Valentino: Bag, shoes & accessories – The Italian luxury label

Valentino Garavani – everyone knows the famous Italian luxury label. Behind the high-quality brand Valentino is the creative fashion designer Valentino Garavani. He learned his design skills in Paris and became famous for his haute couture evening gowns in the 1960s. After stars like Audrey Hepburn or Lady Diana were seen wearing elegant dresses by Valentino, the brand became more and more famous. Valentino stands for elegance and simple design. After Valentino launched Garavani bags and other accessories, the celebrity clientele was spotted with famous trendy bags like the Rockstud Valentino. One thing is clear: Valentino has meanwhile achieved cult status. The fashion and numerous designer brands – that’s what Italy is known for. To stand out from this competition is not easy, but Valentino is one of those brands that has made women’s hearts beat faster for decades. But why Valentino?

The fashion brand Valentino

Elegant dresses, luxury fabrics, pompous extras and clean colours. Only recently the Haute Couture Fall Winter 2018 was in Paris. Now you can exclusively watch the fashion show and get an insight into the world of Italian fashion. Since 2016 Pierpaolo Piccioli is the chief designer of Valentino and presents the collection in France. From simple black dresses to floral headdresses in the brightest colors, in this show you can feel the Italian mentality of the designers.

History – Valentino as a brand

The founder of the fashion label is the Italian fashion designer Valentino Garavani. Born in Milan in 1932 and in Paris in 1949 at the age of 17, through a scholarship for fashion design. Inspired by the fashion there and working under various designers, such as Guy Laroche, he returned to Italy to make his own way.

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In 1959 he founded his first fashion label together with Giancarlo Giammetti. It was during this time that he made his first creations. Besides his elegant evening dresses for women, Valentino red is still famous today. The brand gained popularity mainly because famous personalities like Audrey Hepburn and Lady Diana wore these dresses.

In the 1970s, in addition to eye-catching evening gowns, men’s collections and the No.1 Valentino perfume were created.

In the 2000s, however, the fashion label began to falter. The desired success did not materialize and so the founder Valentino Garavani retired from the company in 2007. Since then, the company’s history is mainly known for a constant change of owners and chief designers. However, it remains to be seen whether the re-emergence as one of the most respected brands will be successful.

Valentino Garavani: Luxury bags & clutches

The brand Valentino Garavani has an impressive and high quality selection of luxury bags. Whether small or large, the bags come in different sizes and models. There is the perfect bag for every occasion. The bags are timeless and classy. The range includes practical shoppers, chic shoulder bags or elegant clutches. You can order the bags online on the Valentino website or buy them in the store.

Popular at Gigi Hadid & Co – Valentino Rockstud bag

The Valentino Garavani Rockstud Small shoulder bag is quite elegant, and one of the most famous bags of the Italian luxury label. The bag is worn by stars, models and many famous faces. Especially the Valentino Garavani Rockstud small version is very popular, because it is small, handy and practical. It can be combined to a casual normal day outfit, but also to an evening outfit. The luxury bag is decorated with platinum-plated studs, which makes it look very special. The inside is filled with high-quality leather lining. What is very practical : the shoulder straps are removable and adjustable, so it can be made individually. The luxury bag is made in Italy.

The trendy it bag: Shopper from Valentino

The shopper bag of the Italian luxury brand Valentino Garavani, is elegant and practical at the same time. The Rockstud Shopper by Valentino Garavani in the grey version is made of high-quality calfskin. The upper edges of the elegant bag are provided with platinum-plated rivets in gold colors. On the front you can see the logo of the luxury brand. The shopper can be worn either on the shoulder or in the hand. The elegant Shopper is so exquisite, because it is so functional – you can use the bag perfectly in everyday life, because many things fit in it. Despite its size, the bag is very chic, especially because of the studs and the high quality leather. The bag is made in Italy, and convinces with Italian first class quality.

Uppity & rebellious: The exclusive shoe – Rockstud

Recently, however, the style of the Valentino label has changed considerably. With the Rockstud shoe old successes could be continued. In 2011 the Rockstud was presented and since then the enthusiasm for this shoe has been undiminished. It stands symbolically for the change in the company. I would like to make it look much more modern and also a little more unusual. This represents a departure from the pure classic evening fashion. The courage to present the Rockstud seems to have paid off. So you can find the Rockstud in numerous variations nowadays. If you search in fashion shops that offer shoes by Valentino, you can choose the current models. These are either with high heels, as ballerina, or the variation with ankle straps.

