Office furnishings: Design ideas and tips for desk, office chair, cabinets and co.

Office furnishings – The office should be a place to feel comfortable and work. The key to success is often a pleasant atmosphere at the workplace. It is important to create a positive working atmosphere so that you can always pursue your work with motivation and achieve success. Starting with the choice of the right room, through ergonomic working conditions of desk and office chair to the choice of the right room plants, we explain to you in the following article all the important aspects that need to be considered in office design. Successful working! Are you interested in furniture and furnishings in general? Then check out our guide to the most popular luxury interior brands – from Fendi Casa to Gucci Décor or Boca do Lobo! Tip of the editors! Interior trends and styles presented at a glance: Interior Styles.

Office: working with the right furniture leads to success

You made it and turned your hobby into your profession? Congratulations! The optimal design of your office will help you to continue your work full of energy and motivation. Are you in the middle of planning your own four walls? Whether you’re building a family home or looking for the perfect loft apartment in the big city, not everyone has the luxury of their own office. If you’re tired of working from your bed or kitchen table, it’s time to give your office the attention it deserves. Here’s what you need to know about planning and decorating your office.

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Important: power sockets, room climate and Internet access in the office

In order to start your working day undisturbed, with full concentration and motivation, you must be able to fall back on certain aids. Your working day will be extremely tedious if there is a poor internet connection in the office or if there is no power socket in suitable proximity to your desk. Only when these basics are taken care of can you move on to the nicer things – decorating. Before that, here’s a little overview for you, so that you can create an optimal workplace.

  • Space planning – How much space do you need?
  • Noise sources – where should my office be located? (backyard etc.)
  • Light conditions (windows & bright, friendly atmosphere)
  • Where should the desk be placed?
  • Are there enough power outlets near your desk?
  • Do I have an internet connection in this room?
  • Do I have a good internet connection?

Well-being in the office: Ergonomic workplace with optimal furniture

You spend most of your working time in front of a screen? Physical activities are hardly ever part of your job description? Thanks to digitalisation, according to the Federal Statistical Office, two out of three employees (25-54 years old) now work at a desk with a computer. And the trend is rising. As many advantages as this development brings with it, it also comes with physical dangers. Spending all day sitting in front of your computer can be harmful to your back, muscles and eyes. That’s why we’re presenting you with the most important factors for an ergonomically designed workplace. You can counteract these side effects, improve your motivation and create a better working atmosphere:

  • Position of the desk (parallel positioning of the desk to the windows)
  • Mounting of blinds
  • Glare-free ceiling lighting (400 – 600 lux)
  • Matching monitor (adjustable in height, non-glossy, reflective,
  • Adjustable desk and office chair
  • Optimal positioning of monitor

Living style in the office: minimalist, Feng Shui or country house style

Now that you’ve read up on all the ergonomic factors, it’s time for the creative part of office design. First decision – which style of living suits you best? Clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic are often preferred in office spaces. Of course, if your whole home is country style, it’s a good idea to bring that style into the office. This is where your personal taste comes in. Below, we present the most popular styles for office spaces:

Minimalist style: clean lines, geometric shapes and splashes of colour

A minimalist interior style has been enjoying ever-increasing popularity for years. What distinguishes a minimalist office interior? Wondering if this design style suits your personal taste? Find out: The main feature is the use of clean lines, shapes and colors. Decorative accessories are used judiciously to optimize the aesthetics of the space. “Less is more” has not infrequently established itself as the new rule – this is also the case with the minimalist interior design style. Very often, the colour white is used as a basis, which creates a calm and relaxed atmosphere. If you still don’t want to do without colours completely, the use of thoughtful splashes of colour is very popular. Accessories, curtains or rugs can make your office shine in a friendlier light. The real trick with this simple-looking design style is finding the balance between basics and sophisticated details. The following interior design brands create stylish furniture and accessories in a minimalist style. Let the clean lines inspire you.

