Weber Grill: Tradition combined with the latest technology – models in test

Weber Grill – A brand full of tradition, combined with the latest technology. When you think of Weber, you probably think of the famous kettle grill in black high gloss. But Weber has been convincing for decades with many more models. Whether charcoal, gas grill, smoker or electric grill, here every grill lover gets his money’s worth. The company found its origin in 1893 in Illinois, but established itself in 1999 as a subsidiary in Germany. Weber grill and alternatives in comparison! Find your perfect barbecue for home & garden here in the overview: Buy barbecue.

Weber: Simple, Smart, Barbecue

Did you know that Weber publishes barbecue books together with the American chef Jamie Purviance? Find out more about the most popular models here, so that you can soon recreate one or two delicacies on the grill in your own garden.

Charcoal grills: For an authentic taste

A charcoal grill provides the classic barbecue experience. By heating the charcoal, the warm air flows upwards as smoke and roasts the respective food, releasing roasting and aromatic substances that make you want to barbecue.

Original Kettle

The Original Kettle kettle grill is probably the most famous of all models. The Original Kettle is available in different sizes. Depending on the version, it is not only well suited for terraces or gardens, but is also the ideal companion for a spontaneous outing. In addition to the black, classic version, the model is also available in other stylish colours such as green, white or anthracite.

  • “The Original” Weber Model
  • Charcoal grill
  • Price: 157,49 € to 292,95 €

Master Touch GBS

The Master Touch series resembles the classic at first glance, but is significantly larger on closer inspection. It convinces with its stable stand and is ideal for every barbecue evening at home. With new innovative features such as a hinged lid or the Char-Ring for more efficient fuel consumption, it ensures a premium barbecue experience.

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

  • Charcoal grill
  • Diameter:
  • Price: €313.95 to €418.95

Gas grills: The precision of grilling

Gas grills are very powerful and impress with their modern, simple design made of stainless steel and are an eye-catcher in every garden or terrace. Get more tips on how to optimize your terrace in style here (internal link terrace).

Spirit II/ Spirit

The Spirit series includes smaller gas grills that are ideal for catering to small groups of friends or for a romantic evening for two. Thanks to its stable stand, it can be positioned anywhere, and thanks to the wheels, it can be moved easily. Especially practical are the two fold-out shelves on the side, on which you can ideally lay out your barbecue cutlery or ingredients that are either already grilled or still need to be marinated, for example.

  • Gas grill
  • Stainless steel finish in black or silver
  • Price: €523.95 to €1,153.95

Genesis II Series

The Genesis series is particularly powerful. The stainless steel fronts provide a noble appearance and are particularly easy to maintain. The perfect interplay of the finest technology and a chic design make for an all-rounder that convinces every grill fan.

  • Gas grill
  • Stainless steel finish in black, silver, deep ocean blue or smoke grey
  • Price:1.048,95 € to 1.993,95 €

Smoker: A particularly tender result

For smokers and slow food enthusiasts, a smoker is ideal because it allows for slow cooking at a low temperature, which makes for a special taste experience. This result can also be achieved with a gas grill, but the results are much better in the smoker, as the temperature can be kept below 100 degrees more easily, which ensures that the meat can be cooked long enough so that it is particularly tender when consumed.

Smoke Fire

The Smoke Fire impresses with its industrial look. The black matt or high-gloss finish of the grill makes it look super noble. It is a true all-rounder because in addition to the classic barbecue ingredients, the Smoke Fire can also be used to prepare a pizza. On two grill levels there is enough space to provide numerous guests with culinary delicacies.

  • Wood pellet grill
  • Temperature range from 95 to 315 °C
  • Price: €1,468.95 to €1,783.95

Smokey Mountain Cooker

The Smokey Mountain Cooker is the star among Weber’s smokers. Three vents and an integrated thermometer ensure a special taste experience that makes meat so tender, for example, that it separates itself from the bones. The chic design in industrial look is another plus point.

  • Smoker
  • Available in 37, 47 and 57cm diameter
  • Price: €366.45 – €523.95

Electric grills: A new era

Electric grills are space-saving and practical. Without much effort you can grill in no time. If you have little space available, this type of grilling is suitable.

Weber Pulse 2000

The Weber Pulse 2000 is also known as the electric grill revolution. The practical, small design makes grilling easier than ever. The grill fits perfectly on any terrace or even balconies thanks to its chic design. Despite its compact size, it can cook up to six steaks at different temperatures. However, the Weber Pulse 2000 is not only available as a portable grill but also as a larger version, where the grill is integrated into a trolley.

  • Electric grill
  • Can be used as a table or stand grill
  • Price:€523.95 to €1,048.95

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