The most beautiful hiking trails in Antalya: Lycian Way, Köprülü Canyon National Park, Kemer & more

Vacation in Turkey – Antalya in Turkey is particularly with German holiday-makers a popular destination. The diverse area is also suitable for hiking away from the classic club vacation or city tourism. The mild climate and the beautiful hiking trails offer the perfect place for active vacationers.

Vacation in Turkey

Every year, countless German tourists travel to the south. Many of them opt for a vacation in Turkey. Especially the region around Antalya is a popular destination. Not least because of the good flight connections, vacations there are very popular. Airlines such as Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa or Ryanair fly to the well-known vacation destination. Turkish airlines, such as Turkish Airlines are a popular choice, as they offer flights from all major German cities, such as Berlin and Hamburg. Thus, travelers can arrive at their destination within a few hours with a direct flight. Once arrived, a wide selection of hotels, family accommodations and Airbnb provide the best foundation for a relaxing vacation.

Antalya by the sea from above:

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5 hiking trails near Antalya

5 tips for your Antalya vacation:

  1. Lycian Way
  2. Köprülü Canyon National Park
  3. Kemer
  4. Kalkan to Patara beach
  5. Kurşunlu waterfall

Lycian Way

The most panoramic hike is the long-distance route on the Lycian Way. The 30 kilometers long route is one of the most popular routes in the whole Turkey and offers a unique view on the way from Adrasan, passing the lighthouse of Gelidonya. The historical path ends in Mavikent and is just right for active nature lovers. The best season for the hike is between June and August. However, for the trail you should definitely bring stamina. If you are traveling with your own campervan, you can easily complete the trip with several stops along the way.

  • 30 km long long distance hiking route in Turkey
  • Offers breathtaking views from Adrasan to Gelidonya Lighthouse
  • Best time for the hike: June to August, requires endurance


Köprülü Canyon National Park

Another fantastic route is located in Köprülü Canyon National Park. In the middle of the borders of Antalya province, the trail is considered one of the most popular among Turkish and foreign holidaymakers. The starting point of the hike is the natural houses of Perge, another attraction of the region. Along the nearby gorge, visitors hike past BüÄrüm Köprüsü and back again. The route is also suitable for less experienced hiking enthusiasts. Those who want to stay longer can stay overnight at the campsite of the national park. However, you should bring the appropriate equipment yourself.

  • Popular route in Antalya province
  • Starting point: Nature houses of Perge, nearby gorge with BüÄrüm Köprüsü
  • Suitable for less experienced hikers, camping facilities available, own equipment required.


The Kemer – Kuzdere hiking trail is considered a moderately difficult route and is also appreciated by less experienced hikers. The path leads past historical buildings of the region. With a length of only 6.5 kilometers, the route is also ideal for families. Most of the time you move on forest paths and experience nature in its purest form.

Kalkan to Patara beach

Not to be underestimated is also the route from Kalkan to Patara beach. Passing various small villages along a nature trail, you eventually reach the beautiful Patara beach. The path is popular with travelers mainly because of its view of the sea. Starting as a city trail, one quickly reaches the coast and walks along it, climbing GelemiÅ to reach the beach afterwards via Patara’s sand dunes. With a length of about 16 kilometers, hikers also need some stamina here, the best time to explore the route is between May and September.

  • Popular route with a view of the sea
  • Starts in Kalkan, leads via nature trail to Patara beach
  • About 16 km long, best time between May and September, requires endurance

Kurşunlu waterfall

A short but impressive walk is offered by the area around the Kurşunlu Waterfall. Accompanied by the sounds of the waterfall and the diverse sounds of birds, you can enjoy the nature of Antalya. The short and family-friendly trail offers green trees and earthy paths. Locals also like to come here to relax and enjoy the tranquility.

Those who decide to travel to Antalya should, due to the large offer, consider making one or two excursions into nature in addition to the sights of the city and the planned beach vacation. The cheap flight offers also make it quite easy for those on short notice to get to the region quickly. When is your next vacation in Turkey?

  • Short impressive walk near KurÅunlu waterfall
  • Family friendly, surrounded by nature sounds and green trees
  • Ideal for relaxing nature experiences, also popular with locals