Boca Do Lobo furniture: sofas, armchairs, tables and more in exclusive Portuguese design

Boca do Lobo – Literally, the name of the label means “mouth of the wolf”. In the meantime, however, the term has become synonymous with high-quality designer furniture in creative designs. Since 2005, the label has dedicated itself to the modern interpretation of old manufacturing techniques of furniture. Each piece is handcrafted with the utmost attention to detail. Find out more about the individual products and what you can expect from the label in this article. Editor’s tip: Take a look at our guide to interior styles, where you’ll find information, tips and trends on all aspects of interior design: Interior Styles XXL.

Boca do Lobo: Handmade and finest materials

The design label focuses on the highest quality. This includes manufacturing each piece individually to maintain particularly high standards. This results in pieces, none of which resembles the other. The minimal differences are barely visible to the naked eye, but the creators know:

No matter what, they’ll always be different

For them, the custom details only support the quality of the property. If you’re looking for more design inspiration for your new home, check out FIV Magazine’s Pinterest board for interiors . There are plenty of ideas for your kingdom waiting for you!

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Savoir faire: How the luxury furniture is created – Video

The label proudly presents the production of its furniture, after all, the masters of their trade hardly have to hide. They demonstrate an eye for detail and ensure that viewers and customers are assured of receiving an absolutely flawless piece of interior art. See for yourself:

Living room: sofa, couch & armchair – cosy luxury

Whether minimalist or a little more extravagant, Boca do Loco offers you different options to help you design the living room according to your personal taste. With different fabrics and a range of textures, you can bring life to any plain environment.

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Couches: Cloudy soft upholstery in leather and velvet

Leather sofas are truly the epitome of elegance and quality. Combined with fine, polished brass applications and shows the label what it can do. From simple to fancy, every sofa fan gets his money’s worth.

  • Imperfectio Sofa
  • Versailles sofa
  • Imperfectio Sofa
  • Odette Sofa
  • Prices: 3500 € upwards

Sofa tables: centrepiece of the couch landscape

They are not only the center of a cozy living room, but also hold an incredible amount of potential: coffee tables. Here you can present a few drinks and snacks or showcase your very favorite books and magazines under a slab of glass. Sometimes they even serve you as a rest for your feet after a particularly tiring day:

  • Empire Center Table
  • Lapiaz Center Table
  • Eden Patina Center Table
  • Metamorphosis Center Table
  • Prices: from 5000 € upwards

Armchair: sit down and lean back

Sofas are great, but sometimes they just seem too clunky and take up a lot of space. In these cases, armchairs provide the necessary remedy. They complement the living room set-up perfectly and loosen up the seating visually. We have put together a selection of Boca Do Lobo armchairs for you:

  • Imperfectio Armchair
  • Versailles Armchair
  • Soleil Armchair
  • Prices: from 1500 € upwards

Dining room: dining tables, lamps and chairs for the perfect ambience

The best company are good friends. You don’t have to pretend in front of them and you can just have fun. Too often, dinner parties turn into stressful events because you had to host the people you want to impress instead of friends. This leads to extra stress, which has a negative impact on the mood.

With dining room furniture from Boca do Lobo, you no longer have to worry about making your guests feel comfortable, because in the stylish, appealing environment these pieces create, your guests will have no choice.

Dining tables: centre of the room

The eye eats with you. But not only the dishes should be presented attractively, but also the room in which you eat them. The best way to do this is with a stable base. This is provided by the dining room tables from Boca do Lobo:

  • Empire Dining Table
  • Fortuna Dining Table
  • Bonsai Dining Table
  • Newton Dining Table
  • Prices: from 5000 – 30.000 €

Ceiling lamps: Luminaires for the right ambience

Although candles on the dining table are a great way to provide the right light, ceiling lamps can’t hurt either. The fancy designed ceiling lamps by Boca do Lobo take room lighting to a whole new level, because they not only provide pleasant light, but also form their very own design unit in the room. Boring lamps were yesterday!

  • Newton Chandelier
  • Supernova Chandelier
  • Triptico Suspension Lamp
  • Prices: from 4.000 €

Chairs: Comfortable upholstery and high-quality materials

Uncomfortable chairs can quickly bring a nice evening with guests to an early end. No one likes to sit on your chair for several hours, when just the sight of it makes your backside ache. With chairs from Boca do Lobo you will certainly not be embarrassed. The masters of their trade make sure that every person who sits down on the chairs does not want to leave them under any circumstances. Perfect for all guests who like to stay longer.

  • Soleil Chair
  • No.11 Chair
  • Emporium Chair
  • Prices: from 1500 €

Bedrooms: beds, nightstands and everything for sweet dreams

The bedroom is almost indisputably the room of the house where you spend most of your time. Moreover, the atmosphere of your bedroom and the comfort factor of your bed are directly correlated with the quality of your sleep. Higher quality sleep also affects your performance and helps you concentrate better.

Lapiaz bed: In design heaven

Lapiaz is a karst formation that resembles broken stones. Extreme climate change, for example, can be responsible for the unusual stone formations. The designers of Boca do Lobo have been inspired by these occurrences and created the Lapiaz series. The products include elements made of stone with deep cracks, which are embellished with gold plates and thus cleverly merge nature and art.

A high-quality bed frame with a comfortable mattress ensure optimal sleep quality.

Bedside table: practical with drawers

Whether it is a glass of water, glasses, mobile phone or the book you are reading, there is always space on the nightstand. Boca do Lobo contributes sigar extra storage space with large drawers for everything that needs to be quickly accessible at night or in the morning.

  • Wave Nightstand
  • Frank Nightstand
  • York Nightstand
  • Lapiaz Nightstand
  • Prices: from 2500 €

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

The brand’s mirrors won’t tell you who the most beautiful person in the land is, but they are undoubtedly the most beautiful mirrors you can get. The right mirror will also make mirror selfies a thousand times better, so if that’s not your criteria for choosing furniture, it might help to know that a beautiful mirror not only makes a room look bigger, but also visually enhances it.

  • Venice Mirror
  • Glance Mirror
  • Robin Mirror
  • Filigree Mirror
  • Prices: from 1500 €

Furnish luxury villas properly with the interior design label

Everyone who has ever bought or rented a house knows exactly: the more space and rooms, the more furniture is needed to equip the rooms. These costs should not be completely disregarded when buying a house, although in the end they are of course rather marginal.

On the one hand, the interior of a home should reflect who owns it, but at the same time, it is also important that the items enhance the home visually as well. Especially when you think about it as an owner, the interior of a home is the part that you see the most. Those who are willing to spend a little more money here will notice in the long run that the investment is worth it.

15 Million Dollar Villa on Capri with Boca do Lobo

The label has already shown what a fully equipped villa by Boca do Lobo can look like. The impressive beach house is shown bathed in warm twilight. Stylish and with accents in gold and a few splashes of colour, the interior design is really something to behold: