Berlin Fashion Week: Fashion Shows, Dates & Overview

Berlin Fashion Week – Berlin Fashion Week is the biggest fashion event in the whole of Germany. Twice a year the German capital invites an international audience to see the latest trends of famous German designers or fashion brands like Wolfgang Joop or Hugo Boss. The Berlin catwalk attracts you and you don’t want to miss any dates or shows? Here you will find everything you need to know about Fashion Week in Berlin!

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Berlin Fashion Week

Fashion Week 2007 has also seen the light of day in Germany. In addition to the well-known big labels and shows, the Berlin Fashion Week is committed to making young designers and talents known. With the “Neo Fashion Week” in Berlin, which takes place every year a little earlier than the “real” Fashion Week, the organizers give students from fashion schools all over Germany the opportunity to present themselves.

In addition to the regular shows, there are further trade fairs and workshops every year, where fashion enthusiasts from all over the world can exchange ideas. While these still took place at the Brandenburg Gate in 2016, the Fashion Week has been moved to the “Kraftwerk” in Berlin Mitte for the last few years.

Map and city at a glance: Berlin

Here is an overview of the city of Berlin. Marked is the venue “das Kraftwerk”.

Here you get an insight into the venue the “Kraftwerk” in Berlin Mitte. The Fashion Week is in its starting blocks!

Berlin Fashion Week: Dates & Times

To make sure you never miss a show, we’ve rounded up the dates for Fashion Weeks 2021 and 2022!

Berlin Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2021

  1. Fashion Week Berlin: fancy
  2. MBFW Fashion Week Berlin (Runway): fancy
  3. Fashion Week Berlin FAIRS: fancy
  4. AYFW About You Fashion Week Berlin: 05.07. – 07.07.2020

Berlin Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2021/ 2022

  1. Fashion Week Berlin: 18.01. – 24.01.2021
  2. MBFW Fashion Week Berlin: 18.01. – 20.01.2021
  3. MBFW Fashion Week Berlin FAIRS 18.01. – 24.01.2021

Berlin Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2022

  1. MBFW Fashion Week Berlin (Runway): 06.09.-12.09.2021
  2. Fashion Week Frankfurt FAIRS: 05.07.-09.07.2021 (online conference only)

Berlin Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2022/2023

  1. MBFW Fashion Week Frankfurt FAIRS: 17.01. – 21.01.2022

Fashion Week worldwide: All dates

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