Pimkie fashion brand: winter jackets, coats & boots – Stylish and trendy women’s fashion

Pimkie – The brand Pimkie stands for stylish, trendy and affordable women’s fashion, so it’s no wonder that the brand enjoys great popularity throughout Europe! You will find at Pimkie as with the fashion brands H&M, Abercrombie & Fitch and GAP high quality fashion basics and trendy it-pieces. In this article you will get an insight into the history of the brand, the fashion of Pimkie and the most popular products of the fashion label.

Brand success story

The brand belongs to the French Mulliez Group, whose subsidiaries include Orsay, Auchan, Decathlon and Leroy-Merlin. The group is still owned by the French Mulliez family. In 1971, the brand was founded by three textile specialists who were enthusiastic about the then emerging trend of women’s trousers. They wanted to expand the trend further. Their designs of women’s pants were considered innovative even to the point of revolutionary. When the brand’s first store opened in 1972 in Lille, France, the response from customers was accordingly overwhelming. By 1982, Pimkie managed to expand and grow as a brand very successfully, opening hundreds of stores in France. From 1988, Pimkie also managed to conquer the European market and opened numerous stores in Europe, as well as in Germany. In 1990 the first Pimkie stores opened in Spain and in 1994 the first stores opened in Italy. In 2006, the brand also launched its online store, since then you can buy your favorite fashion from Pimkie online.

The logo of the brand

Pimkie’s logo is simple but effective: no bright colors or embellishments distract from the lettering, so the complete focus is on the brand name Pimkie.

Fashion from Pimkie: Elegant & Trendy

The range of the brand includes jackets, coats, sweaters, T-shirts, jeans, pants, dresses, skirts, lingerie, shoes and accessories. The fashion of Pimkie is very trendy and fashionable and especially aimed at young women who are looking for fashion that is stylish, but still not too expensive. At Pimkie you can always find the latest trends, but also basics that just always go like leather jackets, trench coats, but also simple basic T-shirts, sweaters and cute cardigans. From playful frilly and flowery dresses, T-shirts with prints and leggings with flared legs, here is really just the right thing for every taste!

Winter Must-Have: Fluffy Jackets

Perfect for the cold days: fluffy jackets made of teddy fur, which keep you nice and warm and also look great! Pimkie fluffy jackets in different styles and colors such as beige, brown and gray. In addition to teddy jackets, Pimkie also has great fashion basics that everyone should have in the closet, such as leather jackets, denim jackets and blazers in their jacket range.

Elegant and timeless: coats from Pimkie

Especially popular at Pimkie are the beautiful coats of the brand. No wonder the coats range includes not only trendy teddy coats, but also timeless, classic coats made of wool and trench coats. At Pimkie you will find the right coat for every season and every style.

Boots and ankle boots: various styles

You are looking for great boots or ankle boots? Then Pimkie is the right place for you! The brand offers stylish boots with and classic elegant ankle boots made of velvet. Perfectly combined with a leather skirt and tights or casually with jeans, with boots from Pimkie your outfit is guaranteed to be an eye-catcher!

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