Lamps: LED lamps, ceiling lamps, floor lamps and more by Moooi Interior, Roche Bobois and Co.

Lamps – With the right lamps, your home will literally shine in a new light. Whether you live in a chic family home in the country, an old apartment in the city or a loft with 360-degree views, the right choice of lamps will make your home shine. The important thing here is that you know what your lamps need to be able to do. Are you looking for a reading lamp in the living room? Are you missing a lamp for your stylish glass bedside table? Are you looking for a ceiling lamp that will make your entire dining room shine in a pleasant light? Below, we’ll show you which lamps come with which benefits, which lamp designs look best in which room, and more. Let your house shine!

Lampen Welt: LED lamps, different lamp designs and more

Sunlight lifts the mood, bright environments set a friendly mood – no wonder man is a great lover of lamps. It would also be very inconvenient to cook, read a book or do other activities in the dark. Thanks to the creative and innovative thinking of man, we are now in possession of a wide variety of lamp systems. In the following, we present you what to consider with the different lamps, what advantages LED lamps bring with them and what stylistic aspects there are to consider when buying a lamp!

Where do you need lamps? Bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and co. in lamp heaven

Are you in the process of fulfilling your dream of owning your own four walls? Whether you are about to build your own family home in the countryside, rent an old apartment in a noble metropolitan area or want to buy a loft apartment in a city – no home can do without lamps. Lamps, along with other pieces of furniture, are essential accessories in the lighting sector. After all, no one wants to cook in the dark, read a book in the bedroom in the gloom or have a game night with friends in the living room in the gloom. The effectiveness of lamps is often underestimated. Remember one thing: lamps can literally make your home shine.

LED lamps, halogen lamps or energy-saving lamps? Advantages and disadvantages

Since the classic light bulb was banned by law from the shops in 2012, and thus over time also from all households, new illuminants have spread on the lamp market. LED lamps, halogen lamps and energy-saving lamps have become the most popular. Often no attention is paid to the respective type of lamp. With problematic consequences. Do you want lamps with bright or warm light? Is low energy consumption important to you? Is quality or an inexpensive purchase your top priority? In the following we will show you the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of lamps:

LED lamps in the office, living room and co


Fragrance Tip! by FIV

  • Low energy consumption
  • Long service life up to 30,000 hours


  • Relatively high acquisition costs
  • Not all LEDs are dimmable

Energy-saving lamps: good price, poor quality


  • Low energy consumption
  • Alternative to the incandescent lamp (banned since 2012)


  • Frequent switching on and off reduces service life
  • Full brightness only after one minute
  • Average life up to 8000 hours

Halogen lamps: efficient in price, inefficient in energy consumption


  • Cheap purchase
  • Pleasantly warm light
  • Easily dimmable


  • High energy consumption
  • High heat generation
  • Low life up to 4000 hours

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Floor lamps: elegant and aesthetic in lamp heaven

Floor lamps do not take up as much space as table lamps and are not as present as ceiling lamps. Floor lamps are perfect for a dim light in the living room or bedroom. Cozy evenings with family and friends or just with a book are assured with the right floor lamp. In the following we present you two popular floor lamps of well-known interior designers. Let yourself be inspired by the royal class of lamp designs!

Medusa by Armani Casa: minimalist, elegant and radiantly beautiful

Armani Casa knows how to make the interior world shine with its lamp designs. This is also the case with his classic “Medusa” floor lamp. Black wooden legs stand in successful contrast to a white, cylindrical lampshade. Minimalism in its most beautiful and elegant form. This lamp can find its place in any room due to its simple look. Whether bedroom, dining room or living room – no room can escape the radiance of this lamp creation!

Chroma by Roche Bobois: sculptural floor lamp in colour

This floor lamp by Roche Bobois inspires with a sculptural, artistic look. A black lacquered steel frame is adorned by three oval shapes made of multicoloured PMMA acrylic glass. The oval lights are encompassed by a striking frame in black and shine in an ombré gradient look in pastel tones. This lamp wonder manages to fill every room with joy, fun and creativity. What at first glance has mirror character, proves to be a key piece in the lamp world.

Ceiling lamps: all-round lighting for your home

To make your whole home shine in a warm and even light, we recommend stylish ceiling lamps. Mounting them on the ceiling distributes the light evenly throughout the room. Depending on whether you prefer a brighter, bluish light or a warm light with hints of yellow, the right ceiling lamp will make your whole room shine with this atmosphere. Get inspired by popular lamp creations from talented interior brands!

Luxxu chandelier for a perfect atmosphere in a class of its own

With the magnificent “Empire Chandelier” from Luxxu, your home will be transformed into a stylish palace. Of course, this feeling of luxury and exclusivity comes at a price. The elegant chandeliers from Luxxu range in price from €7,000 to €43,000. Those who want to invest in exclusive designer lamp systems are in the right place. Elegant frames in gold meet glass components and create a unique look. Interior lovers have arrived in lamp heaven here.

Flock Of Light by Moooi Interior: Ceiling lamps in minimalist design

Moooi Interior is the epitome of luxurious lighting. We are particularly fond of this geometrically shaped ceiling lamp: brass bowls, bronze wires and semi-transparent polycarbonate diffusers inspire the interior world. This lamp shines with its artistic aesthetic and brings a bright, warm and poetic glow to any home. The model is available in two different sizes and starts at a price of €595 – an art investment that friends and family will marvel at and envy when they visit.

