Country style furnishing: tips for living room, bedroom & kitchen in country look

Furnish in country style – Who doesn’t dream of living in a romantic country house and having a happy family life. It seems unattainable especially in the city, however, you will see that it only takes a few moves to make this dream come true in any home. The country style is one of the most popular interior design styles and creates a cozy atmosphere in any home, be it a house or an apartment. What exactly constitutes the country style, and how you can bring the country look in every room, we show you here! Back to the overview here: Furnishing styles.

Furnishing country house style: warm colours & romantic design

When you think of a country house, you immediately think of cosiness, homeliness and romance. Life in the country seems carefree and promises a happy time. The interior invites you to relax with its comfort. Especially after a stressful day at work, the feeling of warmth and comfort is exactly what you long for. To create this desired warmth, warm colours and lots of wood are used.

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Walls in nude tones, pastel colours & natural materials

If you want to design your interior in country style, you have to use a lot of warm tones. However, this applies not only to the furniture but also to the walls. Especially popular are wall colors and nude tones or pastel colors, that is: a warm beige, light brown tones or gray tones, a warm blue or a warm pink. Nude tones and pastel colors match the wood and the textile and do not stand out in the foreground, but have a homely effect.

In addition to wallpaper, a lot of emphasis is placed on natural materials in the house, which make up the country house charm. For this reason, you can also include natural materials on the walls, which is why you can also reach for a stone wall or a wooden wall. Especially a stone wall from the masonry of the house, exudes the charm of tradition and gives the room its own unique touch. A wooden wall is especially cool when you bring in old timbers, perhaps from the barn of the house, that tell a story. If you don’t have a barn or old masonry available right now, then you can also put together a stone wall or a wooden wall from new materials that you can find for little money at the hardware store.

Typical materials: Pure nature, floor of (real) wood or stone must be

To pick up the country house flair with the floor, choose a floor made of wood, i.e. a beautiful laminate, or stone. You can gladly add a few highlights in the floor by tiles with a rustic or Mediterranean pattern. The rustic and Mediterranean look creates a feeling of homeliness and warmth. The tiles create a nice contrast to the rest of the house and fit in with the traditional look that a country home exudes.

However, if you do not have the possibility to complement the floor with tiles in a rustic look, you can easily achieve the desired result by using a carpet with a similar pattern.

Instructions: How to furnish your home in country style – Video

From the series: Fixer Upper, which runs on Sixx, Chip and Joana Gaines are well known. They restore old houses and give each house a unique look. By restoring homes in the city of Waco, in Texas, they make the homes look modern country style. In this episode, an old barn was transformed into a new home for a family. The interior design perfectly reflects the country style. Get inspired by this video and see what it feels like to live in a country home.

Country style living: kitchen, living room, bedroom

Country style means the use of natural materials, such as wood, cotton, leather, stone, electricity, clay, etc. with the mixture of things reminiscent of craftsmanship, i.e. steel, iron, metal and so on.

For this reason, the country house style is often mixed with the vintage style. Old furniture that tells a story and is made of sturdy wood fits particularly well in a country house. Particularly popular are oak cabinets, which radiate tradition and warmth through the ornate design.

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Country house kitchen: Egg kitchen, doors, tiled floors, wooden kitchen unit & Co.

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home. When you think a country kitchen, you automatically think of spending time with family and traditional home cooking. A country kitchen pays off with its usability and the coziness it exudes. You just want to enjoy being here with your family and spending time together.

A paneled wood front is a must if you want to have a country style kitchen. Here, it doesn’t matter what color you want the kitchen to be. Whether it is a modern blue or green or a traditional white or grey, one is given many options. To make the kitchen counter even more vivid, choose cool metal door knobs. The countertop should be kept simple so that the kitchenette doesn’t look too cluttered and the kitchen cabinets take center stage. Here you should also make sure that the countertop is made of a natural material, so wood, marble or stone. You can also play with DIY here and repurpose old materials as worktops. To complement the kitchen countertop, choose tile tiles that are meant to be a special eye-catcher and again refer to tradition. Whether plain or tiled with pattern, everything works great in a country kitchen.

However, the accessories are the most important in a country style kitchen. Here you mix the country style with the vintage and rustic style. Take a few cool vintage parts and combine them with stainless steel or metal to implement the country house charm. Old crockery as decoration, which radiates tradition, also belongs in a country kitchen, as well as fresh herbs or spices.

Country style living room: sofa, blankets and pillows with natural materials

The living room is the heart of the home and the room where you spend most of your time with the family and where you want to relax after a long, tiring day. For this reason, this room must radiate as much warmth, security and comfort as possible. By mixing textiles, wood and matching decoration, am can easily achieve this.

