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Lamps: LED lamps, ceiling lamps, floor lamps and more by Moooi Interior, Roche Bobois and Co.

Lamps – With the right lamps, your home will literally shine in a new light. Whether you live in a chic family home in the country, an old apartment in the city or a loft with 360-degree views, the right choice of lamps will make your home shine. The important thing here is that you […]

Chairs: upholstered chair, chairs for stacking and co. made of wood, metal and more in the office and dining room

Chairs – Whether a rustic wooden chair in the dining room, a classic office chair in an elegant leather look or an aesthetic cantilever chair in the kitchen – a household can rarely do without this piece of furniture. As essential as this furniture is, the choice of the right chair is just as important. […]

Boho Chic: Furnish your apartment and room in the trend of hippie bohemian style

Boho Chic Furnishings – Are you looking to redecorate your home, living room or bedroom, and looking for trends and new home styles to inspire you? Then the Boho Chic interior style could be just the thing for you! Besides summer, sun sea and party you also associate the typical boho/hippie style with Ibiza. Crochet […]

Maritime furnishings: Deko, Möbel & Tipps des Einrichtungsstils für Wohnzimmer, Schlafzimmer & Co.

Maritime interior style – a desire for the sea? Who doesn’t have that right now. To bring the holiday feeling a little bit home and avoid wanderlust, furnish your house or your apartment in maritime style. With just a few simple steps you can bring that Mediterranean flair into your home, which spreads summer vibes […]

Feng Shui furnishings: Harmony in the garden, bedroom and living room – Design according to the rules of Feng Shui

Feng Shui furnishings – You want to furnish or redesign your apartment, your house or even just a single room like your bedroom or living room? There are many different possibilities and furnishing styles. Here we would like to introduce you to the Feng Shui style. Feng Shui is the design of your home according […]

Oriental furnishings: Living like in 1001 Nights – Furniture, Cushions and Deco with the Oriental Touch

Oriental furnishings – This style has its roots in Morocco and is anything but mainstream. Rich colors and oriental patterns make every room something special. Let your home become a spiritual place with the help of oriental flair. This is especially exotic fabrics and room scents, whether caused by candles or incense sticks. We show […]

Country style furnishing: tips for living room, bedroom & kitchen in country look

Furnish in country style – Who doesn’t dream of living in a romantic country house and having a happy family life. It seems unattainable especially in the city, however, you will see that it only takes a few moves to make this dream come true in any home. The country style is one of the […]

Minimalism furnishing: renouncing decoration and superfluous furniture – The art of minimalism

Minimalism Furnishings – Who doesn’t know it: personal or rather impersonal belongings pile up at home. There is no more room on the shelves, in the cupboards or on the windowsill and you sit in your own home, look around and ask yourself: do I even need this? This is where the art of minimalism […]

Poltrona Frau: Luxury Italian Sofas, Armchairs & Armchairs – Tradition for 100 Years

Poltrona Frau – For more than a century, luxury furniture such as the famous Archibald armchair has been designed and manufactured with Italian charm. The renowned furniture label has not lost any of its innovation and elegance. After more than a hundred years, Poltrona Frau is now undoubtedly one of the most excellent and sought-after […]

Essential Home Furniture: Mid-Century furniture like chairs, tables and decorative items from Portugal

Essential Home – Have you ever noticed that whenever we talk about interior design, we are very quick to use feeling adjectives to describe our surroundings or our ideal environment? We want it to be cozy, we want it to feel homey, and we don’t want the space to feel too unfriendly. Just like these […]

Luxxu: modern design, elegant lighting, fancy furniture, lamps and co. from Portugal

Luxxu – Modern Design & Living: elegant, timeless and luxurious. These are terms that one associates with the Portuguese interior design brand. Especially the famous Waterfall and Empire Chandeliers are trademarks of the company. But also with the at the same time timeless and modern dining chair “Charla” you can’t go wrong in your own […]

Bretz living dreams: unique sofa sets, beds, cushions & carpets in numerous designs

Bretz Wohnträume – Colourful designs paired with the highest quality of a traditional family business? That’s what you’ll find at Bretz! Even though this company is a long-standing family business, the designs are anything but traditional and out! Bright colours, artistic patterns and innovative shapes as well as materials that promise the highest comfort are […]

Vitra Living: Home collection with iconic furniture pieces such as sofas, armchairs or chairs

Vitra Living – Living room, bedroom, study, kitchen furnishings: You think your home could use some new furnishings? Then take a look at Vitra Living! Here you will find armchairs, desks, chairs or vases in contemporary design. The architects and designers of the Swiss company work to turn your own four walls into your personal […]

Maison Valentina: luxury bathroom, exceptional furnishings around bathtubs, washbasins & furniture

Maison Valentina – Luxury bathroom furnishings: Comfort, luxury and exclusive designs, these are the main goals of the Portuguese design brand “Maison Valentina”. Why should you live your luxury lifestyle in the house, but stop in the bathroom? The company has asked itself this question and therefore designs exquisite and sophisticated bathroom furniture. Whether it’s […]

Circu Magical Furniture: Romantic armchairs, sofas and beds with enchanting designs for big & small

Circu Magical Furniture – “Parents also have dreams”: With this motto, the furniture company not only offers furniture like from a child’s dream world, but also beds, chairs and co. for the grown-ups and the little ones of the family. Nevertheless, the focus of the furniture manufactured in Portugal is on furnishing children’s rooms. Here […]

Cassina Furniture: elaborate designer furniture such as sofas, armchairs and chairs from Italy

Cassina Furniture – The brand aims to bring contemporary design into everyday life. Whether at the desk, in the dining room or on the sofa, the label equips you with furniture that elegantly fits into a modern home without looking out of place. In this way, they enhance the living and working environment. In addition, […]