Moooi Interior: luxurious lamps, wallpapers and carpets from the Netherlands

Moooi Interior – Extravagant, Dutch design ensures the success of the premium label. Functionality and fancy unite in the furnishings of the design collective. Moooi is the Dutch word for ‘pretty’. But you can say without a doubt that the brand’s furniture is more than just that. Namely, sophisticated, master class craftsmanship and true eye-catchers. Get to know the interior brand better here. Are you interested in interior design? Then you’ll find even more inspiration, tips and trends here: Furnishing styles XXL.

Lamps by Moooi: Highlights with lamps and lights

I say disco, you say party! Moooi offers creative lighting solutions that sometimes cleverly blend into the wallpaper or act like a sculpture in their own right. The goal here is to find lighting that is adapted to your needs. Sometimes that need is to have your own little party to get some good vibes going. You can see how this can look in the video below.

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Random Light II: Simple, round lampshade

Random Light II is one of the most popular lamps of the brand. The reason for this is probably the timelessness of the design. The round lampshade encloses the bulb, but leaves the light through its mesh structure enough opportunity to continue to illuminate the room. The slightly dimmed light provides a pleasant ambience.

Meshmatics: lamp with elegant steel for the ceiling

Steel can sometimes seem bulky, almost overwhelming, and so is not always ideal for lamps, especially since the opaque material takes away much of the luminosity of a light bulb. This problem does not arise with the Meshmathics chandelier. The designer has conceived a device that tensions the fine steel wire into a net that is almost transparent and casts particularly beautiful, geometric shadows on the wall, which form a small work of art in itself.

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

Collection: Perch Light, Floor lamps and lamp highlights

Bird-free – This or something similar is how you should feel with the lighting from the Perch collection. The constructions made of paper and brass do not only gently give light, but at the same time form a small sculpture for all those who would like to bring a little more freedom into their everyday life. Parts of the collection are:

  • Perch Light Tree
  • Perch Light Table
  • Perch Light Floor
  • Perch Light Wall
  • Perch Light Branch

Moooi Carpets: Unusual carpets with 3D printing

Since 2015 Moooi has been revolutionizing the carpet market with Moooi Carpets. To bring a breath of fresh air to the market, the carpets don’t go the traditional design route, but split off from the crowd by not having woven patterns, but instead featur three-dimensional patterns like realistic snakeskin and plants. All based on woven fabric.

Video: Print-on-demand carpets with prints and patterns

Never before have carpets been able to be printed in such high-resolution quality. The printer’s ink penetrates deep into the carpet fibers, allowing for unique, custom designs that are almost too good to just put on the floor. They also work especially well as wall decor. You can get a closer look here:

Moooi wallpapers: very special wall covering

While we’re talking about wall decor, we mustn’t forget Moooi’s range of different wall coverings. Moooi’s wall coverings are no ordinary wallpapers. They combine jute, wood and other materials that are unusual for wallpaper to create an admirable atmosphere.

Wall decoration Tie-tami: Japanese through the day

The wall decoration Tie-tami is inspired by the Japanese tatami mats. The wall solution is available in 3 colors, which are inspired by the Asian country during the day. Sunrise to sunset are reflected in the stunning color combinations.

Wallpaper collection: On the high seas and in the big city

Few things transform a room more than a new wall color or wallpaper. Walls can make a room look bigger or smaller, cool or inviting. When choosing a suitable model, it is therefore particularly important to pay attention to a few things and also to take a closer look at the room that you want to redesign. Once you have a rough vision, Moooi offers the following models to give the environment a new face:

  • Bearded eopard
  • Aristo Quagga
  • Rendezvous Tokyo
  • Calligraphy Bird and many more.

Sofas: Cosy seating furniture and couches by Moooi

A sofa for comfortable evenings can also be found at Moooi. In leather or fabric with comfortable cushions that allow you to just sink into them and let go. So whether you want to take a seat with friends or just read a good book, the models are open for everything.

Sofa So Good

Differences come together in a sofa you can only dream of. Straight edges and curvy upholstery combine to create a simple, elegant piece of furniture that can be put together individually to fit into any living room without having to compromise.

Bart sofa

In the Bart Sofa, Moooi combines modernity with antiquity to create a unique piece of furniture that allows you to be reminded of the good old days for a brief moment, only to be immediately flung back into the future by the modern craftsmanship.

Amami Sofa and Pouf

If you’re looking for a little more extravagance in your surroundings, you’ll definitely find it with the Amami sofa. Not only does it come upholstered in velvet, but it also has fringes that ensure that any dust that is known to collect under sofas cannot be seen by the outside world. It is exactly these fringes that make the sofa so special and have helped it to become an absolute bestseller, because they are not only extraordinary, but also look extremely elegant.

The perfect complement to the Amami sofa are the Amami Poufs. Small stools available in 3 sizes that enhance the bathroom set up and give the opportunity to play a bit with the structure.

Room fragrances from Moooi: Invisible decoration

Did you know that many hotel chains, luxury accommodations, but also celebrities have special room scents made to suit their needs and preferences? You don’t have to go that far to find a fragrance you like, because Moooi has several fragrances on offer that help to individualise your living environment.

Flabellum Fern: Perfume for the living room

Moooi perfumers have been inspired by extinct plants for the fragrance creations. One of them is the flabellum fern, which was originally found in South African forests. They have tried to breathe new life into its unknown scent with the help of tropical fruits and woods, so that the plant that once lived on the African continent can be brought into your realm.

Calli Papayan: Exotic scents in the bathroom and bedroom

The second room fragrance of the brand tries to combine the best of different scents. On the one hand, tangy citrus yuzu and spicy pink pepper, but also green and oriental scents find their way into the product. This creates an experience that begins buttery soft and then slowly develops into a gently fruity cloud.

Video: Moooi’s furniture show proves versatility

At the brand’s exhibitions, it perfectly demonstrates the aforementioned qualities. Because the brand not only thinks about how the furnishings should look, but also masters the staging of these perfectly. This creates an ambience that can be found somewhere between furniture store, museum and theatre.

Social media: Moooi on Instagram and Co.

Of course, the furniture designers don’t just keep their latest creations to themselves, but also like to share them beyond the furniture shows. Creative pictures and videos that perfectly set the scene for the furniture can be found on various and we have also prepared something very special for you.

Instagram: Glow, leather and love

The furniture production can be found on Instagram under @moooi and shows new collections, highlights special designs and also allows a look behind the scenes. A lot happens there, because there are several steps from the idea to the finished piece of furniture. Among other things, prototypes are created, a 3D model is made and every single quirk is perfected. A look at the account is worthwhile in any case!

Pinterest: Interior design inspiration from the premium label

Pinterest is predestined to help people decorate their room, apartment or the whole house by offering a huge selection of inspirations to make the new or new old home cozier and add a touch of luxury, at least if you resort to Moooi furnishings.