Kitchen furnishings: From worktop to tap – plan and buy your modern dream kitchen with kitchen island & co.

Kitchen furnishings – You want to buy your dream kitchen, maybe you already have some ideas in mind and want to implement them now? Then you’ve come to the right place. In this article you will learn everything you need to know about an exclusive and stylish kitchen. Create a place that is not only for cooking, but also for being together. Use modern materials for your worktop and kitchen fittings, and turn cooking into an experience with a customised kitchen island. From hoods to faucets, you’ll find the most important info and best inspiration here. Start planning your modern dream kitchen and make your wishes come true. Click here to return to the overview: Furnishing rooms. Tip of the editors! Interior trends and styles presented at a glance: Furnishing Styles.

Kitchen planning & furnishing: From ideas to delivery & installation

Planning a kitchen can take a lot of time and is not always easy to implement. There are many factors to consider and you should think about your dream kitchen in advance. How much space is available? How should it look like? What appliances do I need? Will I still like the kitchen in a few years? These are some aspects you should think about beforehand. In the following article we will give you many different tips and suggestions about the equipment of your dream kitchen, so that you can design it exclusively.

First idea: Get advice and find your inspiration

First of all, you should be aware that kitchen planning is very demanding and should be put together precisely. For this reason, we recommend that you consult an expert so that your kitchen is ideally and individually tailored to your wishes. In this first step, think about what you expect from a perfect kitchen. Which materials should be used? How much workspace and storage space do you need? Do you want a cooking island? All these aspects should be discussed and agreed upon during the initial considerations.

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Preparation: Furniture, materials, equipment & Co.

Now comes the preparation for the new kitchen. In this step, furniture, materials, but also the equipment and desired appliances are determined. Take a look at the space you have available and have the furniture planned to fit exactly. Factors such as daylight, the required storage space or the visual details also play a role. Choose between a high-gloss or matt kitchen front, with handles or without. The material of the worktop also plays an important role. You will learn more about all these topics in the course of this article. Basically, however, these three steps should be taken into account when planning:

  • How much space is available?
  • What are the dimensions and where are the connections?
  • What’s your budget?

The planning of the equipment should also not be missing in this step. Choose exclusive kitchen appliances and integrate them into your dream kitchen right from the start. Choose the right fridge and a powerful extractor hood. Choose between a gas, electric or induction cooker. Especially if you have a lot of space, there are no limits to the number and size of your appliances.

Planning, delivery and assembly

Once you have a clear idea of your dream kitchen, you should choose a manufacturer of your choice so that they can implement your ideas and wishes. Look out for a selection of high-quality products and have a 3D design of your kitchen shown to you. Last but not least, you should find out about the exact delivery times, transport and assembly of your kitchen, so that everything is coordinated in advance.

Planning a cooking island: Make cooking an experience

You have now learned how the rough steps to your dream kitchen work. Now we will give you an insight into the details, so that you can design everything ideally and according to your wishes. A dream of many is a cooking island. It offers a lot of space, is exclusive and makes cooking an experience. Look forward to your next dinner party with your friends and create a convivial atmosphere with a perfectly designed cooking island.

What should you consider? Size, use, needs

Before you decide on a cooking island, you should see if the available space offers enough room. The larger the space, the better. Decide on the ideal dimensions so that the size of the island can be tailored to your needs. If you cook alone, it can be smaller. If you like to cook with friends or family, a larger island would be beneficial. The distance between the kitchen furniture should also be large enough. A minimum distance of 120cm is recommended. Also think about what you want to use the island for. As a pure work surface? As a hob? or including a sink system? Think about it beforehand so that everything can be laid out to fit exactly.

Advantages and disadvantages of the cooking island: Cooking together requires a lot of space

A cooking island is a dream of many hobby chefs, but you should still weigh the pros and cons of all decisions. We have done this for you and put together a list with the most important key points.


  • Offers plenty of storage space for small or large devices
  • Kitchen islands provide the opportunity to cook together and leads to a convivial atmosphere
  • Bar stools can also be integrated into the island and make your kitchen more homely.


  • A cooking island needs a lot of space
  • Must be planned elaborately
  • Mostly clear view of dirty dishes, especially in eat-in kitchens.

