Broil King Grills: Meat, fish and vegetables – Smoker and gas grills at a glance

Broil King: The Canadian brand is one of the best-known barbecue manufacturers and stands for pure luxury. The high-performance barbecues not only impress with their functions that make the heart of every barbecue enthusiast beat faster, but also convince with their simple, but high-quality design. Did you know that the company originally manufactured vacuum cleaners and only entered the barbecue business in 1974 by manufacturing a smoker? Broil King grills and alternatives in comparison! Find your perfect grill for home & garden here in the overview: Buy Grill.

Broil King: A mix of luxury and performance

Power comes in all sizes. This is what the luxury barbecue brand advertises. But Broil King not only offers all conceivable sizes and variations in design, but also different types of operation such as gas grills or smokers. But also build-in elements for outdoor kitchens are part of the range.

Get a quick overview of the most popular models here:

Gas grills: The future of grilling?

The gas grills from Broil King convince with incredible grilling diversity, so that almost every model can prepare ingredients in any style. Whether searing, roasting on the spit or indirect grilling – no problem thanks to the powerful models.


The Imperial series is suitable for true grill enthusiasts. The new Broil King Imperial XL not only has two separate cooking chambers, which provide more than sufficient grilling area, but is also very easy to operate. Both cooking chambers are equipped with cast iron grill grates, so that steaks, burgers but also vegetarian delicacies definitely succeed. The chic stainless steel design not only looks high-quality, but is also very easy to clean. Smaller versions of the series only have one cooking chamber, but are at least as effective in terms of performance.

  • 2 separate cooking chambers
  • Available in different sizes and colours
  • Price: from 3.299€


The Baron series offers both performance and a chic design in different sizes. For example, there are black lacquered or silver versions with one or two base cabinets that offer more or less storage space depending on your needs. With solid cast iron grates used on both sides, the models in the Baron series create an incomparable aroma.

  • Available in different sizes and colors
  • Price: 499€ to 639€

Pellet Smoker: A Fusion

Smoking, cooking, grilling: Pellet smokers are a true all-rounder and are suitable for everything from low-and-slow searing to high-heat roasting. Electricity is required to operate a pellet grill, as well as wood pellets made specifically for this type of grill, which are compressed sawdust. By burning the shavings, heat and smoke enter the cooking chamber, so that the food can be cooked indirectly and becomes particularly tender.

Shelf Pellet

Attention technology fans: The Regal Pellet series convinces not only with its chic, industrial design in matt black, but also thanks to its state-of-the-art technology.The models are controllable via WLAN, as well as Bluetooth. The quick selection buttons Smoke, Roast and Grill allow an improved temperature control.

  • Digital control
  • Price: from 1.199€

Crown Pellet

The Crown Pellet 500 is made of solid steel and stands for maximum durability. Also like the Regal Pellet, the model convinces with a perfect interplay of design and technology and reaches an enormously high temperature of up to 316°C.

  • Digital control
  • From €1,199

Smoker: Sizzle at the highest temperatures

The Broil King Smoke Vertical Smoker is suitable for particularly ambitious and experienced grillers. Depending on your preference, you can choose between a gas and charcoal version. The smokers are very space-saving, but at the same time produce incredible grilling results, true to the motto “small but nice” and still offer more than enough space for sausages, ribs or other grilled goods.

Vertical Charcoal/ Gas Smoker

The vertical Smoke series is available in two different versions – gas and coal. Both versions produce an authentic smoke aroma. The high-quality, very stable construction, combined with stylish accents is a real eye-catcher. The matt black smoker can be ideally integrated on any balcony, terrace or in the garden.

  • Gas and coal version
  • Price: from 699€

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However, when it comes to the question of the operating mode of a grill, minds are divided. Some go for the charcoal grill and its classic ambience and smoky flavour. Other grill fans, however, prefer the increasingly popular gas grill, as it is much more practical due to its simple and quick condition. Want to know who are some of the biggest, best and fanciest barbecue suppliers in the world? Find out here in a quick overview of the “Louboutins” among the grills.

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