Country style: cosiness thanks to wood panelling, pastel shades and more

Are you a great lover of rustic furniture and wood panelling? Then you’re in perfect hands with the country style interior. Charm, warmth and country flair best describe this popular design style. Rustic, light-coloured furnishings help to lighten up the hectic workday a little. Key features include the use of cream & pastel tones, natural materials such as wood, linen or cotton and the use of elegant decorative items in gold or silver settings. Particularly popular with country house lovers are stylish vases with fresh flowers and wood-clad picture frames. All these create the finishing touches to make your office exude coziness and charm. Below, we present you with a list of popular interior brands that are dedicated to country style, among other things. Convince yourself of the inviting style.

Feng Shui: the right combination of colors, materials and shapes

“Feng” and “Shui” mean “wind” and “water” in Chinese and stand for the philosophy of harmony between man and his environment. The top priority in this style of furnishing is the aspect that the design of the room has a positive influence on your well-being. Feng Shui is not so much an interior design style as a philosophy of life. This philosophy is based on the idea that the so-called Chi, the flow of life energy, is used correctly. The conscious use of Chi, can be achieved with the thoughtful combination of colors, shapes and materials. If the idea of Feng Shui has captivated you, we recommend that you adhere to the following basic rules of Feng Shui:

  • Proper light (not too warm, not too bright)
  • Daylight the best
  • Ceiling floodlights, LED spots, daylight lamps
  • Houseplants create a positive indoor climate (houseplants with round leaves)
  • Use of wood
  • Closed cupboards, chests of drawers, etc. (open shelves often disturb concentration)
  • Keeping order is the A&O
  • Close office door after work (separation of work and private life)

If you adhere to the basic rules of Feng Shui, nothing will stand in the way of your aesthetic desires and your well-being.

Desk: adjustability, size and design

Choosing the right desk can be as complicated and difficult as choosing the right shoes. Not all desks are created equal. While you should design your desk ergonomically, you should also consider the aesthetic factor. From choosing the style of furniture, to choosing the material, to choosing the right colour – we’ll explain what you need to consider when buying the perfect desk for you in the following paragraphs:

Important criteria: Size, adjustability and more

Have you been complaining of back pain, migraine attacks or eye pain for a long time? Then it’s time that your new office meets all ergonomic requirements. An important point here, as already mentioned, is the right desk.

  • Height: between 68 and 76 centimetres high, or adjustable
  • Large, non-reflective or glossy surface
  • Correct setting: approx. ten centimetres space between thigh and desk
  • Enough space for monitor, working documents etc.
  • Proper lighting

Placement of the desk: perfect working climate through light, fresh air & co.

As tempting as the direct view out of the window from the workplace may seem, it is counterproductive for your health and concentration. The correct positioning of the desk is considered the be-all and end-all of an ergonomic workplace. It is important to note that the desk is not exposed to direct light. If the window is directly in front of the computer, the ratio between daylight and display is too great. If the window is behind the computer, there will be disturbing reflections on the monitor. The ideal position of the desk parallel to the window has become established. To avoid possible reflections altogether, the use of blinds and the installation of a glare-free ceiling light is recommended. So nothing stands in the way of a pleasant working day at your desk!

Desk types: rectangular, round and more in wood, metal and co.

You’ve already decided on your interior style, taken care of all the ergonomic requirements, and yet you’re still faced with a large selection of different desks. Now it’s time to decide on a shape and material. The most popular type of desk is the classic rectangular table. Furthermore, you can decide between the square desk, the corner desk and the arch desk. Below we list the respective advantages & disadvantages of these desk variants:

Rectangular desk:


  • Plenty of space (on and under the desk)
  • Relatively inexpensive


  • Takes up a lot of space
  • Not the whole area can be used (corners)

Square desk:


  • Cost-effective
  • Very space saving


  • Visually not very appealing
  • Small work surface

Corner desk:


  • Optimal use of space
  • Space saving


  • More expensive to purchase
  • Less space under the desk

Arch Desk:


