Urban Outfitters: Hipster, Vintage & Style confident

Urban Outfitters has no history like other fashion brands. In 1970, three college students came up with the idea of opening a retail store with the name: Free People. Instead of selling novelty goods, they offered used clothing, accessories and home furnishings. Their goal was to sell these items to other students in a comfortable and casual atmosphere. The Philadelphia store was doing well because they created something new that had never existed before. They tried to preserve the original character of the building of their store to offer their articles with the aim of creating a new and fresh ambience from the old. In 1976 the brand Free People was renamed Urban Outfitters.

Retro, individual and never mainstream – The motto of Urban Outfitters

Today, the brand radiates a hip flair that is supported by its characteristic retro style. The target group mainly includes young adults who find their lifestyle reflected in the clothes, accessories and home furnishings. However, there is not only one representing brand in their assortment nowadays, Urban Outfitters represents numerous well-known fashion labels from Adidas to Levis. The idea, which was born when the brand’s college students founded the brand, has not been lost to this day.

Although Urban Outfitters no longer offers second-hand goods, the selection of items and the personality of the brand have not changed. Express your own lifestyle” – the brand’s motto is reflected in the individual pieces of clothing. Urban Outfitters faces the daily challenge of not becoming mainstream, because that’s boring! Why walk around like everyone else when there’s no other way? Why not stand out and really wear what you are made of? The hipster label underlines this attraction for individuality.

What’s IN this fall at Urban Outfitters?

In general, many fashion brands are turning to beige and brown shades this fall. Urban Outfitters is also using many shades of beige, brown, green and blue this year to emphasize the coming fall. In addition to checkered shirts, colorful bell-bottoms, plain-colored fabric pants and cuddly fleece jackets are a real eye-catcher! Baggy trousers, oversized jackets and cropped t-shirts, that’s this year’s motto of Urban Outfitters.

Want to rummage around? Click here to visit the UO Online-Shop: https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/de-de/?ref=logo

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How to save money on your next purchase with UO Rewards

Did you know that as a member of Urban Outfitters you can earn points to get discounts? Not only by shopping, but also by writing a product review or even by browsing the website you can earn points. There are three levels in total that you can reach as a UO Rewards Member. It is clear that the highest level, the Gold level, promises the biggest promotions and discounts. You can even participate in exclusive competitions to win cool clothes or home accessories. Best of all, all you need to register for UO Rewards is your email address!

Do you want to become a member? https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/de-de/uo-rewards

Urban Outfitters and sustainable fashion? That’s what’s behind all this!

Urban Renewal Vintage – ever heard of it? The term refers to clothes that are either made of old clothing remnants, inspired vintage garments or even rescued from a discarded stock. Urban Outfitters uses them to either conjure something new out of them or to sell these unique pieces vintage. From men and women’s fashion, to jeans and jackets, Urban Renewal represents every category. Not only online, but also in most stores you can store the Renewable collection. Sustainable fashion is a good alternative, because it’s not only environmentally friendly, it also looks super cool!

Interested? Take a look: https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/de-de/vintage-clothing

The Top 5 garments from the Renewal collection for the fall

    1. Blue hoodie made from recycled fabrics: https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/de-de/shop/urban-renewal-remade-from-vintage-overdyed-bubble-hem-sweatshirt?category=PRODUCTTRAY&color=041&type=REGULAR&quantity=1
  1. Wide colorful flair trousers: https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/de-de/shop/urban-outfitters-archive-madras-checked-velvet-flare-trousers?category=PRODUCTTRAY&color=000&type=REGULAR&quantity=1
  2. blue/white dress: https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/de-de/shop/urban-outfitters-archive-navy-floral-lottie-dress?category=PRODUCTTRAY&color=041&type=REGULAR&quantity=1
  3. crooped shirt: https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/de-de/shop/urban-renewal-remade-from-vintage-navy-spell-out-bubble-hem-t-shirt?category=PRODUCTTRAY&color=041&type=REGULAR&quantity=1
  4. suit trousers in beige: https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/de-de/shop/urban-outfitters-archive-puddle-trousers2?category=PRODUCTTRAY&color=072&type=REGULAR&quantity=1


10 things you didn’t know about Urban Outfitters!

  • The brands also belong to Urban Outfitters: Free People, Anthropologie, Terrain and the American women’s brand BHLDN
  • 2020, the brand’s income is currently around 168 million US dollars
  • Urban Outfitters sell not only clothes, accessories and home furnishings, but also American sweets, grooming products, books and records
  • The inventors of the later fashion chain Urban Outfitters, formerly known as Free People, opened their first store right across the street from their university in Philadelphia
  • Their target group at the beginning was people of their age who also went to university
  • The store design plays an important role at UO
  • The first international Urban Outfitters store was opened in London
  • The inventors of the brand are Richard Hayne, Judy Wicks and Scott Belair
  • Urban outfitters do not indicate where exactly their merchandise is produced
  • The headquarters of the fashion chain is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania