Luxury Shopping Berlin (19 Stores): Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton & Co.

Luxury Shopping Berlin – Berlin Kurfürstendamm: No other street is home to as many luxury brands as here, with stores such as Dior, Chanel and Gucci lined up next to each other. Fashion, bags, jewellery, watches: From long evening gowns in satin and silk to handbags in calfskin to jewelry and watches in gold and stainless steel. Gucci, Chanel, Prada, Dior: Discover the shops of Berlin’s city centre and plan your next shopping trip. Here you can really find everything your fashion heart desires! Click here for the overview: Fashion brands.

Gucci Store: sweaters, belts and sunglasses

You’ve just been on the Gucci website and checked out the brown Marmont handle bag and you happen to be in Berlin or live in Berlin? Then head to the center of Berlin! Because here you can see the Marmont and many other Gucci bag models like the little Jackie or the Horsebit live! Had enough bags? Gucci offers a variety of other accessories in its assortment like belts or extravagant sunglasses in cat eye shape with pink or black frames.

Gucci? What is there to know about Gucci? Gucci No. 1 and Marmont are household names to any fashion lover, but what else is there to know about the luxury fashion house? Do you know which popular teen heartthrob sits in the front row at Gucci fashion shows? No? Then read our article about Gucci and you’ll also understand why Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez and co. love Gucci so much.

The Gucci store is located at Kurfürstendamm 190-192, 10707 Berlin.

  • Kurfürstendamm 190-192
  • 10707 Berlin
  • Phone: +49 30 8856300

Map and address:

Gucci Store on Kurfürstendamm:

Chanel Store: earrings, bag and perfume

The Kurfürstendamm in Berlin is full of luxury brands. You just walked past Prada or even come out of the store? Perfect, because right next door is Chanel! The perfect store to continue your search for your dream handbag, for example. Real classics like the Chanel 19 or Chanel’s Gabrielle can be found on the shelves of this Hamburg store!

Chanel handbags, Chanel earrings, Chanel perfume…Chanel directly offers us a whole world of its own full of fashion, accessories and beauty. But how did the whole thing actually begin? The “little black dress” is probably known to everyone, as well as the founder Coco Chanel. Coco Chanel – one of the most impressive women in (fashion) history. Which great fashion legend took over the scepter after her death and how Cara Delevingne serves beer mugs in a dirndl, you can see in our article about Chanel.

Are you a fan of Cara Delevingne or her colleagues Gigi and Bella Hadid? Then our supermodel guide would be just right for you? Check out our world of supermodels!

You can find the Chanel Store at Kurfürstendamm 188-189, 10707 Berlin.

  • Kurfürstendamm 188-189
  • 10707 Berlin
  • Phone: +49 30 88708280

Map and address:

Chanel Store on Kurfürstendamm:

Louis Vuitton Store: scarf, purse and handbags

Louis Vuitton, no one can miss the big black lettering. This store is always worth a visit and should not be missed on any shopping trip. The high-quality, stylish products with the LV logo are indispensable in the fashion world. Scarves and shawls in colors like black or pink, leather wallets with monograms and belts & fragrances as a gift for him.

Louis Vuitton – Considered the status symbol par excellence for over decades. Individuality, personality and fashion consciousness: the concept of the fashion house sounds like that of many others. But there is much more to discover behind it. Scandals & secrets: burnt bags and a legal dispute. Find out all about the label and what Karl Lagerfeld has to do with a punching bag here. Read more about the world-famous fashion label Louis Vuitton, which has designed the most iconic bag of all time and whose products are a must-have in every fashionista’s wardrobe.

The Louis Vuitton Store is located at Kurfürstendamm 185, 10707 Berlin.

  • Kurfürstendamm 185
  • 10707 Berlin
  • Phone: +49 21 864700

Map and address:

Louis Vuitton Store on Kurfürstendamm:

Rolex Store: Submariner, Daytona and GMT Master

During your shopping tour you quickly forget the time and don’t want to rummage for your smartphone all the time? With a Rolex watch on your wrist you not only know what time it is, but you also have a real eye-catcher with you. Almost at the end of Kurfürstendamm, just before you reach Chanel and Prada, you will find the Rolex store.

Not only watch fans are familiar with this brand. White gold, stainless steel and diamonds – Rolex stands for the watches of the extra class. No wonder that there are waiting lists and high prices. Submariner, Day-Date, Explorer and Datejust – these Rolex models are not only a beautiful accessory, but also a status symbol and an investment. Most expensive models and novelties? We have everything on the subject of Rolex and luxury watches for you!

The Rolex Store is located at Kurfürstendamm 184, 10707 Berlin.

  • Kurfürstendamm 184
  • 10707 Berlin
  • Phone: +49 30 55669010

Map and address:

Rolex Store on Kurfürstendamm:

Dolce & Gabbana Store: glasses, watches and sneakers

You are walking along Kurfürstendamm and are standing in front of the Dolce & Gabbana shop window. The mannequin is wearing a short dress with a blue leopard print. This is absolutely your style? Then this luxury label is just right for you. In the Berlin store of Dolce & Gabbana high fashion pieces with erotic glamour and colorful prints are waiting for you.

You’re a fan of Game of Thrones and actress Emilia Clarke? None other than the Daenerys Targaryen actress is promoting the luxury label’s perfume! “The One” is the house classic and one of the most popular fragrances in the world. Designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have together created a fashion empire that is impossible to imagine the market without in this day and age. More of Dolce & Gabbana and its hand-painted handbags:

Want to know which of your favorite actors is promoting which perfume? Here you can find our favorite commercials:

The Dolce & Gabbana store is located at Kurfürstendamm 187, 10707 Berlin.

  • Kurfürstendamm 187
  • 10707 Berlin
  • Phone: +49 30 33096590

Map and address:

Dolce & Gabbana Store on Kurfürstendamm:

Versace Store: bathrobes, t-shirts and shirts

Next to the Kurfürstendamm is the Tauentzienstraße with the large department store of the West the next address where you should definitely stop by for shopping. Besides other luxury brands like Burberry and Tiffany & Co. you can also find the luxury label Versace here. Fans of Dolce & Gabbana will also find what they are looking for here: Garish, figure-hugging and sexy. That’s how we know the dresses, skirts and T-shirts from Versace!

Naomi Campbell, Kendall Jenner – these are the faces of Versace. Versace is a young luxury label that has remained family owned to this day. Besides the exclusive collections, the brand also became known for its troubled family life that brings some scandals. From the tragic death to the new cutting edge in design, find out everything about siblings Gianni and Donatella. Find out who even dedicated a song to Donatella in this article: Versace.

The Versace Store is located at Tauentzienstraße 21-24, 10789 Berlin.

  • Tauentzienstraße 21-24
  • 10789 Berlin
  • Phone: +49 30 21016180

Map and address:

Versace Store on Tauentzienstrasse:

Dior Store: Sauvage, J’adore and Eau de Cologne

One of the first luxury fashion stores on Berlin’s Ku’damm is the Dior Store. Dresses, trousers, shoes – dress up with the stunning designs by Dior. Besides the popular handbags like the Saddle Bag or the Lady Dior, there are also stylish accessories for men: belts by Christian Dior are a real favourite.

Christian Dior has dressed up to countless style icons, including, Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, Grace Kelly, Marlene Dietrich and Elizabeth Taylor. For the perfume of the brand Dior collaborates with stars like Charlize Theron and Johnny Depp. Whether it’s handbags, jewelry or cosmetics. Dior is booming! More about the French luxury brand and great perfume gift ideas at Dior.

You can find the Dior Store at Kurfürstendamm 56/57, 10707 Berlin

  • Kurfürstendamm 56/57
  • 10707 Berlin
  • Phone: +49 30 8560920

Map and address:

Dior Store in am Kurfürstendamm:

Prada Store: Candy, Luna Rossa and Bags

Neighbor of Chanel and Dior, Prada is also one of the absolute top brands of the Kurfürstendamm in Berlin. Classic, elegant and a little bit playful. This is what the dresses in Prada’s shop window look like. You’re sure to find the perfect leather handbag at Prada: Prada stands for fine leather goods. And if you get cold during your shopping tour, you can find the perfect gloves here.

Suitcases, handbags, gloves – leather is Prada’s material. The exclusive collections from the pen of designer Miuccia Prada are a new highlight every time due to their changeability. With sustainability Prada takes on a big project: Re-Nylon. In this article you can take a round the world with Prada. More about Prada.

The Prada Store is located at Kurfürstendamm 186-187, 10707 Berlin.

  • Kurfürstendamm 186-187
  • 10707 Berlin
  • Phone: +49 30 88710840

Map and address:

Prada Store on Kurfürstendamm:

Cartier Store: bracelets, rings and watches

At the end of Kurfürstendamm you’ll find the jewellery label Cartier. Maybe just the right crowning at the end of your shopping tour? Jewellery lovers will find necklaces and rings made of silver, white gold and gold. But watch lovers will also get their money’s worth here! Enter the store and let the knowledgeable sales staff take you into the world of Cartier!

We all know the brand name “Cartier” and imagine a luxurious jewelry label. However, many do not know that the billion dollar company started in a small Parisian street. Today, Cartier’s customers include many people from young to old who are enthusiastic about the brand because of its unique designs and high quality. Interviews with stars and insights into the collection: Cartier.

The Cartier Store is located at Kurfürstendamm 188-189, 10707 Berlin.

