Dolce & Gabbana: Perfume, shoes & bag – the one for men and women

Known for erotic glamour and colourful animal prints.The aesthetic trademarks of Dolce & Gabbana are the result of the love for Sicily. Dolce & Gabbana creates, produces and distributes clothing, leather goods, shoes and accessories for men and women under different fashion lines: Dolce &Gabbana , Dolce & Gabanna Alta Moda, D&G, D&G Junior, Fragrance line

Dolce & Gabbana is an Italian fashion company based in Milan. The company was founded in 1985 by the two fashion designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana in Legnano near Milan. They presented their first fashion collection in 1985 and opened the doors of their first store just one year later.The luxurious fashion house Dolce & Gabbana has been celebrating success at dizzying heights for decades and is popular with all age groups. Whether it’s the “Woolmark Award” or the “Perfume Academy Award”, the designers have together designed their way to the top of the fashion world. The designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have together created a fashion empire that is unimaginable in today’s market.

Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana: The masters of the sex appeal – background

In Palermo, Sicily in 1958 one of the Dolce & Gabbana fashion designer, Domenico Dolce was born. At the age of seven, the father of the current designer taught him how to sew a jacket. Four years later Stefano Gabbana, the second designer, was born in Milan. Before he came to fashion, the Italian worked as a graphic designer. Dolce and Gabbana first met in 1980 in a studio in Milan, two years later they decided to create their own designs. In 1985 the young designers received an invitation for young talents at the “Milano Collezioni”,from then on everything went uphill! In the 90s, Dolce and Gabbana, together with Gianni Versace, were considered the figureheads of luxurious fashion from Italy. In 1996, the duo ventured a step into the music business and recorded a single. In 2005 the design duo announced their private separation. They still run the label together. Dolce & Gabbana has a total of 323 stores and is represented in 16 factory outlets.Production is in Italy, Milan and Legnano.

Haute couture: DOLCE & GABBANA MEN and Women

Dolce & Gabbana creates, produces and distributes clothing, leather goods, shoes and accessories for men and women under various fashion lines:

      • DOLCE & GABBANA (high-priced main line, for women and for men)
      • DOLCE & GABBANA ALTA MODA (handmade couture fashion for women in the top price segment)
      • D&G (juvenile second line in the upper middle price segment)
      • D&G Junior children’s collection
      • Scent line


    Dolce & Gabanna Womens Show: Jungle And Safari Fever

    The theme of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana was unmistakable this season. The location was decorated with huge palm trees and the runway was covered with leopard pattern. The fashion designers love to do something glamorous and the feeling of happiness and summertime. Over the course of 124 looks, the designers have addressed all the elements of their chosen theme and some of them, starting with safari suits and cycling through tropical and animal prints, scarf dressing and resort wear designed for relaxing by the pool. What makes the Dolce & Gabbana collection so special is the exceptional craftsmanship.

    Dolce & Gabbana Men’s Show: Colourful animal prints

    This Milan season the jungle was a big theme, everyone from Giorgio Armani to Donatella Versace intervened. The menswear show was so successful with customers that they doubled their efforts here. The designers were inspired by the 40s, 50s, a little bit of Elvis Presley, the 80s and 90s. With the references from their own archive, they stirred up everything to create something new. The leopard pattern is first and foremost, a reference to Lampedusa’s novel, but one that has always been used for its animalistic, sensual implication. Today it is more jungle related. Both as a runway pattern and on cut pieces of silk.

    Accessories: Sunglasses,watches, bags & Co

    Discover all exclusive Dolce & Gababana accessories. Italian elegance meets opulent decorations and unusual prints. In addition to fashion, Dolce and Gabbana also produces accessories. At Dolce & Gabbana you will find classic leather goods and timeless shoes as well as extravagant statement designs and humorous motifs. The duo’s handbag designs are the fulfilment of every girl’s dream. The bags feature the extravagant look typical for Dolce & Gabbana. No trace of popular minimalism. The designers focus on curlicues, glitter, colours and prints and with success.

    Luxury sunglasses: Stylish and Unique

    Striking, but with style. Dolce and Gabbana is also reflected in the eyewear brand of the luxury label. Even the faintest eyes can recognise the glamour of the frames, which do not forgo the signature designs such as leo-print and co. A collection for people who love attention to detail and enjoy collecting unique pieces. The new sunglasses by Dolce & Gabbana, suitable for every type of face, are designed for all those who want to express their individuality and strong personality through their sunglasses. The sunglasses are designed for the fashion-conscious clients who see Dolce and Gabbana as their brand and are attentive to changes in fashion, seeking the accessories necessary to complete their personal style.

    DOLCE & GABBANA luxury bags: Glitter, colours and prints

    Pure glamour everything in one handbag. The handbag designs of the duo are the fulfilment of every girl’s dream.  No trace of popular minimalism. The designers focus on curlicues, glitter, colours and prints and with success. In recent years, the handbags of Dolce and Gabbana have made great strides in design and have become increasingly popular.Creativity and exquisite workmanship combine with the style of Dolce and Gabbana. The warm, intense colours add a touch of luxury and create an aura of timeless fascination. Each bag is entirely handmade and finished by hand due to its unique colour and decoration, it is a masterpiece with a special label inside. The handbags are sold in selected Dolce and Gabbana boutiques around the world.

    Cosmetics: Dolce and Gabanna conquer the cosmetics industry

    Dolce & Gabbana also offers a wide range of products in the cosmetics industry and is popular with young but also more mature ladies. The luxury brand offers everything the beauty heart desires, from lipsticks, lip gloss and powder to mascara, but the label’s most successful products are its top-quality perfumes. The designers further expanded their market position in the 90s. In 1992, the luxury fashion brand launched its first perfume, the women’s fragrance “Dolce & Gabbana Parfum” and won the one award of the Parfum Academy. The brand’s first men’s fragrance was named “Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme” and also won an award from the same Academy shortly afterwards.

    Scent: DOLCE & GABBANA – THE ONE with Emilia Clarke

    The women’s fragrance is paired with Italian glamour and Sicilian tradition conveyed by Dolce & Gabbana luxury in a modern as well as unconventional way by combining innovation with a Mediterranean flair. Dolce & Gabbana translates the glamour of catwalk collections into sensual fragrance combinations – always inspired by the brand’s Mediterranean roots. A classic from Dolce & Gabbana is “The One” fragrance. Even the name of the sensual fragrance sounds appealing to every woman. The fragrance is floral, elegant yet glamorous, perfect for any occasion or situation. The face of the fragrance is also cleverly chosen. The beautiful actress Emilia Clarke.