Fendi Casa: modern sofas, colourful fabrics, beds and other furniture

Fendi Casa – If you think Fendi designs fashion and accessories alone, you’re wrong. The journey of the furniture collections of the label already started in 1988, making them an absolute pioneer for luxury fashion labels in the furniture sector, so you can also furnish your living room in the Fendi look! The resulting decades of experience ensure that the furniture pieces by Fendi Casa are of particularly high quality and exquisite design. Furniture for every room and insights into the collections we offer you in this article. You will also find a guide to the latest interior trends with explanations and tips: Furnishing Styles XXL.

Fendi Casa: straight luxury furniture like beds and sofas

The furnishings of Fendi Casa are not without reason a real eye-catcher. The approach is to choose the same approach to interior design, which one would also follow with clothing. The result is modern furniture with a touch of Rome. If you are looking for simple but not too minimalistic furniture, you will find it at Fendi. The collections are made by hand to guarantee the highest quality.

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Living room: welcome guests with sofas, tables & tableware

Fendi has a wide selection of pieces to furnish the living room, the heart of the home. Colourful, glass sofas, fancy tableware and elegant seating are all part of the fashion house’s home furnishing range. We present you the most beautiful and unusual pieces.

Cozy sofas by Fendi: video and collection

A comfortable sofa is not only a place to relax. If the right couch is found you don’t want to leave it under any circumstances and spend movie nights with friends or sit there together with your loved ones. Suitable models for this can be found at the label in any case:

  • Icon Lite Sofa
  • Belt Tight Sofa
  • Ray sofa
  • Thea Outdoor Sofa

Icon Lite Sofa: cool metal and smooth leather meets dreamy upholstery. Belt Tight Sofa: iconic Fendi design meets soft cushions. Ray Sofa: the couch that’s tailored to you. Thea Outdoor Sofa: suitable seating for balmy summer evenings. Besides the products mentioned above, there is of course much more to discover! The attention to detail and care with which Fendi manufactures its pieces can be seen in this video:

Armchair collection: lean back and enjoy

For example, those who are looking for the comfort of a sofa, but can no longer find the necessary space are well served with armchairs by Fendi. Each piece is a small work of art in itself. The elaborately created objects are worth a look:

  • Margareth Armchair: three legs
  • Kelly Bracelet Armchair
  • Anabelle Armchair: lounge chair
  • Benson Tailor Armchair: seating with Fendi logo

Collection Sofatische: constructions in marble, metal and more

To put your feet up or put your glass down, to put a book down and simply to free your hands for a moment: sofa tables are great and for many an absolute necessity. The small tables by Fendi are particularly unusual and form the optimal centre of your sofa landscape. The tables are not only beautiful, the materials guarantee durability and a high-quality look.

  • Boogie Coffee and Side Tables: Glass, Metal and Marble
  • Anya Lite Wood Coffee Table: metal and wood
  • Prisme Marbel Coffee Table: marble table with aluminium details
  • Ripple Coffee Table: metal and marble

Sideboard collection: storage with style

Sideboards are a wonderful option for unobtrusively creating storage space. Especially if you have children, sideboards offer the possibility to store toys and other accessories practically and quickly without missing them so much that you have to search for the desired objects the next day with an impatient child in your arms. In addition, low sideboards offer the advantage of making it easier for children to help with tidying up. Even without kids, sideboards are great. For example, if you don’t want to mount the TV screen on the wall.

  • Langham Leather Low Cabinet
  • Edge Low Cabinet
  • Antinus Low Cabinet
  • Antius sideboard

Video: Toasting with tableware from Fendi Casa

Occasionally you can still buy glasses and plates from the Fendi tableware collection. The plates and cups are characterized by a rim decorated with the Fendi logo in black and silver. The cut of the crystal glasses reminds of glasses from the seventies.

Bedroom: Sweet dreams with furniture, cushions & co.

The bedroom: a particularly private space for relaxation. Accordingly, the furnishing of this place is a particularly important step when it comes to setting up a home in which you feel comfortable. After all, depending on the person, 5-10 hours of the day are spent here.

Beds Collection: With Fendi into the land of dreams

Beds are the centerpiece of the bedroom. Besides a comfortable mattress and pleasant bed linen, a nice bed frame is also an advantage. You can find the selection that the fashion house offers here:

  • Delano Bed: large, padded headboard and metal details
  • Icon Bed: bicolor headboard with metal decoration
  • Dorian Bed: simplistic bed with Fendi logo
  • Lambert Bed: upholstered headboard in plank style

Dressing tables: tables, chests of drawers and furniture

Many people dream forever of their own dressing table. And for some, this wish comes true. Fendi helps make dreams come true with their selection of dressing tables. The ‘Lady Desks’ are of course not only for ladies:

  • Aura Lady Desk: concealed drawers and mirror
  • Moonlight Lady Desk: Drawer and two adjustable mirrors
  • Icon Lady Desk: with mirror and extra storage space

Lamps collection: cosy ambience with light

Hardly anything is able to influence the mood of a room more than light. Especially when you want to read a book in bed in the evening, table lamps are particularly practical. This guarantees the right lighting.