Worktop material: selection & criteria

Countertops are one of the most important things in a kitchen. After all, in addition to aesthetics, it must be particularly functional. It should be robust, heat-resistant, resistant to moisture and easy to clean. In other words, multifunctional. A worktop is mainly used for cutting fruit or vegetables, serving dishes or storing electrical appliances. Therefore, it should also have a certain size. We recommend a minimum width of 90cm and a minimum depth of 60cm. In the following, we will introduce you to some materials so that you can make the right choice.

Concrete worktop: robust, solid and loft charm

A concrete slab is particularly robust, solid and has a rough surface. The material is very heavy, but offers some functional advantages and is, among other things, scratch-resistant. To make this worktop easy to maintain, it is recommended to seal it with oil or natural wax or to apply a synthetic sealant. This protects your plate permanently from stains, but the concrete becomes less rough and loses some of its loft charm.

Natural stone worktop: granite, marble or slate

Natural stones look particularly noble and robust in a kitchen. They are mostly very heat, cut and scratch resistant, but also have their price. Especially granite is particularly robust and you will have no problems with such a plate. Accordingly, it is also expensive. One meter of this slab can cost about 250€. Natural stones are usually grey and appear cool. This should match the materials of your furniture. When cleaning, you should avoid acid-free cleaners and have the plate impregnated for protection.

Wooden worktop: homely atmosphere and warm wood tones

Wood is warm and creates a homely atmosphere. Nevertheless, you should note that all types of wood are not very robust and therefore can not keep up in quality with, for example, natural stone. In addition, you should never cut fruit or vegetables on the plate itself, as this can lead to bacteria. To make the material more durable, it is advisable to impregnate it with oil or seal it with varnish.

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Kitchen faucet: Faucets with extra comfort & functions

Once you have planned your furniture and materials in your kitchen, you can get down to the details and make them ideal for the other things. This also applies to the kitchen faucet. There are now many different models with the most unusual extra functions. You are now spoilt for choice and have to choose the right kitchen tap. We present you here the materials and possible extras so that you can choose the right model.

Material kitchen faucet: quality has its price

Care should be taken when choosing the material. You drink from a kitchen tap and use the water for cooking. Accordingly, you should definitely get advice from an expert and rather invest a little more money in it. The materials should be of high quality so that they do not release anything into the water which could endanger your health. If the quality deteriorates, the kitchen faucets could release lead or nickel into the drinking water. We recommend using a faucet made of stainless steel or fully nickel-plated brass.

Extra functions kitchen tap: boiling water from the tap

Modern kitchen faucets in particular are no longer used exclusively for fetching water. Depending on the price range, they offer exclusive and luxurious extra functions that will make your life and your cooking easier. We’ll introduce you to a few here, so you can find out about the latest gadgets.

  • Boiling, chilled or bubbling water: Some multi-talents among the kitchen taps offer you different types of water and are a true luxury. Not only does it save you from lugging around water bottles, but also the space for a kettle.
  • Touch function: If your hands are dirty or not free during cooking, you can operate the kitchen tap with an electronic touch pad. These innovative control switches will make your processes easier.
  • Retractable taps: Especially if you prefer an always tidy kitchen, a retractable tap is very practical. It disappears visually, makes your kitchen look clean and is also very practical.

Extractor hood: design meets function

With cooker hoods, you are now offered a wide variety of modern models. You should not invest too little in this kitchen aid and rely on quality. The extractor hood is responsible for cleaning the air when cooking and filters it. Accordingly, it ensures a good indoor climate in the kitchen. You have the choice between three extractor hood techniques. The exhaust air, recirculation, or hybrid technology.

Designs for cooker hoods: types & options

You can choose from a wide variety and buy a cooker hood with many extra features or a fancy design. Depending on your personal needs, you should choose which hood is suitable for you and which fits best in your kitchen. Would you like to have a particularly high-quality one or perhaps a more discreet one? We present you some designs here.

