Bentley Home: sofas, armchairs and other luxury furniture from the famous car manufacturer

Bentley Home – If you want to add that special something to your interior design, then the exclusive and luxurious furniture from Bentley Home is exactly what you need. Whether you want to combine a modern or a classic interior with the eye-catchers makes no difference. The furniture adapts to any style and ensures that the home becomes something very special and exclusive. Find out more about Bentley Home’s furniture, which adorns the most luxurious suites in first-class hotels all over the world. Are you interested in interior design? Then you’ll find even more inspiration, tips and trends here: XXL interior design styles.

Bentley Home: Extravagance with leather & high-quality materials

Are you looking for a luxurious interior design? Then you’ve come to the right place. The British brand Bentley stands for luxury and comfort. It reflects the glitz and glamour of the royal family of the United Kingdom. Through high-priced luxury cars, Bentley has been convincing the automotive industry for more than 100 years. The Bentley brand is associated with quality and the world of the rich and beautiful. Since 2013, Bentley is now also trying its hand in the interior sector and also convinces here with unique and high-quality design. The interplay of wood and leather also succeeds in the interior area and underlines the image of the brand excellently.

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Bentley Motors x Club House Italia: Cooperations & Hotel Equipment

Bentley Home is a cooperation between Bentley and Club House Italia. The cooperation partner Club House Italia is known for handcrafted furniture design and furnishing of hotels, houses and yachts in Italy. Bentley, on the other hand, enjoys the image of the best interior design of automobiles, so that the know-how of the companies Bentley Motors and Club House Italia meet and merge at Bentley Home. The interaction of the two brands offers the best opportunity to bring your home to the same high standard as your car.

“Now you can live the way you drive.” (Source: Bentley Motors)

Video: Italian craftsmanship meets high quality woodworking

Bentley stands for quality and so the individual materials are also processed with great effort. Each piece of furniture is individually handmade. Traditional and modern inspired craftsmanship merges with the application of new technologies.

Italian craftsmanship is known for the attention to detail and the precise and high quality processing of materials. This image suits Bentley Home’s aspirations and is used to translate the excellence of craftsmanship to the furniture.

Bentley Home: Furnishings & furniture for every room

A noble real wood kitchen as an eye-catcher or rather a bed that makes you dream? Bentley Home has exclusive furniture despite the small product depth. The interplay of high-quality wood and leather directly creates a feeling of comfort and quality. Bentley offers a new selection of exclusive furniture in new collections every year. In the latest collection, from 2020, the following pieces of furniture are presented:

  • A bed which is available in a classic brown design but also in a grey/white design.
  • An armchair that is kept in a simple dark wood and nude tone
  • A sofa that matches the colour of the armchair
  • A chair which also matches the design of the armchair and sofa
  • A kitchen that stands out due to its unique design and high-quality processed materials

Bentley Home x Carlo Colombo

Bentley brings out a new collection every year, with individual exclusive furniture. Among others this collection, which was designed together with Carlo Colombo. Carlo Colombo is one of the most important Italian architects and designers. He has contributed his know-how to the creation and design of the new collection.

This collection is characterised by the fact that many details are intended to be reminiscent of a Bentley or the interior of a Bentley. With the help of this, the designer creates a connection between Bentley Home and Bentley Motors.

Bampton Sofa: Convinces with harmonious design

Does the Bampton sofa remind you of the design of a dashboard? Then it’s just the right connection. The Bampton sofa is designed to remind you of the dashboard of a Bentley. The light form is accompanied by harmonious and soft lines, which together generate a high level of comfort. The backrest, which is mounted on the shiny wood, flows smoothly into the leather-covered armrest and the upholstered seat.

Buxton kitchen: Exclusive kitchen in larch wood

A kitchen with a couture handle that is a real eye-catcher thanks to the use of straight lines and dark wood. The kitchen combines modernity with class and style. Consisting of a kitchen unit and a kitchen island, it offers not only the design but also enough storage space. The kitchen front is made of larch wood with an integrated marble top in Calacatta Gold. The sliding marble top houses a steel sub-plate underneath, including a high-tech cooking module.

Office desk: President Writing desk by Carlo Colombo

Who has never wanted to feel like a president at their desk? The President Writing desk makes this possible. The size and look of the desk embodies luxury and success. Once again, a parallel to the automobile has been made here. The desk doors are reminiscent of the typical Bentley diamond quilting pattern, which is intended to resemble the interior of a Bentley. The interplay of fine wood and leather is also repeated here.

Mere Armchair: The perfect lounge chair for your office or study

The Mere Armchair reminds with its design of a lounge chair. Again, larch wood was used, which encases the chair and gives it a glamorous touch. As with the Bampton Sofa, the backrest and the seat are upholstered in leather, but here a black leather was chosen to emphasize the lounge character. To evoke the theme of the car, metal strips have been inserted to encase the individual components.