  • Infinity Line Up Lightning: various options
  • Strip Line Lamps: in geometric design
  • Rhea & Janus Lightning
  • Roma Lightning: Crystals refract the light

Office: executive chairs and tables for long working days

How often does it happen: you’ve brought work home again and have to put in an extra shift. Or you work from home anyway. Either way, stylish office furniture from Fendi creates the right environment for long and short stays at the desk.

Serengeti Conference Table

The Serengeti Conference Table is the perfect place for negotiations and long meetings. Leather and wood make the table particularly high-quality and practical cable openings have also been thought of. The table combines practicality and good looks in one.

Shelves collection: storage space n wood, glass or metal

What is there to say about shelves? They work according to a pretty simple concept: things of your choice are placed on a shelf and can stay there undisturbed for a while. Fendi has various shelves on offer. The bookshelves are very minimalistic and can be combined with many different styles. And let’s be honest: shelves are more about the content than the object itself anyway.

  • Hemingway Bookshelf
  • Serengeti Executive Bookshelf

Carpets: Gropius and Degrade

Walter Gropius was the founder of the Bauhaus style. Bauhaus was characterized by simple constructions and sophisticated, easy to mass produce, yet high quality designs. Unadorned, often geometric shapes characterize this style. The ultimate goal of the Bauhaus was the ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’ in which all worlds of art would meet. The carpet Gropius reflects the geometric forms of the Bauhaus, but the carpet is also symbolic of the fusion of fashion and furniture design to which Fendi has dedicated itself. Degrade is also a very simple design, which is characterized by a beige-black ombré effect.

Specials: Fendi Casa Collaborations

Fendi Casa has already collaborated with various designers and each time special collections with unique personality were created. The collections usually contain well-known Fendi motifs, such as the FF logo designed by Karl Lagerfeld, but also many influences of the different designers with whom they collaborate. Here we have picked out the 2 most relevant collaborations for you and described what makes them so special.

Maria Pergay x Fendi Casa: Armchairs, Tables & Accessories

French designer Maria Pergay announced a collaboration with Fendi in Miami in 2013, and the Maria Pergay for Fendi collection soon followed. The collection is marked by Pergay’s constant pursuit of innovation and her passion for quality craftsmanship. It is a rebellious and enlightened collection. Many of the furniture and accessories are decorated with patterns and animal motifs, and the collection features lots of fur and metallic details.

Francois-Joseph Graf x Fendi – Furniture, Lamps & Accessories

In 2014, French designer, architect and interior designer Francois-Joseph Graf created an interior design collection in cooperation with Fendi Casa. He combines edgy styles with elements of the baroque. The different items look elegant due to the use of dark wood, silk and the legendary FF logo. Francois-Joseph Graf and Fendi exhibited the collection with various unique furniture, lamps and accessories in a wing of the Louvre from September 10 to around November 23, 2014. The exhibition was called ‘Décors à vivre’ and was located at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, at the Louvre. On the official Fendi website, you can find the various collaborations under the Fendi Casa section and also the individual items in the collection under the ‘Francois-Joseph Graf for Fendi’ section.

Price list Fendi Casa

Many prices of the individual pieces are only available on request. We have been able to determine prices for a few. But if you really think about a purchase, it is best to contact a distributor of the products.

  • Candles: approx. 165 €
  • Sofas: approx. 20.000 – 60.000 €
  • Carpets: from 500 €
  • Armchair: from approx. 2.000 €

Fendi Private Suite: First Fendi Hotel worldwide

Stay at the first Fendi Hotel in the world, in the heart of Rome. The third floor of the Fendi Boutique has been transformed into 7 Fendi Private Suites that promise an unforgettable stay. Sleep overlooking Via de Condotti and Piazza di Spagna, shop at the Fendi Boutique and dine at Zuma Restaurant on the fourth floor. What actually happens on the second floor? On the second floor is the Palazzo Prive – a suite reserved for Fendi’s most exclusive guests.

The suites are of course exclusively furnished with Fendi Casa furniture and accessories. The suites are available from 600 euros a night, depending on the season of course. FIV Magazine has selected a video with a room tour in one of the Fendi Private Suites. Pure luxury!