Poltrona Frau: Luxury Italian Sofas, Armchairs & Armchairs – Tradition for 100 Years

Poltrona Frau – For more than a century, luxury furniture such as the famous Archibald armchair has been designed and manufactured with Italian charm. The renowned furniture label has not lost any of its innovation and elegance. After more than a hundred years, Poltrona Frau is now undoubtedly one of the most excellent and sought-after Italian luxury brands when it comes to interior design. Find out what the brand has to offer, what its design language is and what makes Poltrona Frau so special and exclusive – all that here! Let Poltrona Frau inspire you for your next interior design project. Are you interested in interior design? Then you’ll find even more inspiration, tips and trends here: Furnishing styles XXL.

Poltrona Frau: Noble furniture & materials for your living room

Founded in 1912 by designer and entrepreneur Lorenzo Frau in Turin, “Renzo” Frau specialized in high-quality, leather-upholstered furniture. From then on, numerous furniture icons were created under the Poltrona Frau label (Poltrona is the Italian word for armchair, by the way). Among them is the legendary club sofa “Chester”, which is still in production today. Frau’s furniture was soon able to convince through execution and passion, because in the middle of the 20th century his creations could already be found in aristocratic houses, luxurious cruise ships and government buildings.

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Sofa icon: “Chester” club sofa – timeless design with quilted look

First included in the catalogue in 1912, Poltrona Frau took the Chester model as an example of the sofas and armchairs that could be seen in the English clubs and country houses of the time. More than 100 years later, Chester is one of the icons of furnishing history and since then has been synonymous with the authenticity and perfection of the Poltrona Frau brand. Its trademark is the particularly beautiful pleated finish of the armrests.

Sofa for friends & family: Chester One – more space for guests

Of course, even a legendary model like Chester needs innovation – with Chester One, the sofa offers even more comfort by adding a fourth or fifth seat. Nevertheless, the collection remains faithful to the original. The curved armrest, a support structure made of seasoned beech wood and the hand-shaped upholstery of the back and armrests made of vegetable horsehair. Suspension is provided by biconical springs, hand-tied and attached to jute straps. The seat cushion is made of goose down and polyurethane foam.

Chester Line: The choice is yours – Individual Chester sofas for every room

With the Chester Line, the sofa icon has arrived in its final form: never before has comfort and elegance been so versatile! Here, too, the classic attributes of the original Chester model are retained, but redesigned in such a way that the luxury sofa adapts to the changing needs of contemporary life. Through a new configuration à la add-on system, your new dream sofa can be adapted to any interior. You can choose from perfectly finished leather, beautiful colours of various shades of beige to soft dark blue.

The different Chester sofas are available at the following prices:

  • Chester Original: from about 12.000€
  • Chester One: from 14.628€
  • Chester Line: from €31,100

Armchairs: Poltrona Frau Armchairs – flagship & bestseller

Among the most successful designs from the early days of Poltrona Frau are the “1919 Armchair” from this very year, which is still in production today, as well as the “Vanity Fair Armchair” from 1930. As true icons of Italian design, these fashionable armchairs should not be missing in your Poltrona Frau living room – after all, the “armchair” is already included in the Italian name for Poltrona Frau and is considered a true symbol of the brand.

1919 Armchair – Sitting like a duke on this armchair

First created in 1919, as the name suggests, the stately armchair was originally custom designed for the Duke of Pistoia Filiberto Ludovico di Savoia. However, the specifically designed armchair quickly developed into a much sold favourite of the furniture label and is a true essential when it comes to noble interior design. A special feature of the fine armchair is the ashtray in the shape of a plate or drinking glass container, both of which can be attached to the left or right armrest as desired.

Vanity Fair Armchair: Elegant Emblem & Minimalist Design with Colour

A classic of Italian design, the Armchair was designed in 1930 and is still sold today in minimally modified form. On the occasion of its 90th anniversary, the Armchair was revised and thus perfected even further to provide an even more comfortable and inviting seating experience. After all, good design doesn’t get old.

Vanity Fair retains real recognition value through its rounded forms. A stylistic element that has been preserved are the rows of leather-covered nails that can be found, for example, on the side parts of the backrests. As in the Chester series, the upholstery is made of hand-modelled, vegetable and rubberised horsehair.

Archibald: Great comfort with style – Look & Prices

French elegance and Italian passion come together here: the Archibald armchair invites you to relax comfortably or meditate – and looks stylish at the same time. The central element of the armchair is the large, soft seat cushion, wrapped in a luxurious leather arm and backrest with a sumptuous goose down filling. The leather on the backrest creates a pleasant free play of waves, making the armchair lively and cosy at the same time.

