London Fashion Week: Dates, Overview & High Fashion

Twice a year – in February and September – London Fashion Week invites visitors to see the latest trends and most beautiful creations on the catwalk. As the Fashion Week in England’s capital is one of the “Big Four” cities in the fashion world, it is exclusively reserved for guests from the fashion industry.

You always want to be informed about the current shows of famous British designers like Vivienne Westwood or Alexander McQueen? Don’t want to miss any more shows and dates? Then this is the right article for you!

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London Fashion Week

Punk fashion, Doc Martens and high fashion, a mix that distinguishes London. In 1984, the first models were sent down the catwalk of London Fashion Week to present the latest trends and looks. Since then, everything that has rank and name is represented in the Front Row, following an invitation to the Fashion Week. But there is also the possibility for the public to experience the spirit of fashion. Directly following Fashion Week, London hosts the “London Fashion Weekend”, which is a retail event open to all.

Map and city at a glance: London

Here you get a first overview of the capital of Great Britain.

Here you see Somerset House in London, which served as the Fashion Week venue for years.

London Fashion Week 2021

Twice a year, in February and September, the spring/summer and autumn/winter collections are presented at London Fashion Week. The fashion week for men takes place separately in June.

London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2021

  1. Fashion Week London: 18.09. – 22.09.2020
  2. Fashion Week London men: 13.06. – 15.06.2020

London Fashion Week Autumn/ Winter 2021/ 2022

  1. Fashion Week London: 19.02. – 23.02.2021

London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2022

  1. Fashion Week London: 17.09. – 21.09.2021
  2. Fashion Week London men: 12.06. – 14.06.2021

Fashion Week worldwide: All dates

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