Garden furniture: balcony, terrace, lounge – choose your set of wood or rattan for your dream garden & co.

Garden furniture – As diverse and luxurious as your interior is designed, the garden is your personal oasis of peace and relaxation and you should furnish it accordingly. Design your terrace with an inviting garden lounge or invest in a table and chairs for the perfect barbecue. Choose between materials like wood or polyrattan and create your personal set for the terrace. There is also a wide range of furniture for the balcony. Invest in weatherproof cushions, high-quality materials and a cover to protect the furniture. Create your dream garden and design everything according to your wishes. Choose right so you have the perfect furniture for relaxing days and exciting nights. Interested in furniture and decor? Then check out our comprehensive guide to interior styles or interior brands XXL!

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Buy garden furniture: Plan your dream patio or balcony – Tips & Ideas

The purchase of patio furniture should be well thought out and planned. Just like buying a sofa or a dining table in your living room, you have to consider a lot when buying a patio. First of all, think about the size of your patio so that you can then start planning. Look for inspiration to find the right pieces of furniture. Then you should also think about the winterization of the products. To help you with this decision and to support you, we have summarised the most important points for you here.

Measuring your patio: What do you want to use your patio for?

In order to combine all your wishes and ideas, you should first measure the terrace so that you know which furniture is suitable for you. Consider the question of what you want to use the terrace for. Perhaps a dining table to enjoy barbecues with friends? Or a couple of sun loungers including a daybed? Do you have children who also need part of the space to play? These are all aspects that should be planned for. Space is usually limited and you often have to make sacrifices. An outdoor space isn’t much use if it doesn’t offer any room to move around.

Plan and look for inspiration: choose from a wide range of offers

The next step is to start finding inspiration and planning the furniture pieces on your dream patio. Apart from the budget, the size of the terrace and the use, furniture is always a matter of taste. Do you prefer furniture made of wood, so that warmth and nature are combined? Or do you prefer metal or plastic, which are more durable and easier to maintain? There are many variants, which you should coordinate before buying. Decide on the colour of the furniture, the size and the shape. Also choose between lounge furniture or a classic seating group. There are many options open to you. In the course of the article you will learn more about the different materials and their advantages and disadvantages.

Winter storage of furniture: garage, cellar or shed

You cannot use the patio furniture and its cushions for many months in a year because it is winter. Now you should ask yourself the question where you want to put the pieces of furniture, so that they do not get too much moisture in the winter and are more durable. Usually, basement, shed or garage are recommended. However, if you don’t have an option there, you should look for another type. For example, folding furniture or a tarp. Although patio furniture and its upholstery are now very robust and resistant, you should still take care of them and protect them in cold temperatures.

Garden furniture – Video: Let yourself be inspired by the range – Daybeds, Hollywood swing & Co.

Looking for the right inspiration for your garden and not sure which furniture is best for you? Here you will find a wide selection of lounges, tables with chairs, daybeds or Hollywood swings. Get inspired and find the perfect furniture for your dream garden.

Wooden garden furniture: classic, warm and homely

Wooden garden furniture is probably the classic on many terraces. They are very beautiful to look at and often do not require much maintenance. The material wood is very popular, because it looks especially cozy and inviting. The brown tones used have a very calming effect and bring nature onto your patio. Often tropical woods such as teak, mahogany or merantine are used. However, if you are interested in regional materials, you can choose between larch, ash or oak. Nowadays, woods are combined with modern materials to make them more durable. These could be synthetics, stainless steel or aluminium, for example.

Care of the furniture: regular painting for longevity

Wood is durable and looks beautiful, but it still needs the right care. A regular coat of paint, which should be applied every two to three years, can help. On the one hand, moisture puts a lot of stress on the material. On the other hand, dirt likes to settle in the joints of the wood, which is why it needs to be painted. It is recommended that the wood be lightly sanded and then painted. Paint, protective varnish or wood care tincture are suitable for this.

Advantages of wooden furniture: traditional material with modern combinations

The advantages of wooden furniture include:

  • Traditional material
  • Durable
  • Has a warm and natural effect
  • Often combined with modern materials

Disadvantages of wooden furniture: a lot of care and susceptible to dirt.

Even classic furniture has a few drawbacks:

  • Requires care
  • Tapping every two to three years
  • Regional woods must be additionally impregnated
  • Wood is susceptible to dirt and moisture
  • Must be stored in a dry place for the winter

Metal garden furniture: modern, solid and stable

Patio furniture made of metal is particularly stable and is becoming more and more modern and popular. Aluminium, for example, can be bought in many different colours to make your terrace more cheerful and inviting. In addition, the material is usually cheaper. Iron, on the other hand, requires more care but is particularly durable. This garden furniture often looks massive and therefore fits perfectly to modern furnished terraces. In the following, you will learn everything you need to know about these materials, their care and the advantages and disadvantages.

Care of the furniture: a lot of effort for long durability

Aluminum furniture pieces do not require a lot of maintenance. Since they come in bright colors in many cases, you can simply reapply that paint to give your furniture a new shine. This looks a little different with iron. This material requires a lot of maintenance compared to others but is all the more durable for it. Often, iron starts to rust when it is untreated and gets exposed to moisture. Therefore, it is recommended to clean and maintain the patio furniture regularly and repaint it every now and then. Also, the furniture is very heavy, so you should choose a permanent place from the beginning.

Advantages of metal furniture: robust and durable

Among the advantages counts of metal furniture, for example:

  • Metal particularly durable
  • Stand Firm
  • Modern and robust
  • Aluminium mostly cheaper

Disadvantages of metal furniture: susceptible to rust and very heavy

On the downside, you should name:

  • Especially iron needs a lot of care
  • Easily susceptible to rust
  • Aluminum poorer quality material
  • Iron very heavy

Garden furniture made of rattan: modern, new, weatherproof and easy to clean

Patio furniture made of polyrattan is a newer material and very modern. The polyrattan consists of high-quality synthetic fibers, which lead to much seating comfort and a modern and homely appearance. Unlike wood or metal, this is not a natural material and is comparatively easy to maintain. If you want to learn more about this patio furniture, you can find the appropriate information and important tips here!

Care of the furniture: hardly any effort and easy handling

The material polyrattan is particularly easy to clean and not susceptible to wind and weather. In direct sunlight, the material does not fade and does not deform. Often a short shower with the garden hose or a wipe with a damp cloth is enough. The upholstery is also very easy to care for and weatherproof. The cover fabric is usually no ordinary fabric and repels water and dirt. Despite the easy-care handling, you should place the furniture under a tarpaulin in winter and move it to a dry place. The cellar, the garage or a shed are suitable for this.

Advantages of polyrattan furniture: modern, stain-resistant & Co.

Benefits include:

  • Furniture is very modern and new
  • Particularly easy to clean and maintain
  • No discoloration/ deformation in sunlight
  • Material upholstery Water and dirt repellent

Disadvantages of polyrattan furniture: not a natural material

The disadvantages include:

  • No natural material
  • Must be moved to a dry place for overwintering
  • No folding possible (takes a lot of space in winter)

Luxury offer: garden furniture in exclusive designs

Do you love luxury and luxurious items in your own home? Then you shouldn’t stop there when it comes to the outdoors. From elegant garden loungers to fancy tables or relaxing daybeds. With our luxury items, you’ll find your perfect garden furniture to transform it into your own personal oasis of calm. Choose the right furniture to enjoy relaxing days or exciting nights. You’ll find the right furniture here.

Do you love luxury brands and luxury furniture? Then take a look at our interior guide. In addition to exclusive garden furniture, you’ll find the right furnishings for each of your rooms.

Luxxu: bring the Hamptons to your garden – lounges, chairs & co.

The Luxxu luxury brand’s motto is: feel like you’re in your own Hamptons. With the two outdoor collections you can move the luxury from the interior to your garden and create your own personal outdoor lounge area. In the Grey Collection, high-quality materials such as marble, steel and teak are used in particular. These pieces of furniture are particularly similar to those used indoors, combine style with functionality and are particularly luxurious designs. In the Wood Collection, on the other hand, the focus is exclusively on teak. The products are intended to be in harmony with nature and the Hamptons served as a design template. Both collections focus on an elegant outdoor look so that you can feel comfortable.

B&B Italia: functional and high quality – a promise of quality for every garden

The pieces of furniture by B&B Italia are also particularly functional in addition to the luxurious designs. Only high-quality materials such as teak or porcelain are used to ensure luxury and elegance. In the collection of this luxury brand, the outdoor furniture is inspired by harmonized landscapes, which are meant to embody freedom and aesthetics. They are also innovatively designed so that, for example, you can fold down the back of the seat when it rains so that the furniture is protected. Luxury doesn’t always have to be just beautiful to look at. It can also be practical and functional.

Minotti: luxurious furniture for every occasion

Even the luxury brand Minotti doesn’t focus exclusively on furnishings for the interior. The outdoor collections offer a wide range of furniture such as benches, tables, sofas or pool loungers to make your stay in the garden particularly pleasant and relaxing. Relax on the loungers by the pool and simply enjoy the day in the sun. Or host an exclusive cocktail party in your garden. You have many options and with the right designer furniture you can make every occasion special.

Balcony furniture: material, set and wintering – furniture for every balcony

Balcony furniture must be particularly practical and space-saving, as well as look good. With the right furniture, you can turn any small balcony into an open-air living room and create your own personal nature oasis in the middle of the city. Whether you have a lot of space or not, you need the right furniture. In this article you will learn everything you need to know about the classic balcony sets, different materials and how to best protect your furniture in winter.

Materials: rattan, wood or metal?

The cheapest material among balcony furniture is plastic. You get cheap items for little money, but you also have to accept quality discounts. Often, plastic furniture becomes unsightly more quickly and you have to invest money in new furniture. Therefore, it is advisable to buy higher quality furniture right from the start. This includes new plastic meshes such as polyrattan, which are very weather-resistant.

Also materials like wood and metal are classics on the balcony and still very popular. Especially the function of folding is very advantageous on the small outdoor space and you can put the chairs and tables out and in as desired. You have already learned in the article how to care for patio furniture in different materials. This also applies to balcony furniture.

Classic balcony set: chairs, table or hammock? The main thing practical

The classic balcony set consists of two chairs and a small table. Depending on how large the available area is, the balcony is full. Therefore, you should pay particular attention to the functionality when choosing furniture. Choose a table and chairs that can be folded away or go for a stacking chair or armchair. Just try to create space when you need it. Another option would be a hammock or a pouf, which can be easily assembled and disassembled and still offer a comfortable seating option.

Winterize your furniture: Create space and protect your furniture

Balcony furniture should spend the winter in a dry room such as the basement or attic. So create space before you buy and plan for this. If you don’t have this storage space, you will need to invest in higher quality materials such as teak. These can only be covered, but usually cost a lot of money. To make your furniture extra durable, you should also take care of it. Use oil on the wood or improve paint damage on coloured furniture. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy the furniture for a long time and won’t have to buy anything next year.