Bedside lamps: dimmed light in the evening and in the morning

Whether you’re the “early bird catches the worm” type or the “late riser” type, at some point in the morning you’re going to have to reach for the nightstand. Dreamily you try to bring light into your gloomy bedroom. It is therefore all the more important that you choose the right bedside lamp. Here, it is not only the design and appearance that need to be considered. The light intensity, light colour and stability of the lamp are equally important. After all, no one wants to be brought back to reality in the morning by a glaring light. No one wants to break their beautiful but very delicate bedside lamp into what feels like a thousand pieces while they sleep. So that none of this happens to you and you wake up with a glow on your bedside table and in your face, we present you in the following a few inspirations for dreamy bedside table lamps:

Mini Kabuki by Kartell Interior: Transparent lamp on the bedside table

You dream of a bedside lamp with a transparent look. Transparent in material, but not invisible in design? The Mini Kabuki by Kartell Interior meets these requirements 100 percent. This mini version of the lamp inspires with a characteristic and perforated surface, which makes the whole room shine. With 315 € a lamp model, on which it is worth to save. The lamp base also stands out. Three spherical shapes built on top of each other form the base on which the lampshade unfolds. An art object in lamp form – we like!

Hyades bedside lamp: lamp in glass by Armani Casa

When you see this bedside lamp, you must think of classic lanterns from the Far East? You thought right. Armani Casa has taken inspiration from oriental lamp designs for this extraordinary lamp creation. They have followed the traditional techniques of Murano glass making and handcrafted the lantern-shaped lamps. The elegant lamp holder shines in a glass marble look thanks to these special techniques. The Murano glass lampshade and base will brighten up your entire interior thanks to an LED lighting system.

Table lamps: lighting at the dining table, office table and more

You want to let your home shine in a new light? You’ve had enough of your wooden lamp from childhood? Then it’s time to bathe your home in new light. Often people forget that lamps are not only used on walls and ceilings to make a room shine. The table lamp is celebrating a revival. This lamp inspires with its functionality as a decorative item, but also as a lighting system. We like! In the following we show you stylish lamp creations to give your ideas a little boost. Happy inspiring and shopping!

Bloom lamp from Armani Casa makes any home shine

A cream-coloured lamp with a mushroom-shaped lampshade and a leg with metal details is a sensation even outside the world of Armani Casa. High light of this table lamp is the refined play with light. Here, the lamp base is also illuminated from the inside by an LED system. Lampshade and lamp base can be switched on and off independently. The lamp masterpiece made in Italy shines with high-quality materials. A lamp base made of real stone and pagoda-shaped lampshade made of fabric make interior hearts beat faster!

Negresco: in table lamp heaven from Roche Bobois

You can’t decide whether you want to design your home in a minimalist, Scandinavian or maybe oriental style? Luckily, this lamp creation can find its place in any of these interior styles. The lamp literally shines in bronze and polished brass. The lamp base made of black colored wood takes a strong place on any table. On a bronze rod shines the lampshade in spherical shape including fan high light. A lamp design which convinces interior lovers in its simplicity. Convince yourself!

Wall lamps: Moooi Interior, Kartell Interior and Co. bring walls to shine

Do you associate sconces with your grandparents’ house? The living room with its old carpets, wooden panelling and dusty books is illuminated by rustic sconces? We can give the all-clear – wall lamps have been given a fresh coat of paint. They have now become a timeless and modern key piece. Whether in artistic aesthetics or minimalist form – everyone gets their money’s worth. Convince yourself of the lamp miracle on the wall!

Rifly Applique lamp by Kartell Interior: straight lines on the wall

Lamp designs can be flashy, ornate and colourful. But they can also inspire with their minimalist look, their functionality and a functional design. With the Rifly Applique lamp, the latter is true. This wall lamp is available in two different models and starts at a price of €265. Dreaming of lamps that make your home glow, but don’t make themselves the focal point of the room? Then you’ve found your dream lamp with the “Rifly Applique” lamp. In a geometric cylinder shape with a crystal look, this lamp will shine on any wall!

Perch Light Wall by Moooi Interior: Art in lamp form

Lamps are more than just a functional object for you? Lamps have an artistic aspect for you and should fill your home with more than just light? Then with the “Perch Light Wall” lamp by Moooi Interior you have found a new star in lamp heaven. Visually, this lamp creation is reminiscent of a bird folded out of paper. Applications in brass give the design an exclusive touch. In general, this design promises a feeling of freedom, joy and grace. With this design masterpiece not only your home shines, but also your interior heart! With a starting price of 843 € no bargain, but works of art always have their price.

Hanging lamps: art, aesthetics and clean lines in the lamp world

Hanging lamps? What distinguishes them from ceiling lamps? That’s right, these two lamp creations are mounted in the same place in the room – on the ceiling. The difference is this: The hanging lamp “hangs” from a wire into the room, while the ceiling lamp is visually on the ceiling. The hanging lamp can quickly become constricting in low rooms. If you’re in the enjoyment of a vintage apartment or a home with high ceilings, you’ll be thrilled with this lamp creation. See for yourself!

Cactus by Roche Bobois: pendant lamp with an artistic touch

A hanging dream come true for your home. Three white ribbon rings are wound by hand and create an exciting geometric interplay. Whether your home shines in minimalist, oriental or Scandinavian style – this lamp model manages to optimize any room. The simple design in a discreet color choice brings peace into any room. A unique atmosphere thanks to warm light. The popular twilight function creates a cozy ambience and feeling of comfort and well-being. Exactly what you dream of for your home.

Bloom: on floral lamp meadow at Kartell Interior

You are a big fan of nature, flowers and landscape? Fresh flowers can always be found on your dining table? Why not on the ceiling as well? Interior brand Kartell has found the answer to your unfulfilled desire – the Bloom hanging lamp. As its name promises, this lamp creation resembles a floral explosion – in a positive sense. This lamp delights with its stylistic complexity and handcrafted quality. Several positioned LED lamps allow light of varying intensity to shine through the flowers. Light reflections multiplied a thousand times are the breathtaking result. Flowers on the ceiling – we like!