  • Kurfürstendamm 188-189
  • 10707 Berlin
  • Phone: +49 30 8867060

Map and address:

Cartier Store on Kurfürstendamm:

Moncler Store: jackets, vests and caps

Kurfüstendamm 190-192: This is the place to shop for vests, jackets and hats. The must-haves for winter, e.g. a warm down jacket, can be found at Moncler. Scarves, hats and gloves from the luxury brand are the perfect accessories for the cold months.

Moncler is best known internationally for its padded down jackets in the upper price segment. The brand is inspired by modern and urban styles. This is not only reflected in the collections, but also in the runway shows. If you think Moncler just lets its models stride across any catwalks, you are wrong. Every fashion show tells its own story. More about Moncler.

You can find the Moncler Store at Kurfürstendamm 190-192, 10707 Berlin

  • Kurfürstendamm 190-192
  • 10707 Berlin
  • Phone: +49 30 88711366

Map and address:

Moncler Store on Kurfürstendamm:

Bulgari Store: perfume, watches and body lotion

Directly opposite Cartier is Bulgari. If you haven’t found what you’re looking for at Cartier, you’re sure to find the right piece of jewellery for you here. A world of jewellery, accessories and fragrances. The must-haves of the new jewellery collection can be found in this Berlin store.

An iconic brand with an impressive history and worldwide success. Extravagant materials and gemstones, stunning craftsmanship and modern as well as timeless designs, all this unites Bulgari – inspired by the Roman sense of beauty. Find out more about the enchanting jewellery pieces such as the Diva’s Dream at Bulgari.

You can find the Bulgari Store at Kurfürstendamm 190-192, 10707 Berlin.

  • Kurfürstendamm 190-192
  • 10707 Berlin
  • Phone: +49 30 8857920

Map and address:

Bulgari Store on Kurfürstendamm:

Fendi Store: bikinis, belts and sunglasses

Fendi – Italian luxury fashion at KaDeWe. In addition to numerous other shops, the fashion label Fendi can also be found here. If you are into leather and fur goods, this is the right address. If you prefer summery fashion, you can also find great bikinis and sunglasses at Fendi. Find your new summer must-have!

From baguette bags to furs and haute couture – Fendi is famous for many things. The world famous FF logo designed by German designer Karl Lagerfeld in 1965 is a status symbol and everyone knows it. We love Fendi and so do the stars. You can see the FF logo on Kylie Jenner, Nicki Minaj, Hailey Bieber and many more. Find out which Sex and the City star you see in the video of an ad campaign here: Fendi.

The Fendi Store is located at Tauentzienstraße 21-14, 10789 Berlin.

  • Tauentzienstraße 21-14
  • 10789 Berlin
  • Phone: +49 30 21913565

Map and address:

Fendi Store on Kurfürstendamm:

Burberry Store: scarf, men’s shirt and trench coat

How about a stopover at Burberry after Fendi? At KaDeWe you can shop all day long until closing time. Burberry is perfect for this! Looking for a new trench coat? Whether check pattern or plain, stand in front of the mirror in the store and find out which one suits you best.

There are more than 150 years of work behind Burberry – The knight in his armor on horseback stands for fashion with class. Famous advertising faces like Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne are also fascinated by the label. Find out what the rainbow collection is all about here at Burberry.

The Burberry Store is located at Tauentzienstraße 21-24, 10789 Berlin.

  • Tauentzienstraße 21-24
  • 10789 Berlin
  • Phone: +49 30 21016038

Map and address:

Burberry Store on Kurfürstendamm:

Hermès Store: Birkin bag, bracelets and ties

You have already discovered Italian luxury fashion on Ku’damm, but French fashion is also represented here. One of these representatives is Hermès, skirts, blazers but also ties – here you would find your look for the next Paris holiday. Head to the dressing room and try on your favourite pieces right away!

The most expensive bag in the world – the popular Birkin Bag, comes from the designers of the fashion house Hermès. But also other pieces like luxurious accessories a la belts, scarves and much more. Models like Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid, or even young entrepreneur Kylie Jenner are constantly spotted wearing Hermès products. More about Hermès.

You can find the Hermès store at Kurfürstendamm 58, 10707 Berlin.

  • Kurfürstendamm 58
  • 10707 Berlin
  • Phone: +49 30 32708375

Map and address:

Hermès Store on Kurfürstendamm:

Yves Saint Laurent Store: Bags and Black Opium

On Berlin’s Kurfürstendamm you will find one of the few branches of the fashion house Yves Saint Laurent. Besides dresses, jackets and shoes, you can also find the luxury brand’s noble bag lines: Niki, Loulou or the Solferino in vintage look. If you are looking for a gift for your loved ones, you can also find the world-famous perfumes Black Opium or Libre.

Yves Saint Laurent – a brand that even numerous stars are crazy about. Especially one shoe of the luxury brand caused a big sensation and was the must-have in the fashion world. Which shoe due to its high popularity even provided for waiting lists and other high-quality products such as perfumes, clothing and bags: More about Yves Saint Laurent.

The Yves Saint Laurent Store is located at Kurfürstendamm 52, 10707 Berlin.

  • Kurfürstendamm 52
  • 10707 Berlin
  • Phone: +49 30 8833918

Map and address:

Yves Saint Laurent Store on Kurfürstendamm:

Longchamp Store: Backpacks and shoppers in black

You are walking along the Ku’damm and are looking for a new handbag? Hardly any bag is as popular as the Longchamp handbag. In the store you can find the bag for you in the right color and size! Black, red or rosé. Roseaux or mailbox? S, M or L? Maybe you’ll even leave the store with more than one bag?

In Berlin there is only one of more than 1000 sales outlets. The Pliage style makes the bags by Longchamp unique: handbags and travel accessories made of leather and canvas. The color palette is wide and makes women’s hearts beat faster all over the world. The price portfolio is colourful, the French noble brand offers bags in the middle as well as in the higher price segment. More about Longchamp.

You can find the Longchamp Store at Kurfürstendamm 40/41, 10719 Berlin

  • Kurfürstendamm 40/41
  • 10719 Berlin
  • Phone: +49 30 88708280

Map and address:

Longchamp Store at Kurfürstendamm:

Giorgio Armani Store: suits and men’s watches

If you are looking for Italian luxury, you don’t have to travel to Italy: On Berlin’s Kurfürstendamm you can also find Italian luxury fashion! Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino – fashion fresh from the best Italian fashion houses of haute couture – You can already admire the chic men’s suits in black or royal blue in the shop window. Enter the store and dive into the world of Italian elegance.

Women’s fragrances, men’s suits & purist clothes – that’s Giorgio Armani. After dropping out of medical school, the designer first worked as a window dresser and buyer until he founded the fashion company named after him in 1975. “Elegance is not about being noticed. It’s about being remembered.” For interviews and videos on Armani, check out our article: Armani.

You can find the Giorgio Armani Store at Kurfürstendamm 54, 10707 Berlin

  • Kurfürstendamm 54
  • 10707 Berlin
  • Phone: +49 30 21480741

Map and address:

Armani Store on Kurfürstendamm:

Valentino Store: Bags & Shoes for Women & Men

Right next to Giorgio Armani, you’ll also find Valentino. Both stand for Italian haute couture of the extra class. Valentino Garavani bags are the bags of the celebrities! The Rockstud is very popular with many celebrity customers. If you also want to have the bag of your favorite star, you are exactly right here. You’re sure to find the right shoes to match your new bag: pumps, boots, sandals – go in search of your favourite accessories!

In the 1960s Valentino became famous for its haute couture evening gowns. Stars like Audrey Hepburn or Lady Diana became figureheads of Valentino’s fashion. Valentino’s promise: Elegance paired with simple design. Find out which celebrities will be attending the Haute Couture Ball in our Valentino article.

You can find the Valentino Store at Kurfürstendamm 57, 10707 Berlin.

  • Kurfürstendamm 57
  • 10707 Berlin
  • Phone: +49 30 31016166

Map and address:

Valentino Store on Kurfürstendamm:

Tiffany & Co. store: bracelets and engagement rings

You walk hand in hand with your friend through the KaDeWe and pass Tiffany & Co. Already in the shop windows you see the blue-turquoise color of the jewelry label. Besides necklaces and bracelets they offer exclusive engagement rings, the dream of many women. Take a look in the shop and pick out your favourite engagement ring. Maybe you will soon have it on your finger!

Movies like Breakfast at Tiffany’s eventually gave the brand the fame it deserved. Tiffany’s story is a dream come true. In addition to rings, bracelets, and necklaces, the Tiffany line includes perfumes and home accessories. Find out what else Tiffany does and what the NFL has to do with it here: Tiffany & Co.

You’re obsessed with jewelry? So are we! We love necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Here you can find everything about jewellery and brands like Swarovski, Bulgari & Co.

The Tiffany & Co. store is located at Tauentzienstraße 21-24, 10789 Berlin.

  • Tauentzienstraße 21-24
  • 10789 Berlin
  • Phone: +49 30 2363150

Map and address:

Tiffany & Co. store on Tauentzienstrasse:

Fashion brands XXL: Chanel, Givenchy, Hermès, Prada & Co – List

Fashion brands XXL – The popular Burberry trench coat. The famous little black dress. The classic Chanel Suit or the wicked Slip Dress by Calvin Kleid. Who does not know them? With their extravagant designs and innovative fabrics, the great fashion brands of the world make the hearts of many a fashion lover beat faster with every collection. You want to know who belongs to the biggest fashion labels in the world? Then you are exactly right here. We at FIV Magazine have listed the top fashion brands in the world – so you too can become the ultimate fashion expert.