Giorgio Armani Watch, Perfume & Outfits: Unique Elegance

The name of the Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani has always been synonymous with elegance. Armani is famous for his puristic dresses in muted colours. After an interrupted study of medicine, the designer first worked as a window dresser and buyer until he founded his fashion company named after him in 1975. He became famous through the creation of his chic men’s suits, which helped him to his international breakthrough. He then began to design women’s fashion and uniforms. In 1982, he launched his first women’s fragrance “Armani” on the market.

“Elegance is not about being noticed, it’s about being remembered” (Giorgio Armani)

Inside! Giorgio Armani – The fashion legend: Portrait + Interview

The video and interview is in English, but very interesting! It’s worth it. Tip, here you can find more about Giorgio Armani’s sports brand EA7.

Armani, the synonym of elegance for celebrities from all over the world

The English musician and guitarist Eric Clapton wore Armani’s clothes to various performances and composed music for the designer’s fashion shows in the nineties. Clapton brought the designer to the attention of a number of Hollywood stars. His creations are worn by Hollywood stars such as Clint Eastwood or Naomi Watts.

Facts about Giorgio Armani

“Elegance isn’t about getting noticed. It’s about remembering” – the name of the Italian fashion designer is synonymous with elegance.

  • Giorgio Armani began to study medicine
  • instead of studying, he founded his own fashion company
  • 1982 he launched his first fragrance called “Armani” on the market
  • Eric Clapton often wore Armani’s creations on stage

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