  • Island hood: They are mounted free-hanging in the wall in the middle of the room and are ideal for cooking islands.
  • Table hood: They are simply integrated into the worktop next to the cooking area and are hay-extendable. This makes them more powerful than normal trough extractors and gives them an attractive design.
  • Flat screen hood: It is installed in the wall unit and is pulled out for use. After use, the hood disappears under the wall unit and is therefore very inconspicuous.

Additional functions: Lighting elements, screen and sound systems

In addition to the normal function, especially modern hoods have some additional functions that facilitate the work in the kitchen. These could be, for example, built-in lighting elements or a run-on function, which continues to run after switching off to suck in the last odors. A very special and exclusive additional function is provided by a multimedia cooker hood. This has a flat screen and a sound system integrated, so extremely luxurious and special.

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Kitchen trends: country house kitchen, Skandi style or kitchen all in black

There are many different ways to design and furnish your kitchen. Besides the standard white kitchen, here are a few kitchen trends to help you make the right choice. Choose between a modern country kitchen, a Scandinavian style or take a look at a black design. Find the inspiration that suits you!

Modern country kitchen: cabinet fronts in light colours & wood

Country kitchens are no longer quaint or old. This kitchen trend is especially ideal for larger rooms and living kitchens and can be implemented very modern. Especially beautiful materials and high-tech appliances make this kitchen look new and unique. A mix of urban surfaces and traditional elements makes a country kitchen very exciting. One feature, for example, is large veneers and rough-sawn surfaces. Choose between rustic, modern or mix between styles.

Scandinavian style: calm and elegance in furniture and decoration

A Scandinavian-style kitchen is particularly inviting, simple and functional. It radiates hospitality and togetherness and is also elegant. Bring calm into your kitchen and set contrasts with different materials and the right accessories. Colours other than black and white can also be used in this kitchen, and pastel shades are particularly inviting.

Black kitchen: stylish eye-catcher with black kitchen fronts

Although the white kitchen is still very popular, more and more tend to the black variant. It is on the one hand very modern and in any case an eye-catcher in your home. With the right furnishings, you can create exciting contrasts and special features in a black kitchen. The colour has a very high-quality, exclusive and pleasant effect. Work with different materials like wood or brass and create a stylish atmosphere by using the right lighting systems.

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Bulthaup kitchens: Kitchens in a class of their own

Bulthaup is a company that manufactures kitchen furniture such as islands, wall units and cabinets, but also accessories. You can create your dream kitchen with this company and have everything customized according to your wishes and needs. Find your nearest Bulthaup dealer and talk to them about materials, functions and appliances. Aesthetics and functionality always go hand in hand with these designs. Get individual advice and plan your dream kitchen.

Corporate philosophy: functionality, development and passion

Bulthaup kitchens are places where people meet and get together. The company has set itself the goal of creating kitchen and room systems that enrich life. The kitchen is a place for creativity and must be tailored to the individual. The company’s values include:

  • Architecture and functionality
  • Research and development
  • Passion

Bulthaup b1: intelligent minimization

Bulthaup has various collections in its repertoire. One of these is the Bulthaup b1. It consists of a cooking island, a wall unit and a tall cabinet and embodies intelligent minimization. This collection follows a focus on the essentials and this is made clear through different materials and selected colors. People should focus on the important things such as being together, family and friends, and the kitchen should help them to do this.

  • Island: The cooking island serves not only for cooking but also for communicating. It connects the functional with the beautiful of life. The togetherness.
  • Wall unit: The Bulthaup wall unit is characterized by the fact that it can be placed free-standing on the wall and is both functional and simple.
  • Tall cabinet: The tall cabinet primarily offers storage space and room for integrated appliances. It is tailored to the room and can be planned up to the ceiling.

Bulthaup accessories: perfect details in your kitchen

Bulthaup’s accessories are designed to be seen above all and to be the perfect details in your kitchen. Since the company’s furniture is kept rather simple and minimalist, the accessories serve as the final, perfect touch. The high standards can also be seen in these products. A lot of value is placed on design, material and workmanship. Besides pot holders, storage bowls or differently designed spice jars, you will also find cutting boards and serving trays. The special thing about them is the functionality. The bread cutting board, for example, has an integrated collection tray to avoid unnecessary mess. Here the focus is again on the essentials.