  • High light in every office
  • Plenty of storage space under the table


  • Cost-intensive procurement
  • Impractical in placement

Office chair: adjustability for optimum sitting comfort

The heart of your office – at least for your back and your health. Especially in times when you often feel like you’re sitting in front of a screen all day, a comfortable and good sitting posture is essential. You prefer soft upholstered office chairs? Do you prefer to do without a backrest for a straight posture? As different as people’s needs are, it’s even more important to consider individual adjustability when choosing your office chair. The following should be adjustable:

  • Backrest
  • Armrests
  • Neck or head support
  • Seat depth
  • Seat
  • Seat height

Once all questions regarding functionality have been clarified, the visual appearance should not disappoint. Whether it’s a gaudy pink office chair, a metal office stool or a classic swivel chair in practical black – Interior-Brands offer a wide range of different office chair models that everyone should be able to find!

Create order: Boxes, folders, shelves and more

In order to be able to pursue your work with joy and motivation, order must reign in your head as well as in your office. Stylish boxes as a splash of colour on the shelf, storage boxes for books or folders in different patterns not only bring order but also a spark of colour and style to an often dull office. Below, we list for you the most popular yet practical storage options. See for yourself:

  • Folder
  • Wooden storage box
  • Linen basket
  • Bamboo basket
  • Folding crates
  • Cardboard box
  • Etc.

Ambience: Good working atmosphere with lamps, decoration & co.

Your office may be ergonomically and stylishly furnished, but if there is a negative atmosphere in your office, it will be difficult for you to stay focused and motivated in your daily work. In the following paragraphs you will learn what to consider when choosing lamps, light and noise protection and the wall colour in your office:

Lamp: Well-being and quality at work thanks to correct office lighting

As important as the adjustability of your office chair and desk is, it’s equally important to have the right lighting in your office. The right light intensity can have a proven effect on your productivity and motivation. Modern lighting systems, which allow you to adjust the colour intensity and shade to your individual needs, are particularly popular. This LED technology inspires not only with its cost-effective purchase but also with its energy efficiency and its gentle impact on the environment. Win-win situation!

Light & noise protection: pleasant working climate in the office

You have found the perfect furnishing direction for your office? You have already decided on ergonomic and stylish furniture? Nothing can dampen your anticipation of a pleasant and motivating working atmosphere? Unfortunately, you forgot that your office is located right next to a busy main road? The peace and quiet is disturbed every 30 minutes by a passing train? In order to minimize these unwanted disturbing factors or, in the best case, to remove them completely, we recommend the following tools:

  • Acoustic elements for wall and ceiling
  • Sound insulation
  • Living containers / room systems
  • Acoustic insulation
  • Soundproof curtains
  • Blinds
  • Etc.

Wall colour: inspiring ambience thanks to splashes of colour, beige & cream tones

White, beige and cream tones are without a doubt among the most popular wall colors. They have a clear, calming and relaxing effect on our body. However, they often make the sometimes dull workday low-contrast and boring. Consciously used splashes of colour come in handy here. Colour accents are considered to be the most effective means of improving mood and motivation. In the following, we present the most popular colors for your office walls:

  • Green (calm antipole, refreshing effect)
  • Warm yellow (cheerful atmosphere, promotes creativity)
  • Anthracite (modern minimalism, order)
  • Aqua & turquoise tones (inspiring effect)
  • Beige (relaxing and calming aura)

Accessories: rugs, decorative items, plants and co.

Once you’ve taken care of the main players in your office, it’s time to get down to the details – decorating. Depending on the style of living you have chosen, it’s time to choose decorative items in that style. To create an optimal feeling of cosiness, comfort and well-being, carpets, decorative items and plants are particularly suitable. Accessories from the following interior brands enjoy particular popularity here. Happy Shopping:

  • Joop! Living
  • Essential Home Furniture
  • Bretz living dreams
  • Cartel Interior
  • Moooi Interior
  • Versace Home