Wittmann: Furniture such as armchairs, beds, sofas and co. with Austrian charm

Wittmann Möbel – The Austrian upholstered furniture brand places a great deal of importance on carefully selecting and processing materials so that only the most exclusive upholstered furniture is created for a home. With this in mind, the company has been producing high quality upholstered furniture for over 120 years and still operates as a family business then as it does today. However, it was not until after the Second World War that the production of designer furniture began, which continues to this day. Tip: Are you interested in interior design and interior styles? Then take a look at the overview pages: Furnishing rooms & XXL furnishing styles.

Wittmann Möbel: Excellent armchairs and stools – “Jolly

In 2006, the Jolly armchairs received the Red Dot Design Award for product design. A success that is probably due to the user-oriented approach of the brand and the understanding of the designer Jan Armgardt for what makes a good armchair. The product range now includes several options, of which we would like to briefly introduce the most popular ones here.

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Freischwinger: The original – swinging armchair in the living room

The inviting cantilever chair leaves hardly anything to be desired. It is comfortable, made of high quality and also looks good. The springy seat, which comes from the free floating without rear legs, makes the armchair particularly comfortable. The armchair is available with different covers, which helps to integrate it into the personal home.

Swivel armchair: seating furniture for the office or home

The sophisticated chair model is not only available as a free-swinging model, but also has a rotating brother, which is ideal as an office chair, for example. Whereby you should be aware that the chair has no wheels. So it would be fixed in one place. This can also have its advantages because hardwood floors get scratched quickly when using a chair with casters. This does not happen so quickly with a fixed office chair.

Beds: “Joyce” – nights with character

The Joyce collection includes the brand’s highly appreciated beds. Also these do not have to renounce the quality, which one is accustomed to from the furniture producer. Because also here the well-known craftsmanship is used.

Niche bed: maximum security

Starting with a metal base, followed by a wooden frame and topped with a comfortable cushion, that’s how the Joyce Niche bed comes along. The special feature of this variant is the raised headboard, which also nestles a little around the corners of the bed frame, providing a little more security and shielding.

Cushion bed: understated elegance

The Joyce Cushion bed has the same base as the Niche version of the series. However, the bed differs enormously in terms of the headboard. Unlike Niche, Cushion has deliberately been given an extra low headboard, which gives the bed an incomparable simple elegance.

The question of which model to choose is on the one hand of course dependent on personal preferences, on the other hand you should orientate yourself on the external conditions. Because the Cushion bed has a deliberately low headboard, which also fits under some roof slopes. With the Niche bed, the opposite is more the case, because the particularly sophisticated headboard focuses on height, extra padding and even encloses the edges a little bit.

Vuelta collection: armchairs, sofas, chaise longues and more

The name of the furniture collection is derived from the Spanish and means twist or turn. How fitting, because twists, turns and round shapes are also what can be found in the furniture designs. The furniture is mostly symmetrical and seems almost cuddly due to its slightly squat basic shape.

In addition, the dining room chairs are available in different sizes to increase the versatility. So there is also the right model for you, guaranteed!

  • Armchair
  • Table
  • Chaise longue
  • Sofa
  • High-backed chair
  • Lounge Iceland

Aura: An armchair classic

“The Aura model is inextricably linked with Wittmann.”

This is how the description of the armchair model begins on the company’s own website. Rightly so, because this armchair is actually present in homes all over the world and the tradition of the model goes back a long way. Paolo Piva designed the model. The architect was known for dealing extensively with the matter he was working on and designing something based on his findings, which was still required of him, but something that he himself considered necessary.

To design the armchair, for example, Piva generated an uncanny knowledge of everything there is to know about furnishings, then created an object that combined every necessary aspect he knew with the ultimate design.

Best lists: These are the most popular products

Now that we have presented the most iconic models of Wittmann, which have contributed significantly to the success of the house, we would also like to show the things that are also very popular with customers. Because often these models are also the ones that might interest you, because they are particularly simple and classic or have features that might also interest you.

Dining table chairs: the perfect dining room setup

The place where the whole family gets together, you receive friends and can just come down a bit. Here homework can be done, work can be done and of course a relaxed conversation can be held. This versatility should also be expressed in the furniture chosen. Therefore, these are the models that are particularly suitable for furnishing the dining room:

  • Vuelta FD
  • Berlin
  • Lilian
  • Mono chair

Beds: soft dreams with Wittmann

Lying in bed in the evening with a good book to read or quickly catching up on a season of your favorite show or current obsession is what fills the evenings with joy. And, of course, the prospect of getting the rest you crave at night. In order to get this in any case, it is worthwhile to take a little more money in hand when buying a bed and to know your own needs a bit to find the optimal bed.

A little earlier in this article we reported that Wittmann offers two different Joyce bed models. The reason for this is that some people actually sleep better when the head region is protected by a high headboard and side panels. Many people are not even aware that even this small change to the bed frame can have positive effects on the quality of sleep.

  • Joyce Niche
  • Wings bed
  • Maxime
  • Altra

Sofas: from minimalist to fancy

The furniture label attaches a lot of importance to its Austrian origin, because this has a significant influence on their furniture. The upholstery is between the soft Italian furniture and the much harder German furniture. This circumstance is explained by the location of Austria, which gives the country influences from both bordering countries and at the same time forms a very own culture, which is reflected in the furniture.

It seems like a very unique form of comfort that is integrated into the furniture, making it the special models that you can integrate into your home. Experience what Austrian comfort means with the models:

  • Vuelta
  • Aleegasse
  • Metro
  • Palais

Special: Collections and standard range under the magnifying glass

Of course, the traditional company always likes to collaborate with international designers to create partly limited furniture collections that combine the best of both worlds. In this way, the label has been able to offer modern furniture of the highest quality for over 120 years, which also does not lack that special something.

Wittmann at the IMM in Cologne – Video

The furniture makers can regularly be found at trade fairs, where they present their latest creations and also like to reveal more details about their pieces. For example, you can see here how the Austrian roots combine with Scandinavian furnishing ideas. And one thing can be said in advance: The whole thing looks really good!