Alston table: A special dining table for the whole family

The imposing leather leg that supports the ebony macassar top makes the Alston table something exclusive and special. The perfectly chosen shape, which is almost aesthetic due to the graceful lines, makes you dream of having this table in your own dining room and sitting at the table with the whole family. However, if you choose the Alston table, you will need space in the dining room or living room, as its size and dark wood and leather make it the eye-catcher of the room.

But which chairs go well with the Alston table? Here is a small selection

  • Kendal: This chair is available either with a beige seat cushion and a checkered backrest or for those who like it a little more simple, this chair is also available with a white seat cushion and a dark grey or beige backrest.
  • Belgravia: The chair is characterized by its minimalism. A simple wooden frame holds the seat cushion, which is in dark beige, with the edges of the wood glazed in the colour of the cushion.
  • Thorne: The design of this chair is reminiscent of a Hedi from Star Wars. The purple color makes it stand out from the other chairs. Another special feature is the backrest, which goes completely to the floor, so it looks like a cape. The fact that the upholstery here is covered with fabric instead of leather gives the chair a certain uniqueness.

Collection 2020: Video of the products & possibilities of furnishing

Here you can take a look at the Bentley Home 2020 collection. Be inspired by luxurious but simple furniture with exclusive materials. Get to know Bentley Home and the very individual design language of the interior label.

Essentials from Bentley Home: blankets, candles & co.

Bentley Home convinces not only through the furniture pieces but also through home accessories. These match the colour of the furniture and stand out from the furniture with their shapes. With every home accessory a reference to Bentley Motors is made. Be it, for example, the candle holders, which are reminiscent of the design of the interior of the engine compartment or a paper holder, which is designed as the Bentley symbol, which can be found on the bonnet of every Bentley.

Bentley Home ceiling: warm wood meets cool blue

Even more comfort on the Bentley Couch? Yes please! The blue color of the blanket perfectly matches the brown colors of the furniture. Although the color blends in, the blanket still catches the eye because the blue color stands out against the warm tones. In the middle of the ceiling, the words Bentley are clearly written. The Bentley lettering is framed by rectangles so that it stands out in particular.

Bentley Home candles: bringing the scent of a Bentley home

Scent of exhaust fumes? No way, the Bentley scented candles convince as a luxurious addition to the furniture. The Nexus 11 candle impresses with a warm and woody note that contributes to a sense of well-being. The Fergus 37 candle stands out with a leather-inspired scent that is meant to remind you of the interior of a Bentley. Both are finished in a plain grey with a subtle Bentley logo. The scented candles are meant to come to the fore through their scent rather than their design.

Specialities & Rarities: Bottle Stopper with Mascot “Flying B”

A nice bottle of wine is part of any relaxing evening, but what to do when you’ve already removed the cork from the bottle? The Bentley Bottle Stopper, inspired by Bentley’s own iconic mascot “Flying B” and long synonymous with automotive excellence, is the perfect way to make even the bottle of wine an eye-catcher.

The “Flying B” mascot, which stands for excellence, has been redesigned by Bentley in 2019 to mark the 100th anniversary of the Bentley symbol. The redesigned Flying B is to be used for the entire next century. The new design is said to embody a flying owl in search of its prey. The owl was chosen because it appears calm and serene when stationary but expresses a certain power and agility when in motion. This meaning fits the image of Bentley cars. Despite their understated beauty, they have power.

Bentley Home Prices: Quality has its price – an overview

Since Bentley not only stands for high quality but also undoubtedly implements this in the products, a high price for the furniture is appropriate and indispensable. The pieces of furniture are not produced on the assembly line on mass but made by hand through craftsmanship.

So you have to be aware of the high prices if you have fallen in love with a furniture and want to buy it. The Bentley Home furniture stands for an extraordinary interior design and stands out from furniture of other brands by the material and the form. All the furniture pieces have been adorned with a logo, to which the furniture can then be seen as a status symbol when incorporated into the interior design of a home. Another special feature is also that you can have the furniture pieces made in individual colors, so that each piece of furniture matches the interior.

The chairs start at 4000€ (Neven Chair). The Neven bed is available for 11 430€, which reminds of the price of a small new car. The sofa from the Neven Collection is more expensive than the bed and is priced at 14 070€. Where the kitchen or the other furniture will be located in terms of price, can be predicted. If you value luxurious furnishings, Bentley Home is a real option to amaze your visitors with its special design.

  • Neven bed (approx. 11.400€)
  • Neven Sofa (approx. 14.000€)