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Furniture XXL: From chairs to sofas to bathroom furniture – skilfully furnishing rooms

Furniture XXL – The room furnishing is still underestimated by many people. But you can change so much in your environment with the right furniture, decoration and accessories! The atmosphere of a room and thus also the own feel-good factor is largely dependent on the furnishings. Once you have decided on a specific furnishing style, […]

Furnish & decorate your bedroom correctly – tips for a relaxed atmosphere and cosy flair

Bedroom properly furnish & decorate – The bedroom is considered the sanctuary of the home. Here energy is refuelled, the morning is started and in the evening the long working day is forgotten. Restful sleep is the be-all and end-all for everyone. We’ll show you here how to furnish and decorate your bedroom properly so […]

Bathroom furniture: washbasins, bathtubs, sets and more for the perfect bathroom furnishing

Bathroom furniture – The bathroom is a place of retreat and for many people one of the most important rooms in the home. After a busy day, sinking into a bubble bath and simply switching off is how you imagine the perfect end to the evening. The wrong décor can spoil that quite nicely. That’s […]

Chairs: upholstered chair, chairs for stacking and co. made of wood, metal and more in the office and dining room

Chairs – Whether a rustic wooden chair in the dining room, a classic office chair in an elegant leather look or an aesthetic cantilever chair in the kitchen – a household can rarely do without this piece of furniture. As essential as this furniture is, the choice of the right chair is just as important. […]

Boho Chic: Furnish your apartment and room in the trend of hippie bohemian style

Boho Chic Furnishings – Are you looking to redecorate your home, living room or bedroom, and looking for trends and new home styles to inspire you? Then the Boho Chic interior style could be just the thing for you! Besides summer, sun sea and party you also associate the typical boho/hippie style with Ibiza. Crochet […]

Tables: Dining tables, coffee tables and co. – materials and comparison, with decoration ideas for your home

Table – decoration and functionality are combined in tables. But they can quickly become boring if you choose the wrong model, or if you run out of ideas for table decoration. To awaken the true potential of different types of tables and create the perfect decor for your home, we would like to try to […]

Industrial Style: Furnishing in industrial style – furniture, decoration, kitchens and more, trends & tips

Industrial Style – The trend from Great Britain and the USA: Living like in an old, modern factory. When you think of the interior design of an apartment in New York City, you immediately think of the industrial loft style. It features a striking look with dark colors and raw materials like red brick walls […]

Office furnishings: Design ideas and tips for desk, office chair, cabinets and co.

Office furnishings – The office should be a place to feel comfortable and work. The key to success is often a pleasant atmosphere at the workplace. It is important to create a positive working atmosphere so that you can always pursue your work with motivation and achieve success. Starting with the choice of the right […]

Garden furniture: balcony, terrace, lounge – choose your set of wood or rattan for your dream garden & co.

Garden furniture – As diverse and luxurious as your interior is designed, the garden is your personal oasis of peace and relaxation and you should furnish it accordingly. Design your terrace with an inviting garden lounge or invest in a table and chairs for the perfect barbecue. Choose between materials like wood or polyrattan and […]

Dining Room Furnishings: Chairs, decoration and the right lighting for dining at home

Dining room furnishings – Next to the living room, the dining room is the center of gathering in the apartment and the place where you and your guests spend relaxed evenings in convivial company. But what do you need in your dining room? Furniture, decoration, flooring, lighting? How do you turn your dining room into […]

Bathroom Furnishings: Furniture, Mirrors, Colors & Accessories – From Planning to Decorating Finishes

Bathroom furnishings – When furnishing your bathroom, owners of small bathrooms in particular face a challenge and have to make sure that every square metre is used sensibly during the planning stage in order to obtain plenty of storage space without having to forego decorative elements and accessories. From choosing the color of the walls […]

Patio furnishings: Tiles, roofing, privacy screens – Design your feel-good oasis with luxurious furniture

Terrace furnishing – The terrace is a very special place in your home. It is your personal retreat and your oasis of well-being. When the first warm days arrive in spring, you will be very happy to find a comfortably designed terrace with exclusive furniture. In this article you will learn everything you need to […]

Wardrobe Furnishings: Plan, build and design walk-in wardrobe with matching furniture

Wardrobe furnishing – Who doesn’t know it? Your wardrobe is bursting at the seams. The amount of pants, dresses, shirts, and shoes won’t fit in the front and back of your closet. There just isn’t enough room to store each of your beloved pieces. So there’s only one thing to do: sort it out, right? […]

Create a garden: design & planning tips with weatherproof furniture, flowers, pool and more.

Create a garden – The garden is a unique retreat and represents a direct connection to nature for many people in their own homes. Whether it’s relaxing candlelit nights with a glass of wine under the stars, or a barbecue with friends, a garden promises to be the site of many, great memories. But only […]

Bedroom Furnishings: Furnishing ideas, design options and tips for furniture and decorative items.

Bedroom furnishings – Dreaming of a bedroom that invites you to dream both at night and during the day? A stylishly designed bedroom with the right ambience can allow you to get your beauty sleep and at the same time act as a retreat and haven of peace during the day. Maybe even invite you […]

Living room furnishings: Modern ideas for decoration and furnishing with furniture such as sofas, tables & co.

Living room furnishings – Interior design is no longer only relevant directly after moving in. A place where you spend as much time as your own home can quickly lose its charm. To prevent this from happening, it is advisable to regularly redesign your own four walls and try out new furnishing styles. It is […]