety of cultural experiences here. The distances are short, so you can experience a lot in a few days. As a bonus, you cross beautiful and varied landscapes and at the end, with the exception of Odense, you are always by the sea.

Vacation homes in Denmark

FIV: What advantages do you see in booking a vacation home in Denmark compared to other types of accommodation?

Feline: The freedom and large space, private terrace, barbecue facilities (hot dogs, another Danish specialty). Often there is a fenced property, which means that dogs can run free and children can play in the garden without worrying. There are no parking problems, as there is always room for several cars. The possibility of vacationing with grandparents or friends under one roof.

FIV: What tips do you have for first-time travelers looking to book a vacation home in Denmark?

Feline: Of course, the time of year plays a big role – but in general I recommend that you think about your requirements and wishes in advance. How many people are there, do you need a fenced property or not, or would you rather have a pool and sauna? From my own experience I can also say that if teenage girls are with you, you can never have too many bathrooms.

The most beautiful times of the year

FIV: Are there certain times of the year that you think are particularly recommended to visit Denmark?

Feline: Most Germans visit Denmark in the summer. This season is really beautiful in Denmark. The temperatures are very pleasant and are often between 20-25 degrees. When it gets warmer, the coasts are always easy to reach. As in Germany, the weather is unpredictable, but if it rains, you can easily find activities or sights indoors. The bright nights in summer are especially beautiful.

Spring, autumn and winter: Each season has its own charm!

Nature is changing and there are always great experiences to discover (cycling, hiking). You can actually say that the motto of the year is “Time for each other”.

FIV: What local activities or attractions near cottage locations in Denmark do you think travelers shouldn’t miss?

Feline: Of course, it depends on the location, but in general: beaches, hiking trails, bike paths, activities with dogs, local market towns, animal parks, museums and much more. Since the distances in Denmark are very short, as already mentioned, there are many possibilities to find the right offer.

Denmark past and present

FIV: What trends or changes in tourism to Denmark have you observed in recent years?

Feline: Many Danes rediscovered their own country during the pandemic and continue to vacation here. Another big change is the liberalization of cancellation terms; this is also a consequence of the pandemic. Today there are really short cancellation periods, often up to 45 days before arrival. In recent years we have also seen climatic events, such as the extremely high temperatures in southern Europe this year. When it is over 40-45 degrees Celsius and the sun is shining all day, it becomes too hot for some guests. I believe that in the future more guests will therefore choose more northern destinations, including Denmark.

Now another insider tip!

FIV: Do you have any personal insider tips or recommendations for travelers to make their Denmark experience even more special?

Feline: When I was a kid, my parents always vacationed in North Jutland, so it became a tradition. If I’m not there at least once a year, I feel like it wasn’t a “real vacation”. Later, I passed on my love for this part of Denmark to my daughters, and we often vacationed there together with my parents. It’s really great.

I started with Funen and I want to end with Funen. My insider tip for those who love the sea and the coast is that Fyn is the focus of Denmark for porpoises. There really is a large amount of them that you can watch from the coast; a great nature experience.

If you like fishing, the waters around Fyn offer really good opportunities, among other things, to catch sea trout.

Thank you very much!

We hope that you are as excited about the treasures of Denmark as we are. The enchanting nature, the rich culture and the warm people are waiting to be discovered by you. We wish you unforgettable adventures in Denmark! Thanks to our Denmark Local Expert Jørgen Laustsen from Feline!