Holidays at the Ammersee: temperatures, activities and the most beautiful cities

Holiday at the Ammersee – Besides the Alps and the trendy metropolis Munich, Bavaria also has a few lakes that are absolutely worth seeing. The Ammersee is the third largest lake in Bavaria and attracts thousands of holidaymakers every season. The crystal clear water and the diverse nature will surely convince you too! We tell you where you can best stay at the Ammersee and which places and activities you should not miss.

Ammersee: lido at the crystal clear water

The third largest lake in Bavaria after the Chiemsee and the neighbouring Starenberger See has more to offer than just shores with a view. From sailing schools to nature parks to lidos, there’s something for everyone. Plus, the streets of the small towns around the lake offer plenty of opportunities to settle down for a coffee or buy art from local artists.

We have selected the best leisure activities and most beautiful places for games, fun and excitement around the Ammersee for you.

Outline map of the shore towns

The lake in the middle of Bavaria attracts thousands of holidaymakers every season. The reason for this is the tranquility and the impressive nature that can be found around the lake. But where is the best place to stay? And which city is suitable for a holiday home? Here you will find an overview of all the cities around the Ammersee paired with facts about the region:

  • Area: 46.6 km²
  • Shore length: 43 km

South shore: species-rich nature reserve

At the southernmost part of the lake is the nature reserve ‘Vogelfreistätte Ammersee-Südufer’. This is characterized by a beautiful mixed forest with particularly high biodiversity and a lot of nature that invites you to relax and unwind. Paired with the quiet lakeshore, the combination is simply perfect.

  • Nature reserve
  • Mixed forest
  • Perfect for hobby ornithologists

Best holiday and recreation places at the Ammersee

Who goes to the Ammersee for vacation is mostly looking for peace and relaxation. However, the third largest lake in Bavaria has more to offer than just that. The harbors are home to many sailboats and especially boating schools. For example, if you are looking for the possibility to make a sailing license, we tell you which of the many small towns around the Ammersee is the best.

Dießen: small town with boat school

With just over 10,000 inhabitants, the tranquil climatic health resort is located directly on the southern shore of the third largest lake in Bavaria. After a walk along the lakeshore, small cafés invite you to rest and give you the opportunity to escape from everyday life for a little second. The short distance to the nature reserve south shore is an additional advantage for Dießen. In addition, the town is equipped with a sailing school for all those who are looking for exercise and action.

  • South shore
  • 10,000 inhabitants
  • Sailing and boating school

Herrsching: Small town with lido

Almost 11,000 inhabitants call the sweet little town on the Ammersee their home. Both in good and bad weather, the place is worth a visit, because in addition to the lido, which drives many holidaymakers here so they can feel the sand between their toes, there are also many cafes here that not only serve excellent coffee, but also delicious cake.

  • 11,000 inhabitants
  • Lido
  • Eastern Shore

Schondorf: Small-town idyll with steam bridge

Another extremely popular holiday resort on the Ammersee is Schondorf. The small town on the north-western shore of the lake is often neglected. But there is absolutely no reason for that. In addition to access to the lake, you also have the opportunity to explore the lake by steamboat. We’ll tell you more about the boat trips across the tranquil lake a little later.

  • Steamboat landing stage
  • Miniature Golf
  • Pedal boat club

Insider tips around the lake

The Ammersee is a real insider tip for people who do not yet know the area. The water is not yet as well known as other lakes in Bavaria and therefore offers a little more peace. So that you will not be bored at all, we have summarized the best places for you.


Not far from Schondorf you will find the Skulpturenpark Ammersee, which is absolutely worth a visit. There you can expect the impressive works of artists from the region, who demonstrate their skills in an impressive way. From wood sculptures to glass in the most diverse shapes and colours delight the aesthetic eye.

Monastery church Dießen

The Marienmünster Dießen is one of the oldest baroque churches in Bavaria. The small church is in no way inferior to its big brothers. The golden, ornate decorations, for which the baroque is known, can also be found here in large quantities. Those who like the architecture of the time will also appreciate the Marienmünster.

Boat tour across the Ammersee lake

The best and fastest way to explore the whole area is obviously via the water itself. For this very reason, there are several jetties on the shore from which steamboats depart at regular intervals and offer you a tour of the entire lake. Here you get the opportunity to see the area from a different perspective and discover places that would otherwise have remained foreign to you.

Prices: from 12,60€ per person

Hiking trails and beaches along the shore

A classic pastime around the lake is hiking and of course swimming and sailing on the lake. For this very reason we have picked out the perfect hiking trails and all the major beaches.

Herrsching – intoxication hiking trail

One of the most beautiful paths that the Ammersee has to offer is the footpath from Herrsching to the small village of Rausch. The path leads past beautiful bays of the lake and gives you an insight into the breathtaking nature that the water has to offer. Flora, fauna and weather are best enjoyed here. Afterwards you have the possibility to finish the day in one of the many restaurants of Herrsching.

