Cassina Furniture: elaborate designer furniture such as sofas, armchairs and chairs from Italy

Cassina Furniture – The brand aims to bring contemporary design into everyday life. Whether at the desk, in the dining room or on the sofa, the label equips you with furniture that elegantly fits into a modern home without looking out of place. In this way, they enhance the living and working environment. In addition, Cassina also has experience in furnishing professional work environments in an elegant, contemporary and budget-friendly way. Click here for our comprehensive furnishing page: Furnishing Styles XXL.

Cassina Furniture furnishings: furniture such as armchairs, sofas & co.

The furnishing of our living room significantly determines how comfortable we feel in it and influences how much time we spend in the room. Fortunately, you have the interior design mostly in hand and here it is worthwhile to take a little more money in hand to create something that pleases and lasts a long time.

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Lukinski Villas

Germany - Spain - USA

Side table collection: models for every taste

A practical side table completes the living room and the sofa landscape and is often what is missing to create the perfect environment. For this reason, Cassina offers many different types that fit into different styles or also form an eye-catcher for the room:

  • Sengu
  • Boboli
  • Cotone
  • Mex

Gaja Bar: Comfortable bar stools

Only one year after the Maralunga sofa was released by the label, a new, timeless design of the brand came on the market. The Gaja chairs are simple, light and stackable seats that also convince with seating comfort. The frame is made of chrome-plated stainless steel tubes and thus guarantees durability.

Dining table collection by Cassina

Glass, steel and wood unite in the tables of the brand. But when it comes to choosing a suitable dining table, special features play a role. For example, glass is suitable for dining tables, but should be provided with place mats to protect the material from scratches. Glazed wood is also good for dining tables because it is easy to clean and is not too sensitive to moisture. We have picked out the following options for you:

  • Berlino
  • Boboli
  • Doge
  • La Rotonda

Cassina Sofas: Over 90 years of excellence

Cassina has been creating high-quality upholstered furniture for almost 100 years. After this long time you can say with certainty that the masters of the house have managed to optimize their craft over the generations, so it is guaranteed that you get only the best in your home.

Especially the Maralunga couch has been a favourite of the brand’s customers for decades. In 1973, Vico Magistretti created the couch model, which was immediately very popular. The main goal of the sofa was to offer a timeless seating option that lasts for years and that the owners can enjoy for as long as possible.

The reason for the great success could be the sofa’s individually adjustable and customizable cushions, which help you make the couch your own.

Bedroom: beds & chests of drawers for soft dreams

There’s hardly anything like a warm, soft bed to sink into and let the stress of the day fall away. But it’s not just the bed that determines the comfort of the sleeping space. The rest of the room environment also plays a major role in making you feel good. We have summarised everything that Cassina offers for a beautiful bedroom for you.

Beds collection: Comfortable and practical

Clearly, the bed is the centre of the bedroom. After all, the whole room revolves around sleep and it’s best to sleep in your own bed. The models of the brand are well thought out and offer more than just space for a mattress. The double beds often have a functional headboard and bedside cabinets. Functional headboard? Yes, exactly! The part of the bed that often only fulfils the function of protecting heads and walls is given even more functions by Cassina.

To learn more about it, check out these models:

  • Organic MBO
  • Acute
  • Volage

Chests of drawers collection: storage space with style

Question: How many have a chair on which you put your worn but not yet really dirty clothes until a pile has accumulated, from which you fish out your favourite item from time to time, but which more or less usually remains untouched? A much better place for those clothes would be a closet or dresser, without question. But there you just don’t have them in view and you mix them with the clean stuff. A real dilemma.

Still, you need wardrobes and chests of drawers to house your accumulated treasures. If you still need inspiration to expand your collection, check out our fashion section. If you’ve already got enough, you can check out the dresser options here:

  • Rondos
  • Deco
  • Flat
  • Riflesso

Showroom in Milan: Video of Cassina Furniture

With the huge selection of furniture, it is clear that the decision is not always easy. That’s why Cassina makes it possible for everyone who doesn’t have a dealer of the brand nearby to take a look at the showroom and get some inspiration. If that’s not enough, we’ve also put together an exclusive Pinterest board with the brand’s best furniture in the most beautiful settings, so you can definitely find what you’re interested in.

Office: working with armchairs & desks

Neck pain, burning eyes, headaches: all these problems can occur in the course of work. Some of these effects can be avoided by good, high-quality office furniture and make work a little more pleasant. Which pieces that can be, for example, you learn in the following.

Desk Collection: Productivity in the sense of Cassina

The task of a desk is actually nothing that needs much explanation, however when it comes to office desks, there are a few factors that you should consider. Because height and also material can influence the quality of work. You should decide for yourself which table material you prefer. You should keep an eye on these tables from Cassina:

  • PA’ 1947
  • Olimpino
  • Cavaletto
  • La Basilica

Armchair collection: cantilever and executive chairs

In the area of chairs, the label has a few real classics on offer. The reason for this lies in the design excellence generated over decades. Cantilever chairs can be extremely comfortable and easy on the back. But also normal four-legged armchairs offer themselves as office chairs:

  • Aeo
  • Auckland
  • Utrecht

Terrace: outdoor furniture for balmy evenings and pool parties

Having a garden is a true luxury. You can plant flowers, vegetables and fruits or simply enjoy the small piece of nature that you can create yourself. The label tries to support you by offering chic outdoor furniture that also lasts a long time.

Cassina goes Outdoor: Merging furnishing worlds

That the designers of Cassina are true maestros of their trade has already been mentioned often enough. However, they have undergone a real test of endurance with the creation of the new outdoor collection of the furniture label. Outdoor furniture is a far cry from regular furnishings, because it has to pass completely different endurance tests.

Meteorological conditions are much more extreme outdoors and affect the furniture more than the controlled temperatures that are given inside. Sun bleaches the cushions, rain causes rust on the material and wind bends the frame. As a designer you want to avoid this, but of course the design and the appearance should not suffer from the changed construction.

So the furniture creators in charge at Cassina threw their combined knowledge together to make something that not only looks good, but can also withstand years of temperature fluctuations, snow, storms and ice as well as intense heat. You can see the end result in this video:

Trampoline Collection: Environmentally friendly upholstered furniture

The Trampoline furniture collection by Cassina is made of wind and weather resistant materials and also the design was not spared. The used materials are either 100% or already made of recycled plastic, because what fits better in a piece of nature than something that tries to protect the environment? The following pieces of furniture are available in the collection:

  • Sofa
  • Armchair
  • Love-Bed