Esprit Videos: About You, Sports, Opening Ceremony & Co.

Esprit Videos-Esprit is known for its stylish and affordable women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing. But Esprit is so much more than that, because besides everyday clothes,the brand also includes sportswear and home accessorieslike rugs and blankets . Here you get to see the latest campaigns and can also watch the great About You fashion show.

Fashion shows: About You and Partner Days

Esprit’s collections are also laid on the catwalk to admire, such as at About You Fashion Week. In 2019, Esprit, in collaboration with A&A Qualitainment GbmbH, has even organized its own fashion show.

Fashion Show: About You

This year’s About You fashion show is themed “Freedom of Identity” and shows modern clothing that does not conform to any stereotypical gender norms. The message behind the show is that everyone should wear whatever they want and what suits their personality. Esprit is one of many brands presenting their collection at the show. Check out the stunning show now, which will be opened by Heidi Klum’s model daughter Leni Klum.

Fashion show: Partner Days

The models are beaming as they walk down the catwalk, which is something you’re not used to seeing in a fashion show. It is also special that several models can be seen on the catwalk at the same time and sometimes make dance-like movements. This shows very well that Esprit stands for lightness. The concept of the fashion show may be atypical, but fits very well Spirit of Esprit.

Commercials: “Reimagine Life” and “Reconnect

Like many other fashion brands, Esprit wants to become more environmentally friendly and sustainable. For example, 40% of its materials already come from sustainable sources, and Esprit also wants to be as climate-neutral as possible when sending pieces via its online store. The brand’s environmentally conscious spirit is also expressed in its latest commercials.

Campaign: “For the joy of positive living”.

The stars are Spanish actor and model Andrés Velencoso and German model Anna Schürrle. Andrés Velencoso was in front of the camera together with singer Jennifer Lopez for a Louis Vuitton campaign in 2003. He and Anna Schürrle are shown in this video beaming and in a good mood on the beach while wearing the sustainable collection. “Appreciate everything that makes you feel good. From the clothes you wear to the way you live your life,” the video reads. A great statement.

“Reconnect”: “Let’s Reconnect & Feel The Nature”.

The fall collection is inspired by Esprit’s love of nature with the aim to combine innovation and comfort as well as sustainability and style. This is exactly what is expressed very well in this commercial. “Let’s find joy in the nature around us,” it says, and the models in the video deliver exactly that message. They enjoy the sun’s rays while lying in the meadow and the fresh autumn breeze while rocking. Esprit’s cozy collection also simply invites you to take a nice autumn walk.

Sportswear: Esprit Sport

Esprit also designs great sportswear. The following commercial for the new Esprit Sport collection shows many young women of different skin colors and body types doing sports. They are just having fun together while trying different sports, including basketball and jumping rope. Esprit stands for freedom and feeling good that everyone can wear what they want. Esprit makes women from all over the world feel good.

Home accessories: Esprit Home

In addition to clothing and accessories, Esprit has its own “Home” line, which sells home textiles, furniture, lamps and wallpaper. So Esprit can cover all the important areas of life. You feel good all around in Esprit. You can check out the springtime Esprit Home campaign “Romantic Botanics” here. For the design of the featured wallpapers, pastel and delicate tones were used, for example white, pale blue and salmon pink. Just as delicate are the floral patterns, which were used to decorate the collection.

Collaboration: Esprit x OC

Esprit has already collaborated several times with the American brand “Opening Ceremony” and designed a collection. Just as Esprit pays attention to sustainability, Opening Ceremony deals with global problems. The collection shows the wild and young side of Esprit. Leopard prints and wild plaid patterns adorn each piece as if they were transported from the 80s and 90s to our time. “…This is Esprit by Opening Ceremony going off to college.” is how designer Humberto Leon describes the collaboration.

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