Hugo Boss – Elegance, from 1924 to today

Hugo Boss is known for its purist, elegant fashion. The German fashion label was founded in 1924 by Hugo Ferdinand Boss with the original function of a tailor shop for workwear in Metzingen, Baden-Württemberg. During the period of World War II and National Socialism, 140 forced laborers were employed in the factory, as well as 40 prisoners of war from France. To compensate for this, the company paid into an international fund for the compensation of forced laborers. After the death of the company founder, his son-in-law and later his sons took over the management of the company. The first men’s suits were subsequently produced, and from 1960 the company began to expand internationally with mass-produced clothing. In 1970 the own brand BOSS was introduced, which still stands for luxurious men’s collections today. About 20 years later, this core brand is expanded by the two brands BALDESSARINI and HUGO.

BOSS: Latest commercial with Chris Hemsworth

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Germany - Spain - USA

Fashion Show: Hugo Boss for Men

The first Hugo Boss fashion collection for women

Hugo Boss combines purism and elegance

The company sponsors golf and culture with a focus on contemporary visual arts. In connection with this, the HUGO BOSS PRIZE is awarded every two years in cooperation with the Guggenheim Foundation to an artist who has a strong influence on contemporary art.

Facts about Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss is famous for its purist, elegant fashion. The fashion label was founded in 1924 by Hugo Ferdinand Boss in the German town of Metzingen.

  • Comany’s original function was the manufacture of work clothing
  • Since 1960, the company began to expand with the mass production of clothing
  • Hugo Boss sponsors golf as well as culture
  • Young artists are awarded the HUGO BOSS PRIZE

The Hugo Boss brand is more than just clothes: The SkyWalk by Alex Thomson

The brand also makes its mark by sponsoring various sports and events. Here in the spot with extreme sailor Alex Thomson.

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