Grill comparison: Premium brands! Weber, Napoleon, Merklinger, Big Green Egg, Broil King & Co.

Barbecue – What could be better than barbecuing outside with family, friends and dog or puppies. If you are looking for quality, come to the premium barbecue manufacturers. A high-quality grill is the perfect outdoor alternative to the kitchen, for sausages, steaks, fish, vegan snacks and Co. But also vegetarian or vegan grill variations are in vogue. Napoleon, Merklinger, Weber, Big Green Egg, Broil King and Everdure – what is the best grill? When it comes to the question of the operating mode of a grill, however, minds are divided. Some go for the charcoal grill and its classic ambience and smoky flavor. Other grill fans, however, prefer the increasingly popular gas grill, as it is much more practical due to its simple and quick condition. Want to know who are some of the biggest, best and fanciest barbecue suppliers in the world? Find out here in a quick overview of the “Louboutins” among the grills.

The 6 most famous luxury barbecue manufacturers

Noble designs, refined techniques and innovative methods. These are the convincing features of the world’s best-known barbecue brands. Find information here about the luxury offers of well-known barbecue suppliers. Even if they seem very expensive at first, it is always worth investing in a good barbecue, as this not only achieves better results, but is also sustainably ready for use for longer than a cheaper version, which has to be replaced every summer, for example.

Merklinger: Grill, Pizza & Bread in one!

Secret tip from the editors! German premium quality from Bavaria. The luxury outdoor kitchens convince not only in their chic appearance, but also with a unique performance, handmade production and precision in every detail. Even barbecue world champion Oliver Sivers, relies on the outdoor kitchens from Merklinger. Take a look for yourself and let yourself fall under the spell of Merklinger.

Lukinski Villas

Germany - Spain - USA

Weber: Innovative technology paired with stylish designs

Weber Grills – a world famous name that has revolutionized the world of grilling. The American manufacturer knows how to create innovative and modern technology with stylish designs that fit the trend of the time. Highest quality promises barbecue lovers a unique experience. Weber stands for innovation, first-class know-how and product variety. Probably the best known model is the kettle grill, which has been convincing with its design since 1952. This is now available in numerous variants and designs and is constantly being modernised.

  • Weber Grill

Big Green Egg: ceramic Kamado grills in a class of their own

The Big Green Egg brand convinces with seven different ceramic Kamado grill eggs in various sizes. Whether portable, suitable for city balconies or professional grill for caterers? The Big Green Egg family is suitable for anyone who values the highest quality paired with classic but stylish designs.

  • Big Green Egg

Broil King: Stainless steel grills that promise pure luxury

The American barbecue manufacturer Broil King offers pure luxury. The simple, high-quality stainless steel grills can be installed on any surface and fit perfectly into the overall concept of any terrace or garden.

  • Broil King Grill

Everdure by Heston Blumenthal: Pure extravagance!

Grill art in perfection. The barbecue line from Heston Blumenthal promises a lot. Extravagance and flawlessly designed functions are the focus here. Charcoal and gas grills are part of the range. Go on a journey of discovery and see for yourself with which functions and designs the brand convinces.

Napoleon: The infrared grill for professionals!

Powerful functions with main and side infrared burners are the hallmark of the Napoleon brand. All models shine with their modern design, whether it’s a larger, straight black matt grill or a slightly smaller one made of stainless steel. Particularly unusual is the integrated control lighting, which makes the grill shine in different colors, so that it not only looks exciting, but can also be used ideally in the evening or at a party night.

  • Napoleon Grill