Pähler Gorge: Waterfalls like from a fairy tale

Another unforgettable nature experience is offered by the Pähler Gorge in the middle between Lake Ammersee and Lake Starnberg. The area is perfect for a day trip. Again, the natural surroundings are what make the place so special. The sweet waterfalls have a calming effect with their monotonous sound and allow you to leave the stress of everyday life behind for a moment.

Afterwards, if you are interested, you can take a short detour to the adjacent golf park to finish off the day with a round of golf. The associated gastronomy provides high-quality catering.

Lakeside bathing establishments

Those who go on holiday to the lake often expect to go swimming, because although the Ammersee has so much to offer, swimming a round in the water is the simplest pastime, which still brings a lot of joy and contributes to relaxation. In these places you will find the best lidos around the Ammersee:

  • Herrsching
  • Utting
  • St. Alban
  • Riederau

Activities for fun and adrenaline kicks

Of course, the Ammersee offers much more than just hiking trails and nature, here is also offered real action. This comes in the form of various leisure activities that are offered in the area and also bring out your sporty side.

Stand-up paddling

The sport is a new trend that has already caught on at the Ammersee. One of the reasons for this is that Stand Up Paddling is really not difficult to learn. Within a very short time you can stand safely on the board and make your rounds. Normally, depending on the conditions, it takes 30 – 60 minutes to learn. After that you have the basics down and are ready to go.

High Ropes Course Ammersee

Get an adrenaline kick at the high ropes course Ammersee. Old and young climb through the exciting climbing paths at dizzying heights. Especially children and teenagers have fun here and can let off steam well secured between the trees. You will be offered a lot and after the exciting day a dinner in one of the nice restaurants is just the right thing.

Rent a bike to explore the area

Having a car is always useful around the Ammersee too, but that doesn’t mean you only have to be on four wheels. Quite the opposite, because the paths around the lake are perfect for an extended bike ride.

Accommodation with lake view?

Of course, the best place to stay is not only determined by the place you are going to, but also by your plans in general. Do you prefer a relaxed holiday with lots of time in your accommodation? A family holiday with cooking evenings together or lots of fresh air? this will determine which accommodation option you should choose.

Hotel by the lake

If you want to take the burden of everyday life completely off your shoulders and be taken care of, with private pool options, spa facilities, catering and the opportunity to relax, then a hotel is probably the best solution for you. Here you get the all-round feel-good package to really switch off.

At the same time, you have the option to enjoy everything that this wonderful lake has to offer, from nature reserves to the finest restaurants.

Holiday apartment and chalet

Holiday apartments give you a little more privacy on holiday, but while you are often responsible for your own care, you also have the option of pools, saunas or whirlpools to suit your own needs. The area is also known for its small lakeside chalets, which offer plenty of space and beautiful views.

Camping on the beach

Outdoor fans take note, at the Ammersee you can not only find luxurious hotels and holiday apartments, but also campsites and camper sites with an incredibly beautiful view and direct access to the lake. It opens up the possibility to get up in the morning and immediately swim a round in the lake, sunbathe on the shore or simply enjoy the great outdoors.

Climate: Weather and water temperature around Ammersee

A huge issue for holidays is always the weather. This not only determines the travel wardrobe, but also has a significant effect on everything you can do. For this reason, you will find a current weather map and even more data on the temperature.

Ammersee in summer – video

To get you in the mood for your stay at the Ammersee, we have selected a video for you, which shows the water in its full glory. The many sailboats and the pleasant light really make you want to go on vacation at the lake!

Weather update: Rain or sunshine?

You are planning to visit the Ammersee and want to make sure that the weather is good? Or maybe you’re already in the car on the way to Ammersee, but you forgot to check the weather? No problem, we have a clear weather map with all the necessary information for you!

Temperatures over the year

Over the year, the average temperatures at the Ammersee are roughly representative of the temperatures found in the rest of Germany. Who would like to spend a warm, pleasant holiday is there accordingly in the summer particularly well off. From June to August, the temperatures are always above 20°C and the sun heats up the lake water, which ensures a pleasant water temperature that invites you to swim.

Best time to visit: June – August

Quiz: Most important facts about the Bavarian lake

Short and sweet we have researched for the most important facts about the Ammersee.

Munich – Ammersee route: That’s how far it really is

By car you drive from Munich to the Ammersee about 55km. How exactly the route looks, you can see here:

Where are dogs allowed to swim at the Ammersee?

In general, the lake wants to avoid that the swimming areas are mixed by dogs and people, for this reason dogs are not allowed on most beaches. The lido Forster allows leashed dogs and around boat inlets also four-legged friends are often allowed to refresh themselves.

How long does it take to cycle around the Ammersee ? – With map

In a relaxed 3 hours you can easily cover the almost 50 km around the Ammersee. Here we have put together a particularly beautiful route for you: