Moulin Rouge Musical: Premiere in Cologne – Ticket, Show and Highlights

The Moulin Rouge stands for vaudeville, also revue, i.e. show with musical and acrobatic interludes. Since its beginnings in 1889, it has hosted many artists who are legends today. Names like Elton John, Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles. What happens at the Moulin Rouge, stays at the Moulin Rouge! This magic surrounds the Paris Variety House since then, as well as the Moulin Rouge musical that had its premiere in 2018, in 2019 it was seen for the first time on Broadway in New York, since then it has conquered the world, from London (UK) to Cologne (Germany) to Sydney (Australia). The musical has won a total of 10 Toni Awards – we were for you at the premiere in Germany!

Moulin Rouge Premiere: Only a few hours!

The premiere in Cologne – from Sunday, 06.11.22, 6 p.m.

Muscial Dome Cologne: Directions and tickets

You want to experience the musical yourself? After the premiere, you can watch the story at any time. Here are the most important links and directions to the Music Dome in Cologne.

Moulin Rouge Musical: London, Sydney, New York

Moulin Rouge appeared as a film in 2001, so successful in its story that in 2018 it became a musical, with its first premiere at Emerson Colonial Theatre in Boston. Then in 2019 even on Broadway, at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre.

Broadway Musical: Live at Good Morning Amarica

The musical has made it all the way to Syndey, seen here at the final premiere in the summer of 2022.

Moulin Rouge: The original in Paris

The Moulin Rouge celebrated its opening on October 6, 1889. Since then, the Moulin Rouge occupies a special place in the world of entertainment, especially in the heart of the French. The great and fascinating history, the international importance and the incomparable quality of its performances, have made the Moulin Rouge in Paris the most famous cabaret in the world.

In the past and today! Currently“Féerie” is running at the Moulin Rouge.

Two performances per evening, sixty artists on stage, magnificent decorations by exceptional craftsmen, original music. For a full two hours, you will experience a wonderful mix of danced tables and surprising numbers. “Féerie”, a review of all recordings, has been applauded by more than 10 million spectators from all over the world since its launch!

Want to see and experience the Moulin Rouge for yourself?

Paris is always worth a trip!

Location in Paris: How to get to the Moulin Rouge

82 Bd de Clichy, 75018 Paris, France. Calculate your route on Google Maps here.

Boulevard de Clichy 360° Tour

Story, stars and rhinestones: The theater

Since its beginnings at the Moulin Rouge, artists who are extremely talented have performed on the legendary stage. First of all, Goulue, the muse of Toulouse-Lautrec, who together with her acolyte Valentin-le-Désossé sparked so many conversations on the subject, revolutionized the famous and unique French Cancan.

The ever larger and more spectacular shows eventually open up a new genre of their own. Thus, the Moulin Rouge became the cradle of music hall make.

Stars who performed at the Moulin Rouge

Not to mention all the famous artists who performed at the Moulin Rouge, such as:

  • Charles Trenet
  • Dean Martin
  • Edith Piaf
  • Ella Fiztgerald
  • Elton John
  • Frank Martin
  • Frank Sinatra
  • Jean Gabin
  • Line Renaud
  • Ray Charles
  • Yves Montand

After well over 100 years of a sensational show program, France’s greatest cabaret continues to inspire dreams in its latest program “Féerie”!

Two performances per evening, sixty artists on stage, magnificent decorations by exceptional craftsmen, original music, two hours of a wonderful mix of danced tables and surprising numbers, not forgetting the most characteristic dance of the Moulin Rouge, the French Cancan!

The Moulin Rouge is a dream world every night.

1.001 Show costumes in theater

The theater is particularly interested in preserving its unique expertise in the manufacture of show and music hall costumes. Recently, the company has purchased several of these workshops: Maison February for feathers, Maison Clairvoy for shoes, and Atelier Valentin for embroidery.

Every evening and every night, from more than 1,000 costumes, with feathers, zircons and sequins is invented, made with precision by our artisans.

A true French symbol, the Moulin Rouge will continue to shine throughout the world and become a must-see in Paris once again. At the foot of the Montmartre hill, the wings of the Moulin (mill) have been spinning for over 100 years and will continue to spin and make us dream.