The Lock Bag of the Stars and Influencer

While the Rockstud are rather rebellious women, the Lock Bag by Valentino is downright chic and playful. With subtle colours and a yet very eye-catching design this bag sets real accents. The Lock Bag is a frequently seen model at Fashion Week and by many influencers , which is why the name addition “It-Bag” is very appropriate. The special thing about this accessory is the adjustable chain that acts as a carrier. This can be adjusted either so that the bag can be worn loosely over the shoulder, or tighter so that it only lies on the shoulder. If you like, you can also remove the chain completely and wear the Lock Bag as a clutch. Axelle introduces you to her Lock Bag and gives you a nice insight into the world of bags.

Popular perfumes for women and men

The Italian luxury label Valentino has well-known and very successful fragrances. The fragrances are available in the women and men’s version, so the perfumes are well received no matter which gender. For example from the classic collection the wonderfully masculine Valentino Garavani Uomo perfume, which has recently been released in the Intense version – or the feminine elegant Donna perfume, which convinces with feminine scents and chic design. Recently the Born in Roma perfume collection for him and her has also become very popular. FIV Magazine has introduced the new perfume for you:

New Valentino perfume with Anwar Hadid

The new perfume of the Italian luxury label Valentino, Born in Roma, exceeds all expectations. Born in Roma is available in a men’s and women’s variation. Anwar Hadid, the successful model and brother of supermodel Gigi Hadid, and southern Sudanese-Australian model Adut Akech are the brand ambassadors of the new campaign.

The Ladies Variation is a floriental haute couture composition of the highest elegance. The combination of feminine jasmine notes combined with precious bourbon vanilla gives the fragrance an exceptionally beautiful character. The bottle is noble and attracts attention with its beautiful design. The perfume is inspired by the Roman culture, and thus it is a reverence to the architecture of the eternal Italian city of Rome. The perfume is like the Italian luxury label, also made in Rome, which was also an inspiration for the name.

The men’s variation of the Born in Roma Valentino perfume stands for woody-fresh masculinity and self-confidence. The noble perfume smells exceptionally seductive, and can therefore convince many of them. A light violet note meets the scent of spicy sage, hot ginger and smoky vetiver perfume stands for tradition and a strong attitude. The Born in Roma Donna and Uomo series is available in every perfumery and online. The price starts at 62.99 euros, and goes up to 127.00, depending on size and variation.

Valentino Garavani Haute Couture Ball – Celebrities & Perfume

It was a highlight in itself : the Haute Couture Valentino Ball in Paris. The Haute Couture Ball in Paris celebrated the release of the new perfume by the Italian luxury label Born in Roma. Born in Roma is a reverence to the architecture, elegance and class of the eternal Italian city of Rome, and thus has a very special character. At the Haute Couture Ball in Paris, this was also evident: Many well-known stars, such as the brand ambassadors of the new campaign Anwar Hadid and Adut Akech, or successful influencers like Caro Daur from Germany, and Negin Mirsalehi from the Netherlands, were able to impress with their presence. The location was held in the ancient Roman style and could convince with floral elements. The chic clothing of the celebrities at the Haute Couture Ball was simply impressive. One thing is clear: The event of the Italian luxury label Valentino was a spectacle. Let yourself be inspired, because FIV Magazine has provided a video of the Haute Couture Ball in Paris for you!

Valentino – Clothes, fashion & Audrey Hepburn

The Italian luxury designer Valentino Garavani, who learned his design skills in Paris, initially became very famous in the haute couture sector. He created red robes in which women looked as if they had just received the Academy Award. The designs of the Italian designer Valentino Garavani stand for style and highest elegance. He prefers a simple design, with simple colours like red, black, white, where through the clothing is timeless. It is often played with bead and sequin knitting, and with silver and gold elements. Valentino Garavani stands for very elegant evening dresses in plain colours. Stars like Audrey Hepburn or Princess Diana wore creations by Valentino, and thus helped him to achieve cult status.

4 facts about Valentino

  • The final breakthrough was achieved with the help of the former First Lady Jackie Kennedy
  • identifying features: Valentino red, selected, high quality fabrics, decoration of the dresses (sequins, pearls, rivets)
  • The fashion label is owned by the Qatar sovereign wealth fund. Besides the fashion house Valentino, the fund owns Louis Vitton and others
  • Valentino lines: Valentino, Valentino Haute Couture, Valentino Roma, R.E.D. Valentino, Valentino Garavani