The sofa should be the center of the room. It should have a deep seat and enough space for the whole family. It is important to cover it with leather or fabric, which makes the sofa warm and cozy. To perfectly complement the sofa, you need a lot of pillows made of fabric or faux fur with patterns or plain and blankets made of cotton.

But besides the couch, there is another important factor and that is the decoration. Since the living room is the center of the family, you should also be reminded of beautiful memories and the family here. Therefore, one chooses many pictures that embody this and displays them in the living room. Especially popular here are picture frames in black or wood, which fit in with the interior. Apart from the picture frames, you can play a lot with decoration, important decorative elements could be, for example, the following:

  • Curtains
  • Carpets with pattern or in trendy nude tones
  • Plants and flowers
  • Lamps in wood look or vintage lampshade
  • Books: Old or new books
  • Old tableware in a country style oak cabinet

Bedroom á la country house: colors, bed and a wardrobe with lots of storage space

As in the living room, the bedroom also plays a lot with natural materials. The mixture of wood and textile also plays an important role here to achieve the desired country house look. The bed should have an upholstered back and be covered with fabric or leather, whereby it radiates coziness and warmth. The most important thing here is again the pillows and the blankets (bedspread), which give the room the necessary homely touch. A reading corner with an armchair and a cozy lamp, let the bedroom look even more familiar and invite you to relax.

Since many things in a country house should be practical, a cabinet with plenty of storage space is needed. The cabinet should be made of real wood and have a paneled front – the wood may also be squiggled. Here again, you can fall back on an oak cabinet, because it brings exactly these properties with it.

Country House Types: French, Italian & German Country House

There are different country house styles in each country. Among the most popular are the French, Italian, German, British and the US-American country house styles. Each style embodies a particular ideal and tradition of a country, so it is all the more exciting to be able to distinguish and analyze the individual country house styles.

French country house, savoir vivre – stone walls, vintage furniture and elegance

A French country house embodies comfort in combination with elegance and the charm of Provence. The French country style is characterized by the fact that contemporary and ancient, traditional materials are brought into harmony and work together in the interior. Characterized by natural materials, such as: Wood, stone, linen, cotton, terracotta and wrought iron furniture, a French country home works. The wear and tear of the furniture and decor embodies tradition and history. So it doesn’t matter if a desk has scratched corners or streaks in the wood – that’s what gives it the charm it needs.

The classic colors of a country house are also here the common colors, so natural tones or pastel colors. The special thing about French country houses are usually the shutters, which are kept in a special blue, the Sainte Vierge called tone. Colourful accents are set for upholstery, cushions or bed linen by fabrics with traditional, Provençal patterns.

Italian country house from Tuscany: rustic living, Mediterranean style

When you think of a country house in Italy, you think of a country house in the vineyards in the region of Tuscany, which lies directly on the Mediterranean Sea. The location on the Mediterranean Sea also influences the interior design and brings with it a Mediterranean style of interior design. Characterized by terracotta-colored interiors that bring you the sun and warmth of Italy into your home, the Tuscan country house stands out from other country houses. It’s not just the colors that make an Italian country home stand out, but also the furniture. Large, exposed beams and floors made of stone, such as: Brick, limestone, tile or sandstone give each room a special Mediterranean flair. Italian country houses are especially characterized by traditional family portraits or religious pictures, which can be found in every room.

Italian craftsmanship stands for quality and finesse. Exactly this quality standard can also be found in the interior, where a lot of value is placed on high-quality processed materials. Since the country houses are characterized by the Mediterranean style, you will find especially the wood of olive trees, pine wood and walnut wood, which give the whole a traditional and unique look.

These 3 details will bring la Dolce Vita to your home:

  • Furniture made of rustic, dark wood
  • Paintings (religious or family)
  • Bright yellow walls that bring the sun into the house

German / Austrian country house: traditional furnishings

Living like Heidi in the mountains was a childhood dream of everyone. Carefree on an alpine hut with spectacular views and good German home cooking and feel comfortable in the warm home in cold temperatures. German country homes are characterized by a lot of tradition. When you think of an Almhütte, you think of lots of wood and natural materials, like leather or fabrics. However, one also thinks of hunting, i.e. animal skins. So if you imagine a living room in a German country house, you see a wooden floor, wooden walls, a leather sofa, an armchair, a fireplace, warm blankets, curtains with a red and white check pattern and lamps.

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The interior style of a traditional country house in the mountains can therefore be described as rustic. However, the rustic style is now combined with the modern. This style is super popular among Germans, as it conveys warmth but also a sense of style and luxury. Therefore, modern chalets in the mountains in connection with a family or wellness holiday, are more popular than ever.

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