The Archibald armchairs are available in various designs in several price categories:

  • Original Archibald: from €4,185
  • Archibald A: from €4,844
  • Archibald King Armchair with Ottoman: from €6,612
  • Archibald Gran Comfort: from €7,211

Kitchen, living room, office: chairs from Poltrona Frau

No matter what room – a chair from Poltrona Frau is the perfect addition to your home. The extension of the Archibald-Line with a Dining Chair and the different versions of the chair “Ginger” are especially in demand…. Both chairs convince with class and style. In their different versions they fit into every office, dining room or living room.

Dinner with Archibald: chair as sculpture

Based on its iconic Archibald armchair, Poltrona Frau has created another piece of impeccable elegance with the Archibald Dining Chair. Comfortable and versatile, the dining chair presents itself sculpturally in your dining room. Details like the lush pleating on the inside of the backrest give the chair a sleek, casual attitude. Thus, according to Poltrona Frau, the Archibald Dining Chair is ideal in modern rooms or as a point of contrast in a classic ambience.

Ginger chair invites you to sit safely: Leather & Wood for the Dining Room

This protective chair provides a secure feeling when sitting with refined simplicity. The soft and comfortable leather shell lets everyone who sits in it feel the attention to detail and excellent leather workmanship. In its swivel or fixed versions, the Ginger armchair fits perfectly in the workspace or ideally around the living room table.

Bedroom: beds with Italian charm

Each Poltrona Frau bed can be individually adapted to your own needs. The range includes beds in every style, from minimalist modern beds to classic and imposing upholstered beds. For the bed of your dreams, you can choose from a variety of slatted frames and a beautiful range of leather colours.

Poltrona Woman Coupé Bed

Sleep with sporty elegance: inspired by the understated class and extravagance of the sports car, the Coupé bed is defined by clean, aerodynamic lines. The flowing and compact line of the bed is emphasised by two different geometric shapes between the headboard and the bed frame, which create a comfortable space for two.

Feel good all around with Lullaby Due

This round and unusual bed can be rotated clockwise and counterclockwise a full 360° thanks to its swivel mechanism. It can be placed wonderfully in the middle of the room and looks simple and timeless in its authentic 60’s look. The word “Lullaby” in the name gives the Poltrona Frau bed exactly the right spin, because in the Lullaby Due it is undoubtedly pleasant to lull yourself to sleep.

Poltrona Woman Aurora Due Bed

This spacious and inviting bed makes you feel safe and secure. With a wide headboard, the bed is characterised by a delicate quilted finish and is a high-quality, modern designer bed of the highest standards through and through. Available with a generous storage compartment, Aurora Due can be configured to suit your personal wishes.

Collaborations: Poltrona Woman in Cars, Hotels & Airlines

Whether in the air, on the street or in the halls of government buildings, the perfectly crafted leather of the Italian luxury furniture label is not only found in your own living room. From concert halls in L.A. to the European Parliament, to first class suites of prestigious airlines or the interior of a Ferrari – Poltrona Frau is famous worldwide for its leather furnishings.

Poltrona Woman x Ferrari

Poltrona Frau has been outfitting Ferrari interiors for several decades. The leather for the nippy car seats and dashboards is significantly firmer and thicker. The customer can customize his sports car down to the stitch density of the seams. This gives each car a personality made of different leather, tanning, color and thread.

Since 2000, however, the Italian leather expert has not only been outfitting Ferrari automobiles. The popular British leather manufacturer Connolly ceased production and suddenly the brands were queuing up in front of the factory in Italy: Bugatti, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Lancia, Fiat and Land Rover – Poltrona Frau leather can be found everywhere.

Poltrona Woman x Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines has equipped its new first and business class cabins with exclusive Poltrona Frau leather. The comfortable full leather seats can be fully lowered to a bed and the suite equipment can almost be compared to a 5-star hotel. In Business Class, the middle row has a continuous partition which, if required, can also be lowered to form a comfortable double bed.

Poltrona Frau x European Parliament

The European Parliament in Strasbourg also has an eye for the meticulous craftsmanship of Italian leather furniture. As early as 1996, the government building was supplied with high-class leather seats and armchairs by one of the most sought-after furniture manufacturers in the world. In your Poltrona Frau armchair you too can feel like a real global player at home.